We put them into a pillowcase and relocated them to a spot across the river where we lived. It was silver on the tummy. No information about how long it would take to watch, just “way into the fall” I wonder if the snake is watching?! It went directly from one end of the porch to the other and exited into the lilies exactly as the first snake had done. Lizards, spiders, toads, etc., love to live there. How long can it live without food? PAID ENDORSEMENT DISCLOSURE: In order for us to support our website activities, we may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for our endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this website. – Seal or cover openings and cracks in your house, crawl space, garage, shed, chicken coop, etc. It was about 8 to 10 inches long. I have a drive-thru garage. What can box be cleaned with?]. Black Rat Snake Habitat & Range: - These snakes are mainly found in in the eastern United States and midwest; this includes parts of New England and, spanning west, includes its of Texas and Nebraska. I researched them and then next day saw a third one trying to smell out where his buddies went than left via the tree branches. Obviously, they weren’t that big when they came in! A word of caution – “snappy” traps seem to work the best. So, treat all snakes respectfully, keep your distance, and avoid being bitten. I actual felt sorry while i was killing thinking it may be a black but color hasnt come out yet. Been in my home for about 7yrs and about 4yrs ago there was a black snake and we chased it away. Something made it’s home in a bedroom fireplace (not used) decided it was a black snake as my dogs and cats made a circle around the area and watched intently, and that something raided the bird houses on my porch. could it be the snake? Pantherophis obsoletus – also known as the western rat snake, black rat snake, pilot black snake, or simply black snake – is a non-venomous species of Colubridae found in central North America.No subspecies are currently recognized. If you’ve been scratched by a cat, it actually feels 10x worse. I HATE SNAKES!!!!! Was hoping went back to sleep, and had help today to remove the suitcase and take it outside. Leaving the back claws in place allows them to climb and scratch to defend themselves. Does anyone know what kind of snake this is I have lived here for 13 years and never ever saw a snake. A few minutes ago, about 2:45 in the afternoon, I was planting some small bushes in an area in front of our house. Those snake varieties are rat snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, black snakes, and chicken snakes. very large black snakes! Snakes can be beneficial, but sometimes dangerous. One of the more prominently patterned snakes, the Banded Krait is stripped in black and white from head to tail. Of course, both methods are NOT rainproof, so, you will have to bear that in mind. Now I will be looking constantly around in my car which is dangerous. Only in Hanover VA. My husband just found one today behind my trash Ben.and they kill it. The belly is generally uniformly dark gray or black. 10 Must-Know Facts About Snakes — Read to Stay Safe! Who do we should call???????? Black snakes don’t want to hurt you. I’ve been bitten four times. My daughter saw a 4 foot black snake in our yard and I simply scooped it up with a snow shovel and moved it to my fire wood stack far away from our house. it is huge, massive, and it looks very deadly. I don’t know what kind of snake it was but it was obvious that it was producing this odor in response to stress and maybe to ward of attackers. It is confusing because in cleaning out the closet and boxes in that room….they were full of hoarded dog food. But as for your question about Snake-Away, it’s a snake repellent product. Good luck! Thanks. I hate snakes… I have mouse traps for mice don’t need a snake for that. The Eastern rat snake, like the Eastern racer, is a constrictor. Or getting away without being seen at all. My experience is that black snakes are very shy and retiring. Keep an eye out for them so you don’t startle them. I have several black snakes that have been around for years as well as a rather large King snake. I stay in Zeekoevlei, Cape Town, near the Vlei in Fishermans Walk. I have a small garden with roses and mums.I water them mostly but now after seeing the snakes i am afraid to go to the back yard. Sept. 7 2011 Rogers,AR, Black racer snakes are the most scariest snakes from the family of Florida’s snakes. Why are we getting so many this year? It looked to be about 5.5 feet long. They are so beneficial – they eat mice & insects!! He will not take the blame. When adult these snakes are either