Many of these varieties typically weighed 240g or less on average (sometimes much less) based on trials held at the University of Kentucky and Missouri. Papaya (Carica papaya) is a perennial fruit tree widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates for its nutritive and medicinal values. He has 1,000 pawpaw fruits of vega F1 and red royale varieties. Plant 3-4 seedlings per hole for varieties with male and female flowers on different plants. Our goal? Its outstanding characteristic is that Kenya Seed Agent Application Form (728 downloads) Kenya Seed Products Catalogue (2855 downloads) Kenya Seed Service Charter (359 downloads) Kenya Seed Stockist Application Form (527 downloads) Maize Growers Application Form (469 downloads) Oat Seeds Growers Application Form (314 downloads) Pasture Seed Growers Application Form (350 downloads) Need buy or sell Pawpaw Seeds in Kenya? More than 9 best deals for sale Buy Pawpaw Seeds online. Papaya Varieties. Fruits should be handled carefully to avoid bruises which could create avenues for entry of storage pathogens. Severe infestations occur during prolonged dry spells. The pawpaw has three tree types based on the flowers are arranged; female, male and hermaphrodite. Papaya nutrition is key for a yearlong high and quality fruit production. Growing bountifully in his farm; creating a beautiful scenery, is a new, fast maturing pawpaw breed, Red Royale F1 variety. Leaves show symptoms of reduced size, patches of dark-green tissue alternating with yellow-green. – Prevents Premature Aging – Pawpaw helps the body to properly digest food and when the body digests all the nutrients it needs, the body will remain vital for a long time. They suck sap from tender leaves, petioles and fruits. You can learn about the current and historical export volume & price information. Production is greatly reduced. This may cause fruit fall. Some fruit flies lay eggs on green pawpaw, but most of the eggs die due to the latex secreted when fruits are punctured by females while laying eggs. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will try our best to help you. Kenya Pawpaws are grown in tropical climates. Cabbage Farming – Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Cabbage, Health Benefits of Eating African Indigenous Vegetables, How to grow Amaranth (Mchicha/Terere/Ododo) in Kenya, Onion Farming – Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Onions. Today, let’s take a dive in the stream of knowledge and find out what facts are and what just mere fictions are. Both basal and foliar fertilizers should be applied in order to ensure that the plants are supplied with both macro and micronutrient elements.. Basal fertilizers are absorbed by the plants through the roots and include DAP, CAN, NPK, UREA, among others. There are4 varieties of pawpaw trees in Kenya namely honey dew, … Spray KINGCODE ELITE 50EC 10ml/20l or PRESENTO 200SP 5g/20l or LOYALTY 700WDG 5g/20l. He is planning to experiment with malkia variety the next planting season. Pollination is a key component of productivity that also plays a role in determining fruit set and fruit quality. Paw paw contains vitamin B-6, riboflavin, thiamin, folate and niacin. Mix top soil with manure and DAP and fill the holes with the mixture. Oval pear shaped fruits weighing around 0.7 kg - 0.8 kg (1.5-1.8 lb) each. Spray ALONZE 50EC 5ml/20l or KINGCODE ELITE 50EC 10ml/20l or DEFENDER 25EC 40ml/20l. These lead to decreased yields. Defoliation occurs in severe cases. Deficiency causes interveinal yellowing and malformation of leaves, rosetting of leaves thus reducing photosynthetic area. Young plants may die off. The Sunrise Solo variety is the most popular in Kenya and other countries. In severe cases, fruits and leaves drop. varieties are continuously being developed. It is very popular in Kenya where it is grown for both local and export markets. Papayas enzymes promote digestion easing constipation. I think Eric B and maybe others claim … OPTIMIZER 10ml/20l is a superior foliar fertilizer which helps in management of plant stress during adverse climatic conditions, plant immune build up, prevention of flower abortion, improvement of fruit quality & quantity among other benefits. on this thread if you back up to 2015.. Infected fruits rot. The major ones are, the solo variety which is a Hawaiian variety that produces small round sweet fruits with uniform size and shape. To improve on nutrient uptake, root development, stimulate plant growth among other benefits, mix manure (1 ton) or fertilizer (50kg) with HUMIPOWER 1kg. Looking for Kenya Fresh Pawpaws? This is a soil borne infection which causes rotting of roots and stems leading to yellowing, leaf and fruit fall and subsequent death and toppling of the plant. Pawpaw Tree Varieties. Pawpaw is widely cultivated fruit tree in the tropics and subtropics. CADILLAC 800WP is a preventive fungicide which should be used before a fungal infection has begun on the plant. However, the most commercially-successful papaya cultivars are best suited for a wide range of uses. This eradicates soil diseases and pests, breaks seed dormancy, encourages uniform germination and supplies nutrients to the young plants. The seeds cavity is… Designed by Fitser. Severe infestation can cause flower abortion. There is also opportunity to utilize the fruits in value addition. Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is a native of the southeastern United States. – Cancer Benefits- according to researchers it offers some form of benefits to patients with cancer. This seeds for this new hybrid variety takes exactly 27 days to germinate. It is therefore advisable to renew the plantation every 4 years. Pawpaw production is another activity which has been embraced by Vihiga, Kakamega, Busia, Kisumu, Siaya, Kisii, Nyamira, Homabay, Migori & Kericho counties for its high returns and health benefits. Seedlings should be placed at the same depth as they were growing previously. Control aphids by spraying KINGCODE ELITE 50EC 10ml/20l or PENTAGON 50EC 10ml/20l or PRESENTO 200SP 5g/20l. This is a viral infection spread by leafhoppers whose symptoms include oil streaks on stem, yellowing of upper leaves, bunching and stunting of top leaves and death of plant top. is the best FREE marketplace in Kenya! We are growers and exporters of Kenya Pawpaws. Hence it is important to balance the tree types. Bruised or fruits with any damages should not be stored together with the good ones. Maturity however depends on the variety. Prepare planting holes 60cm*60cm, 3 meters apart. Weeds are plants growing in undesired places. In severe cases, the lobes of the leaves become distorted reducing the life size. They produce good fruits. Alternation of various chemicals (especially fungicides and insecticides) throughout a crop’s season help in preventing resistance build-up by the pest, which could happen if only a single chemical was used. Drench soil with ALONZE 50EC 10ml/20l or always mix basal fertilizer (50kg) with ADVENTURE 0.5GR 2kg. Correction; spray DIMIPHITE 30ml/20l or LAVENDER 20ml/20l or GATIT SUPER START 50g/20l or PLANT SOUL 20ml/20l. Pawpaw is a rich source of antioxidants that the body needs to fight against cancer-causing cells. Ripe fruits are rich in vitamins and other nutritive elements and are commonly used for desserts or processed into other products. Destination Port / Airport/ Shipping address: Kenya Fruits Exporters is your number one guide on farming. Pawpaw fruits are sold and eaten locally as fresh fruit, with high demand from the hotels, local grocery, fruit salad vendors, supermarkets and export market. I am interested in reaching those people who have created pawpaw variety trees - i.e. Mature fruits are covered by white fungal growth. 1. vincent - there is some discussion of varieties, taste, etc. It’s hermaphroditic and popular for both local and export markets. Drench soil with PYRAMID 700WP 100g/20l or CHANCETYL ELITE 800WDG 100g/20l or MILLIONAIRE 690WDG 100g/20l. Common descriptions of some pawpaw varieties often imply they produce fruit that weigh 227g to 340g or more (1 pound = 16 ounces = 454 grams), but this is somewhat misleading. Mature plants are dwarfed and fruit set is greatly reduced. The following are the common pawpaw varieties grown in Kenya; Solo – produces small round sweet fruits with uniform sizes and shape. Infection is characterized by brown to black sunken lesions on the plant parts. Severely infected plants do not flower and die young. The country has suitable climate and fertile soils for sweet taste, healthy and tasty Kenya Pawpaws. It is grown in Kenya as a domestic fruit and small-scale cash crop. Infestation may cause the plant to topple over due to declined vigour. PAPAYA SEED HYBRID - F1 Aroma. Kenya Pawpaws are grown in tropical climates. Muriithi’s pawpaw plantation is a marvel to behold. The outer layer of the seed coat can be removed. Deficiency stops plant elongation and leaves become irregularly necrotic with a characteristic blue or dark green colour. Seedlings are usually a year of age and are less costly than grafted trees.Seedlings are not clones of the parent trees, so fruit quality can’t be guaranteed. B-complex vitamins work together to help your body convert carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy. They cause damage by feeding on shoots, leaves and fruits. With headquarters in Nairobi and representatives in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi we are Africa's leading supplier of open pollinated and hybrid vegetable and herb seeds. Choosing the best papaya variety has to do with a number of different factors, including