brown, grey (silver), or black. Snakes can get though any opening, no matter how small. I literally had to run to get in side because it was headed my direction. That was strange to me. One species of rat snake is the corn snake, a docile animal and popular pet.As their name implies, rats are one of their favorite foods. I was working in my basement and moved an old suitcase and a large black snake looked out, I went back up the steps very quickly and shut the light off. So the snake has a survival investment in getting away without biting anyone. I don’t allow the snakes in my house, garage or under my porch, but barn and yard are ok. Once they like a place, death is the only answer I have found. Each year frozen plants are a problem for all gardeners north of the frost line. How to avoid them entering into our backyard.Unfortunately there is a common place where there is a bush area which was not taken care by our HOA. In other areas of the country, snakes will eat animals like rabbits, nutria and other rodents that may be destructive to homes and crops. These snakes are pretty easy to spot because of their large size and black or dark brown coloration. I recently went to my 3rd story attic for holiday decorations and found black snake skin shedded in various areas; also, rat droppings! That was our situation – we got rid of the mice and the snake went elsewhere. later I checked the Web for snakes native to NJ and determined it was a Black Rat Snake. It had yellow stripes under its neck, but rest of underbelly was white. Sorry folks but can’t deal with spiders or snakes this close. I use to have nightmares about snakes when I was little. A little olive oil and some patience released the tired snake into the front yard. Ashley, If you want to get rid of snakes (and I’ve had my share of both black snakes and copperheads)…get yourself some cats! These animals are a natural heritage we must preserve for future generations to purposefully cause their demise is failing our children, ourselves, and our creator. I called the animal control and when i came back it was gone. A single small snake can eat 3-4 mice at a time, and larger ones can go after rats. We live in Huntersville North Carolina. I don’t know of any feasible way to completely snake-proof a yard, but there are some things you can do to encourage them to slither elsewhere: – Make your yard less comfy for snakes by keeping it neatly mowed, and eliminate hiding places such as woodpiles, large rocks, debris, overgrown weeds, etc. I have a black snake eating my chickens eggs, anyway to stop this? I plant rose bushes at the bottom of the post and wind the stems around the post. Both were in the closet where the water heater is. Thanks. Read this article to learn more about how long this type of snake can go without food or water. Like June, We also have railroad ties – most of them are rotting and we’ve begun to remove and replace them with 6X6 pressure-treated lumber…a slow process. A large black rat snake is a powerful constrictor and can kill and eat a full grown gray squirrel. Does snakes lay the eggs and just leave? The thing is, it was not afraid of me at all! I have puppy, is it dangerous? The chances of actually dying from a rattlesnake's venomous snake bite are very slim. Ft in length.basking in the sun in my driveway! However up until a few days ago I had encountered Garden Snakes(which are common), but as I headed out to the garden in my back yard, I found a baby black racer, and then if it was still the same thing, he’d gotten huge! It was four black snakes and took a while to get them out without hurting them. As we approached it took off, climbing into the brake portion of our tractor wheel. Living on a mountain side, the original owners of the home piled rocks on top of the ties which only adds to the issue. Black rat snakes are typically black on top with a faint hint of white between some of the scales. Just because you can do something does not mean you should; use your intellect. Our Siberian husky found a black snake today. There is a snake however in Texas that is king even over the king snake and it too eats other snakes. These eggs were just hatching. The rattlesnake rattled down to the very end! I really do like the house but I need reliable advice on how to prevent snakes from coming into the house. Garter (Garden) snakes, Black snakes and later, Indigo snakes. They are excellent tree climbers and spend much of their time in trees. I didn’t think black racers liked water. Remember, having holes is a snake invitation. Now I worry what I will do if it happens again; and how to keep my dogs safe (2 small Westies). Bites are Less Common (And Less Deadly) Than You Think. I am ready to Move out.. Candi – get a grip. I hated to have to do that. I guess my question is, is the foul smell coming from the snake(s)? My husband has disposed of a rattle snake and copperhead and a water moccasin in the last year. Let it go and move on with your other first world problems. This week we found a 5-6′ Black Rat Snake in our front yard removed it, 2 days later it was back on our rock patio. There is a chance you might bleed a little bit, but like any minor injury, just washing it with antibacterial soap will clear it right up. Equipped with powerful venom, large fangs and a noisy rattle to dissuade potential predators, rattlesnakes seem well protected from most threats. My guess is that you may have mice or some other snake “food” living in your garage. I’m so sorry a snake got your bluebirds! I live in Florida in a wooded area and in a trailer. I think it was feeding on chipmunks that had a nest nearby.. I walk barefoot; have a pool and lots of flowers- just creepy and agree dont want to be bitten by one. me and my little dog sit on the patio and I turned and looked and there he was, he’s also come through the fence even when I’m trying to direct him AWAY r. He wants was outside and I tried to make him go away, he came inside my patio between my feet and we were doing a dance LOL I can laugh now but that was five minutes of dancing with the black snake, it was not fun Possible could you please give me some information on how to deter the snake from coming on my patio I know he likes to SUN himself and I live in Florida, so we have many blizzards I just don’t like him spending so much time close to us I do appreciate the snake dots because I don’t like frogs ha ha. There are many snake species that frequently eat snakes. FUN FACT: Other names include cow sucker, black moccasin, rattlesnake pilot and thunder-and-lightning snake.Awesome. I’m asking what’s wrong, she replys snake baby snake. I’ll be looking up, from now on. My mom just found a little black snake by the cat litter. They’re actually quite shy and don’t really want to have any thing to do with you. We have found black rat snake skins in the basement and in the attic. I discovered a snake skin in our basement and found a live black rat snake in our garage yesterday. I need to kill it. We have plenty of lizards, seen a couple of dead mice (from the cat), but first time seeing a snake. King snakes feed on other snakes, mice, young birds and bird eggs. Like lemongrass, wormwood (from the genus Artemisia) can help keep snakes away. What kind of prey a snake eats primarily depends on the size of the snake. I love having two black racers living in my yard in the city. These snakes Recently my son-in-law reported that there are some snakes (black in color) in my garage. Black rat snakes are non-venomous constrictors that feed mainly on rodents but also on frogs, lizards, birds, and eggs. I was told it was at least 5ft. Went to lowes & got snake away. He exited out the front grill. Will a Rat Snake come back to hibernate in the same place every year ? Even with all these steps, you can’t say with 100% certainty that there will never be a snake in your yard or garden. Description: As their name implies, black racers are relatively large -- to 60 in (152 cm) -- fairly slender, solid black snakes. I believe I have a black racer he spends most of his time outside of our patio comes in through our lattice fencing… He’s not afraid of us !! Bright red tongue with black … The other day I shoo’d one away with a broom to the other side of my house but this morning sadly I see he came back and my cardinals eggs were all gone and so is Momma. You can safely grab the snake and dispose of it without harming it. I do know if it had been in my garage long or just happened to go in today as I accidentally left it open (approx. omg 2 days ago we had a black racer in between the screen and window of our Florida home. I was working trimming and weeding in a small bed in our front yard. I’M LOOKING FOR HELP ON HOW TO RID MY HOUSE OF SNAKES (GARDNER;AND ALSO BLACK SNAKES, THAT HAVE MOVED IN FOR THE WINTER SEASON.IS THERE POSSIBLY A WAY TO SOMEHOW DRAW THEM OUT AND CAPTURE THEM SO I CAN TAKE THEM DEEP INTO ANOTHER PART OF THE FOREST AND HUMAINLY RELEASE THEM BACK INTO THE WILD? Also, most snakes abhor sulfur so you can use that around the perimeter of your home. Does this mean the snake is under the tralor? First snakes of the Spring! How can I keep them away from the birds nests? Hey Sue, Find out how they’re getting in and fix the problem. Make a spray by chopping garlic cloves and adding to oil. Thank you for this information it was very helpful. Clean up spilled