plant characteristics and individual preferences. They produce only male flowers, which are borne in large numbers in long, drooping branches of up to 1m in length. Pawpaw Varieties. Plants grown in a seed bed should first be hardened off. Vega F1 – produces medium sized fruits with an attractive red flesh. These are large, situated singly or in clusters near the trunk of the tree and close to the base of the leaf stalk. This should be done especially if rainfall is inadequate in order to ensure a steady supply of moisture and especially during flowering and fruiting stages. In severe cases, the leaf drops. Select seeds from a controlled pollination and dry them. Place 4-5 seeds in holes, 1cm deep and 15cm apart and cover with a slight layer of soil. The types of trees we plant in Kenya are based off of requests from locals -- we asked them what type of trees would work best in thei Get the best Pawpaws from Kenya. Thanks to interbreeding and other forms of cultivation, the pawpaw has grown into a multiple-cultivar fruit. They compete with the target crop for growth factors like nutrients, sunlight, space and water, as well as harboring pathogens which directly affects performance of the crop. Pawpaw grow and produce well on a wide variety of soil types. Calina Papaya IPB9 This variety was imported into Kenya from Indonesia. Their sweet taste, texture, vibrant color and wide variety of health benefits are just a few reasons to add them to your diet. Plants raised from seeds produce fruits of varied shapes, sizes, taste, colour, etc. Farmyard manure could also be added, depending on the organic matter of the soil. These are either seedlings or grafted named cultivars. In good climatic conditions, fruits grow all year round. The most popular variety of papaya in the world today is the Solo. The adults deposit their eggs under the skin of mature and ripening fruit. It provides both macro and micronutrients and growth hormones to the plants. Plant parts are covered with whitish fungal growth. Papaya plants start flowering 5-8 months after planting and fruits are ready for harvesting approximately 2 months after flowering stage. – Pawpaw is a rich source of minerals. Infected plants have reduced growth and fruits develop water soaked lesions with central solid spots. The fruits are low in calories and rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 & C, iron and potassium. Correction; spray DIMIPHITE 30ml/20l or GATIT SUPER FLOWERS & FRUITS 50g/20l or LEGENDARY40ml/20l. JAMBO CLEAN 100ml/20l is used to clean sooty mold which results after infestation with sap-sucking pests like mealybugs. They are also vectors of viral infections. Benefits of Paw Paw – Pawpaws are rich in Vitamins. Plantech Kenya Pvt Ltd © 2018 / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Eating paw paw helps your body metabolize the other food you eat. Plant 1 billion trees by 2030. This infection is transmitted by whiteflies and causes curling, crinkling, vein clearing& thickening and deformation of leaves. On the fruit, dark circles/rings are seen which remain green when the fruit ripens. Seedlings are transplanted 4-5 weeks after sowing when they have attained 3-4 leaves or 15-20cm height. There are no stamens (Male flowers), so cross pollination is necessary for the fruit to set. This greatly affects the performance of the plant. The fruits are dried and exported as part of a dried fruit mixture. Unfortunately, we do not have Domestic Prices data related to Pawpaw in Kenya at the moment, but we may be able to help you find the data that you need. The variety is a dwarf papaya breed which began to be grown as a pilot project in Kenya some few years back through a partnership between horticultural farmers group and a South African manufacturing drinks company. It is not surprising to see that solo sunrise variety has emerged as the most popular since this … Spray PENTAGON 50EC 10ml/20l or LEXUS 247SC 8ml/20l or PRESENTO 200SP 5g/20l. This is a viral infection majorly spread by aphids or be mechanically transmitted. These can only be differentiated after it flowers. The papaya flesh is orange to red, has a high sugar content and strong flavor. It is recommended that fruits be harvested just before ripening. Spray RANSOM 600WP 15g/20l or DUCASSE 250EC 20ml/20l or EXEMPO CURVE 250SC 15ml/20l. Papaya production is expected to grow based on increased domestic consumption of the fruit throughout the year and high markets prices. Contact us today for Kenya Pawpaws. Correction; spray LAVENDER 20ml/20l or GATIT SUPER GROWTH 50g/20l or. It is so called because of its small fruit, about 350 – 500g each, which is convenient as a single serving. Harvesting is done by cutting off the fruit from the tree. Spray LOYALTY 700WDG 5g/20l or EMERALD 200SL 10ml/20l or PRESENTO 200SP 