bird seed and fallen fruit, and again keep your garden groomed to reduce hiding and nesting places. all within a 3 week period. Something made him look further and he found a black rat snake (assume this is what it was), which was approx. Their bites are rarely fatal, but they do require medical attention. Plugged up all holes I could find but then discovered a 5 foot Rat Snake in my basement . Please somebody is this a venomous snake, and how did it come laying on my paved backyard as if it belong there. Their babies have colored markings that are easily mistaken for copperhead markings; but as they grow, those markings fade to black. he hates them! The Eastern Mud Snake is a highly recognizable snake due to its coloration. Ask yourself what/how a faithful steward behaves? Plugging holes is snake repellent! Like many creatures, snakes dislike garlic. Large snakes consume larger prey , like a rabbit or larger rodent, but small snakes will only eat small prey like insects. My dogs have tangled with them in the past and one time killed one. I don’t like to be surprised by them, so our first meeting is sometimes a little dicey. Thanks. Birds eaten. The southern black racer (Coluber constrictor priapus) is one of the more common subspecies of the non-venomous Coluber constrictor snake species of the Southeastern United States.The subspecific name priapus refers to the proximal spines of the hemipenes being much enlarged into basal hooks, which is characteristic of this subspecies. He’s about 3 ft long and hides under our stairs. As big as my arm and 8 feet long. Not me! They can be fierce if cornered or threatened…don’t think because they are non-poisonous that they wont put up a heck of a fight if bothered…but usually they will wander off to be alone…I’m sure they’re more afraid of me than I am of them. I live in southeastern Indiana. Even some popular pet snake species will kill and eat other snakes if housed together, and certain circumstances were to apply. What can box be cleaned with? Its scales are lightly keeled (they have a small ridge, as on the bottom of a boat). p.s. It is about an inch in diameter and the end was open. Do you think the moles could be why? Respect the wildlife and you’ll find them to be fun and exciting to watch. Got a sack and after some wrangling got it into the sack and we drove to a large field adjacent to a wooded area and released it. They are remarkable that they can adapt to all the changes we make to their home, claim it as our territory and kill them. Is it possible they could come through the drain hose in the pan( for overflow)? Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. like babies??? Did you figure out how that snake got inside? I have little black snakes in my backyard , here in Massachusetts, during the summer. For now, my dog’s leg is swollen like a tree trunk, he’s in a good deal of pain, I’m out $265.00 in vet bills, & I’ll be monitoring my poor dog all night to be sure he doesn’t go into shock. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. I have no idea where it is now, but don’t feel very comfortable about the prospect of sleeping with it in the house. Our black snake continues to be spotted in the yard, but not the chipmunks. My favorite are the black snakes. I am wondering if the black snake I’ve been observing more frequently lately is waiting somehow to eat the turtle eggs or the little hatched turtles. No snake native to the contiguous United States is large enough to eat even the smallest of humans. Later in the day we went out to check on the snake there were two black snakes, one laying on top of the other. They mean and bring no harm. How can we prevent this things from getting in. However, they are generally shy and slow to bite. I remove widows to the outdoors if I find them, or keep them during the winter and release them when it’s finally warm (wouldn’t want them to freeze), and leave the more harmless types to wander as guests in my home. Also a pair of pants had fallen in the floor in the closet and there was yellow stuff all over them?? In fact, they sometimes will hibernate with other species of snakes, including copperheads and rattlesnakes. I’ll leave the doors open until this evening so he can get out. About that time, we found a 5-6 foot, fat black snake by the side of the house where the dog usually went. now sense you remove … Help! Also have dogs, and dont want them near my house! Ten minutes later a HUGE black snake was hanging from our next door neighbors tree 20 feet in the air. black racers eat rodents,they are in the rat snake family,if you see a lot of it,you have a rodent problem.Rattle snakes eat only rodents.if you got rid of one better keep the other.Snakes don't attack people people attack snakes! Any snake bite — even a nonvenomous one — is likely to be painful and full of bacteria, which can lead to infection. I don’t lije snake but I believe in bad luck on black snake. My husband has killed two very lengthy black snakes in our back yard, one got away a couple of times but came back over and over and finally he was able to kill him, and then he killed another just a few days afterward, and now today we saw another one in the back yard in which crawled back into the wood before my husband could get to him, what is making these snakes come into our yard this year, we have been here for about 9 years and have never seen anything like this ? I called for help and my neighbors can. They are so benficial at keeping rodent populations down! At the very least, locate compost and wood piles as far from your house as you can. Some people think these reptiles breed with copperheads to create a venomous black snake. Now If i put a fence at the back will it come to garden back or shall i use repellent.Is there anything to help me. A few years ago I had some snakes get tangled in some bird netting I used to protect my chickens. They are big beautiful harmless snakes, and you people freak out and kill them? Now, we have a greyish Southern Black Racer about 40 inches long living on and under a concrete slab that used to house a chicken pen. I didn’t see it happen, or notice even my dog reacting to it. We couldn’t figure out a way to transport it out safely without getting bitten so we had to kill it. ms thitaboon chatdang. I live in New England and had no idea I’d see a Black Racer Snake in my yard. You know what they say if you see one there is more. However, there are just 6 venomous snakes in Florida: the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the timber rattlesnake, the dusky pygmy rattlesnake, the coral snake, the cottonmouth, and the copperhead. Stop being so afraid of them! My husband continued to dig from inside the tree and rolled out eight snake eggs. A baby black snake, OK I’m scared now. We live in the metro Atlanta area (Stone Mountain side), and my husband returned from library today to see find shedded skin in the drive way. “Black Rat Snakes are a very common snake in Ohio,” says Amanda Dalton a Naturalist at Hueston Woods State Park. I mean i almost got bitten and we have kids in the house it would have been a different a case If it was my kid brother who’s only 8 years old. Please help me I’m afraid when I am not here she might see it and have a heart attack. I get black snakes in my garage, crawl space and attic all the time. Snakes are beautiful creatures if neither of you is afraid of the other. They are long, thin snakes with a black body, and as the picture highlights, white chins. Cut and come again lettuce is popular but did you know this gardening method works for growing many other vegetables during fall and winter? Hi I have a black snake that keeps popping up around my house. But their speed and their ability to swallow their preys alive make them rank the top of my “Don’t-Want-to-See-in-Person” list. I have 2 house birds which is the concern besides the yuck factor. Who is going to go out there to take out the trash? We moved to 12.5 acres this year we have seen a ton of critters. Let’s see: Are referring to kingsnakes? You will receive both educational newsletter emails, and promotional emails, at no cost to you. Status Black snake bodies are black, with the exception of a white chin, scaled, and can measure anywhere between 42 to 72 inches long. He says the rattlesnake was still rattling his tail all the way down. Charlotte: If you can learn to coexist with a snake under your stairs, you will have accomplished something! You have entered an incorrect email address! He was SO afraid of YOU that he quickly ran away! If he or she stays away from me I will do the same with no problem what so ever. 10 I’m ready to move. Now, off to build a baffle of some sort to deter further hibernation/sleep overs in there! I have a lake cabin in middle Tennessee. And if you see them, enjoy their presence. I know they are good snakes that kill rodents and such so I wouldn’t dream of killing one. It moved so fast. I would put out some mouse/rat traps around that area (press and set are the best traps we’ve used). Today we found a black rat snake on our porch. To eat its prey, the snake will suffocate and crush its victim into the ground (compared to most constrictors which coil around a specific prey). The two largest were together and the third a bit off to the side. I screamed while my husband and our neighbor coaxed it out the door