5g/20l. T.J. Stewart wrote:I would like to buy a few Paw Paws.I don't have a lot of space to devote to them, so I want them to be as sweet as possible (I don't like tart fruit) and good tasting. Many different kinds of pawpaws are available from nurseries. Get the best Pawpaws from Kenya. Severely attacked leaves and fruits drop. It’s hermaphroditic and popular for both local and export markets. As the fruit develops, the white powder disappears leaving it grey-scared. That is just a small portion of the amazing benefits the Kenya pawpaw promises. There are a number of processing opportunities for the fruit and export market. These are white sap-sucking pests whose infestation causes curling and distortion of leaves and an eventually drop. The harvested fruits should be washed in order to remove any substances which could affect its shelf life. Infection causes distortion of leaves and shoots. A ballad evokes the Tallahatchie River – Ode to Billie Joe. Spray ALONZE 50EC 5ml/20l or BAZOOKA 18EC 10ml/20l. Pawpaw Exporters in Kenya. Looking for Kenya Fresh Pawpaws? In severe cases, surface of fruits is covered with lumps. Spray TAURUS 500SP 10g/20l or LEXUS 247SC 8ml/20l or KINGCODE ELITE 50EC 10ml/20l. Deficiency first appears in shoot apical meristems and in fruits, majorly causing deformation. Control vectors (leafhoppers) with PRESENTO 200SP 5g/20l or KINGCODE ELITE 50EC 10ml/20l or LEXUS 247SC 10ml/20l. Sufficient nutrient supply prevent deficiencies which weaken the plants making them susceptible to attack by pathogens. Its plant grows fast maturing and fruiting about 9 months after transplanting, at a height of about 3 feet. Note that fruits do not mature at the same time and thus only the mature ones should be harvested. As they feed, they release honey dew which facilitates the development of sooty mold. There are different pawpaw crops grown today but we will only filter he few important ones in Kenya. As pawpaw farming and consumption in Kenya increases, farmers and consumers of the fruit now have the luxury of choosing the best among the several varieties available in the country. They also excrete honey dew on which sooty mold develops. Fruits are firm and sweet, weighing 1-1.2kg. Pawpaw farmers in Kenya are set to increase their yield by up to 200 percent, producing enough to fill the country’s huge deficit while supplying more the lucrative export market, enabling farmers to earn huge returns, thanks to new high yielding variety from Philippine expected to be … They produce flowers which have both male and female parts and are capable of self- pollination. Infection is characterized by water soaked lesions on unripe fruits and stems. You will find all the information you need. – Weight Control- good for those who want to lose weight or control their current weight. – Improving blood glucose control in diabetics. Vegetative propagation of pawpaw using tissue culture can result into superior plants with certain traits, e.g., resistant to pathogen attack, production of high yields etc. Our Kenya Pawpaws are grown or produced in line with the best Agricultural Practices as set by the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture to ensure you get the best quality. However, this method is rarely used because it is expensive. Pawpaws can be intercropped with other crops thus providing extra income. Young leaves are sometimes eaten as vegetables. They suck plant sap and this affects the general performance of the plant, e.g., poor plant growth, leaf drop, production of fruits with blemishes, etc. All basal fertilizers and manures should be mixed with HUMIPOWER, which adds organic matter into the soil, improves nutrient uptake, stimulates beneficial microbial activities, promotes electrochemical balance and stimulates plant’s development among other benefits. We shall do our best to keep this document updated on the varieties that come up and their benefits and characteristics. In addition to the above, the seedlings take 90 days to mature and start bearing fruits. Foliar fertilizers are absorbed by the plants through the foliage and include OPTIMIZER, DIMIPHITE, ZINC GOLD, LAVENDER, GATIT SERIES, VITABOR GOLD, among others. Planting trees is important to us - that's why we plant 10 trees for every item purchased. Under favorable conditions, the root system can penetrate to a … Kenya Fruits Exporters is the ultimate resource for cultivating your garden. – Used to Treat Digestive Disorders – a great source of proteolytic enzymes that are very important in digesting food. Soak seeds in OPTIMIZER 20ml/1l for 30-60minutes to break seed dormancy. The following are some of the sub-species of C. papaya to choose from in terms of varieties in Kenya: Solo variety: for those eager for a hassle-free fruit-bearing tree, then Solo comes to the rescue as it is bisexual.