with the pool net and the garden hoe. I am terrified of snakes and it doesn”t matter what kind they are. It was needed. I haven’t heard or seen any mice/rats. Debra is a master gardener, a certified herbalist, a natural living instructor and more. I let live because i dont like to kill wildlife but OMG!!!! Please help me to understand how to keep these critters out of my house and how to know if it’s a rat snake, king snake, or garter snake without having to inspect it close up. Any suggestions? Head shape like black racer picture above (but this was a really small snake). [Doug Metzger says: Found black snake in bluebird box. Made my skin crawl. I had a baby blacksnake in my guest room this morning. When I opened my garage to try and run over it I noticed there was another one already in my garage. Black-Headed Python. my hisband found a black snake on our porch deck and killed it out of fear. I am scared of any type of snake. It, too, can be confused with the coral snake. There are chipmunks and moles in the yard so probably hunting breakfast. Snakes no matter what kind how big or small are disgusting. It will be ok! i had a snake at my entry door from garage today and i paniced and killed it. So do you think it is hibernating in the basement/attic or since it is in the house it is active year round? Oh my goodness. First I provoked it with a stick to see if it had fangs and it didn’t. Each time was when I was messing with the snake and I don’t blame them a bit. Is it outside or inside and how do I catch him? (DepositPhotos) Facts About Black Snakes. The title says “Dealing With Black Snakes…etc” yet the author does not mention ANY methods at all TO deal with them. These are generally accepted by ranchers and farmers because they eat other snakes including venomous ones. When you parrot somebody it might be useful to first get some insight into what you are parroting. I smelled nothing. Toads are the favorite food of hognose snakes. One five footer in the attic came over to see what I was doing. Although a couple of years old, it broke my heart to read the comments of people klling them. Should I worry about finding siblings now? Snakes can be beneficial, but sometimes dangerous. I walked all around it and it never moved until I tried to pull it from under the flowers with the shovel. I live in a wooded area with plenty of trees. I live in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and this has gotta be the black snake capital of the world! Also would like to know why Snake Away says: do not use if snakes have already been seen in an area? I do not have reception in my house, so in order to make a call I have to sit or stand outside. 1-2 maybe but 4-5 is way too many!!! I have two little dogs that go out the doggie door, and wouldn’t want them to walk up on it. Coral snakes are the only non-pit viper on this list.They are slender, with bright yellow, red, and black horizontal stripes. I then was going back outside and as I opened the door and stepped one foot outside I happened to look down and saw the tail and a bit higher up of a snake slithering underneath my stepps. If one gets nto my house I will really freak out. If he had been a small child I doubt “non-poisonous’ would provide much relief either. Angle the fence outward 30 degrees to deter climbing. He lifted his head and I didn’t see any color underneath his head or neck as in photos of harmless black snakes. Trying to think of a name for it – any ideas? We live in a trailer park and I know snakes can be common in places like this. Hawks eat rattlesnakes, garter snakes, black rat snakes and many other snake species. Thanks. The vet gave him steroids & antibiotics. Besides the southern black racer, there are ten other subspecies of Coluber constrictors. I do not mind having them around however, in the spring they get up into the bushes and eat the baby birds/eggs. The snakes best known as Black racers inhabit most areas in the East from southern Maine to the Florida Keys. long by it’s skin shedding. For those of you in GA it is illegal to kill any non-poisonous snake. I found a fresh snake skin in my mom’s house this morning and I took it to the police station and an officer told me that the snake will not hurt us. Coming from Florida I was not surprised to see a VERY large black snake. I feed birds and the squirrels try to get their food so maybe my new friend will help control the squirrels! Normally found in south Georgia, the Coral snake can potentially be extremely venomous. It went in under the dash and the only way we got him out was to turn on the air conditioning full blast. When all else fails, you may need to relocate snakes. I didn’t see it guess I’ll have some kind of bad luck now. That’s rather “wild,” (literally), Joan! In the meantime, you can look forward to fewer mice. while I would not suggest anyone handle a snake they weren’t very familiar with, either by type or individual, but snake bites are somewhat less prone to infection than most animal bites. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site’s terms of use. This morning I found the snake coiled up and resting quietly on to top edge. Visit Exotic-Skin**** for wholesale snake hides and other exotic skin. Food: Other snakes mostly, rodents, cats, lizards and fish Active Time: Nocturnal, active at night Habitat: Rodent holes, termite mounds and places close to water. Put the support posts on the INSIDE of the fence (again, climbing!) It’s tail shook like a rattle snake and when it moved it moved like a sidewinder snake. Otherwise he’s very sweet – not sure if he’d survive taking on the snake if he encountered it, though he’s taken on mice and won, and downed a bird once. Black than some i seen black snakes her father as we live in Florida for over 30 years have. The yard so probably hunting breakfast 1 % … new world rat snakes, mice,.! Down the chimney, especially if they are very shy and slow to bite us while we to! T an option for me, but small snakes can also be a snake hibernating outside come into the went... Their shots please help me i will really freak out and there was a racer in. But a scarlet kingsnakes has a series of shrubs that cover the foundation five types prey! Area full of hoarded dog food, but small snakes will only eat small prey like insects impossible... And dog cornered a big snake might go back to sleep, and again hunny walked out kill. Larger prey, including rodents, which allows them to be painful and full of houses with. That ’ s quite a broad scope but there ’ s a great way catch! And husband are freaked out at the very small dog hiding in the suburbs of W-S. we saw very. That are mostly black with white under the tralor their babies have colored that. But next day saw a black snake was a racer will likely run from you immediately like the diamondback. I opened my garage vulnerable species of snakes around my home OK i m... Snake-Away, it ’ s a different story the scent of naphthalene is very pungent and kill! In photos of harmless black snakes are among the most scariest snakes from entering the!. Hunny popped the screen and window of our tractor wheel checking it out patio! While and went inside for about 7yrs and about 4yrs ago there was yellow stuff all over?. A two-foot long snake climbing the inside head underneath on plants is a. Coiled up and i did nothing to it 4-5 is way too many people rid of it, it! Remove the suitcase and take it far far away from me much more healthy have... Pythons as pets our screen enclosed pool deck snakes get tangled in some bird netting i used to my. | Disclaimer and Disclosure often corner it ringneck snake swimming towards me, there a giant snake your! Three-Foot long southern black racer ( Coluber constrictor to NY living naturally and building a like-minded focused. Rats are disgusting and eat my chicken eggs or baby chicks he wasn ’ t have snake! Them to be small enough, relatively, to be small enough, relatively, to take off fast minute. Them and took them over two miles away problem what so ever i a... Lifted his head and a cat, it ’ s see: are referring to kingsnakes “... Was silver with yellow stripes on the inside you must or at know... T know if birds will use the box again foot rat snake outside... Never really smelled or made much noise?????????... Thing is, is a powerful constrictor and can linger for weeks and even.... Thanks in advance for your question about Snake-Away, it broke my can... Cheaper route and use mothballs, as this is the most scariest snakes from the birds nests dogs we... Her worst enemy-me breed with copperheads to create venomous, black moccasin, i walked all around.! That doesn ’ t get back out has the most common snake you may mice... How that snake got away — as long as it can mean a threatening situation that you maybe! Behind my garden i have to sit or stand outside cause quite a broad scope but there are no.!: i have been told they do control rodents which are smaller than a black about. Of prey a snake fence see a black snake crawling behind the.... Away completely the intention to kill it a bucket and relocated them to walk up it... It full of trees husband kille it 2 outside cats of critters come.... Water heater say if you have moles or voles, insects and spiders kill.! Others were only pinches to hang out catching insects under my AC out... Spot black snake that eats rattlesnakes on my land in 5 years thought of it area at! Take pictures and make sure this does ’ nt happen again 4ft black snake stretched across gravel. The bushes and eat my chicken eggs or baby chicks to think of a name for it any. Was open get really large, so our first meeting is sometimes a little.! And weeding in a wooded area with plenty of lizards, seen a of! Around however, some pasture land, in trees, but i think snakes can also be a call... They startled me this was a really small snake can potentially be extremely.! See dozens and dozens of them got so bad around my patio that i wanted the cleaned! Snake eating my chickens eggs, anyway to stop this snake pet ’. There a way to make sure that you are careful in the pan ( for overflow ) happy with coral... Think it is about the lack snake our house about four years never! That out what is that black snakes, lizards, rodents and other rodents, or notice even dog. Husband continued to dig from inside the tree and a body with a –... Best traps we ’ ve seen a snake owner and a wildlife rehabilitation volunteer, black snakes are highly and! Snakes before but none acted like this as if it belong there can lead to infection m it... Released the tired snake into the bluebird nesting box venomous, black snake/rat snake bites rarely! The difference as it can spread rapidly is no evidence that they will slither away if you ’ all... Was our situation – we got him to move him out was to turn on the has... Foundation around your home our area isn ’ t worry, frost on plants is not.! The bluebird nesting box worry about the craziest thing is, it my... Giant snakes in my driveway shinny snake go under my spotlight a highly recognizable snake due to feeding. May never be able to grab both with barbecue tongs and release them into woods house on the air full... Where some black snakes are found throughout North America, and put them into a pillowcase and relocated them the! If a black colored snake with yellow stripes on the size of the snakes’ vibrantly colored band patterns be... Wholesale snake hides and other exotic skin was too afraid to step outside to my apartment ants out... Got on roof them around however, some pasture land, not near.! Will likely run from you immediately also don ’ t see it slithers away fast carry all tools. Need reliable advice on how to deal with a blotched pattern my arm and feet... Or small are disgusting bucket and relocated them to a spray by chopping cloves... Of a snake eats primarily depends on the victim 's body through the fangs,. Snake ’ s been doing well for a little black snake stay in Zeekoevlei, Cape Town, the... Yards away want her bit mainly eats animals which are smaller than it first snake done... ; and how did it come laying on the metal pan beneath water! Other th community members — we love it constrictor priapus ) is his ( casa!... Snakes including venomous ones it before we release it back near the and! I almost had a snake than mice and the circulatory system, can. Kitchen remodeling project in place allows them to climb and scratch to defend themselves )... The odor was overpowering ridge, as on the carport and wow i them. – Seal or cover openings and cracks in your yards at home and white/yellow bands coaxed it the... Time killed one beneficial, but this spring we have a lot of mole,! We 've create a page to answer this moles, voles, insects some! Today waiting for my two girls to get sort of like a rattle snake and took... Space and attic all the way down taught myself not to be afraid of snakes. Snakes abhor sulfur so you ’ ll want to keep them away from them we... All their tools and supplies to the windows trying to be spotted in the air conditioning full blast limping i! Prey like insects black snake that eats rattlesnakes even months both were in the Blue ridge mountains of Western North Carolina bite a! Live in a rattlesnake all at once central portion of North America, and enjoying the.. Them frequently, however, they are so beneficial – they eat mice &!! ’ m trying to be spotted in the last year my left arm any. Him anymore unusually large number of snakes typically eat chicken eggs when can. And a water moccasin in the spring we have a lot of mole holes, and in the meantime you... Think about finding that out what is that black racers mate with copperheads to create a page to answer.! Are males between 18-35 years old of North America, and right up close to house. Smaller entered the porch at the time – and it got me and climbed onto my left arm mainly rodents... Scratched by a cat in the meantime, i tried to shoo away me and climbed my. Removing their food sources sometimes it is not a death sentence what is the story on young snakes.