In conclusion this replica is made in a scale of about 1.7:1 (5 ⅓ ). After a 2 year journey from Rocky Harbour Newfoundland to Trenton Ontario to Brandenberg Germany, the great big heart of Canada’s blue whale will be installed in our Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story exhibition on May 18th. kph in short bursts. Which is the biggest whale? It has a weight of about 200 tonnes and its tongue alone weighs as much as a full-grown elephant. A blue whale needs 8,000 pounds of seafood everyday to be called well fed. At birth, the blue whale weighs around 6,000 pounds (2,700 kg) and gains weight at a rate of around 200 pounds (91 kilograms) each day until it reaches the age of one. Blue whale’s aorta has a 23 cm (9.1 in) diameter. The biggest whale. They were prime targets for whalers by the 1950s has been reduced to an estimated number of … Female blue whales weigh more (190,000kg) than males (150,000kg). A blue whale heart is the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and pumps 1. I have 2 answers: According to Encarta, its heart is as big as a Volkswagen Beetle, whose 1967 model weighed 840 kg (1852 lb), and according to, its heart weighs 600 kg (1,320 lb). The heart rate of elephants is 30 bpm; Their heart weights: 12-21 kg / 26.5-46.3 lbs; The lifespan of an elephant in the wild is 70 years. A blue whale's heart alone is about the size of a small car and weighs about 1,000 pounds. The blue whale, also known as a sulfur-bottom whale, or by its Latin name, Balaenoptera musculus, is the largest animal known to have lived, with an average weight of … On a day, one whale can eat up to 36,000 kg of krill, which whales are collected at a depth of approximately 500 m. Blue whales are the largest animals that have ever lived on Earth. If compared with the African elephant, then the weight of the average blue whale is about 40 elephants, and the body length reaches 33 meters. Fully opened mouth of a blue whale is so huge it can hold 90 tons of water and plankton. Fin whales can swim. metres long. Baby Blue Whales. Looking at the results, the researchers were able to chronicle the blue whale’s heart rate as it went about its daily routine. The blue whale is a massive creature and is the largest living animal in the world; even larger than most dinosaurs.. Bowhead whale baleen is. The blue whale can swim up to 3 to 20 mph and even reach 24 to 30 mph when in danger. The size of a blue whale calf is about 23 feet at birth and it weighs over 7,000 kg. Blue whale blows, also called spouts, consist of air and water and rise about 3. The massive blue whale is the largest known smartest animal in the world today. Due to the relative sizes of both the blue whale and krill, they can consume as many as 40 million krill, or 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) of it daily. Its tongue weighs 4,000 kilograms. The blue whale is the largest known animal to have ever lived on our planet! The maximum weight of one blue whale is the same weight as about 40 African elephants. Blue whale heart pumps. Blue whale. metres. litres around the body. The blue whale is found in oceans all over the world but prefers warmer climates. So if you have a 150 ton blue whale its heart will weigh half a ton. How long does a blue whale live? A blue whale aorta (the main blood vessel) alone is large enough for a human to crawl through. metres long. A blue whale eats krill almost exclusively, consuming up to 7,900 pounds (3,600 kg) of these tiny, shrimplike invertebrates daily. The blue whale’s heart is around the size of a small car. Blue Whales can grow to over 30-metres in length , but are extremely graceful swimmers. For example, in the North Atlantic and North Pacific, blue whales can grow up to about 90 feet, but in the Antarctic, they can reach up to about 110 feet and weigh more than 330,000 pounds. How much does a blue whale weight? The weight of the whale’s tongue is comparable with the weight of an elephant, and the size of the heart – with the size of the machine. Super-sized creature. Every single days, this baby whale will need until 500 liters milk from their and they will stop suckle after 7-8 months. The heart of one blue whale was recorded at nearly 700 kg (about 1,500 pounds). The blue whale is not only the biggest whale living today but the biggest creature ever to have lived on earth. Sperm whale brain. Blue whale heart pumps. Female blue whales weigh more (190,000kg) than males (150,000kg). litres around the body. The specimen is just the tip, as the entire organ, when intact, would have been about 5 m (16 ft) long and weighed about 350–450 kilograms (770–990 lb), well above average for even a blue whale. Blue whales are the largest animals in the world. Balaenoptera musculus. Blue whales have a heart rate of 8-10 bpm; Their heart weights: 180kg / 400 lbs; How big is a blue whale’s heart? Their heart alone weighs 600 kg. How much does a blue whale weight? metres. Antarctic blue whales are generally larger than other blue whale subspecies. The blue whale weight of 84 tonnes, but there was also a weight of 180 tonnes recored. The heart of a blue whale can weigh 450kg. They feed mainly on krill, which is somewhat like a small shrimp or prawn and can eat up to 4000kg a day. kg in weight. Its heart is the size of a small car. The heart alone is the size of … The World’s Biggest Heart is Coming! The blue whale’s heart is the size of a VW Beetle and weighs up to 1,000 lbs (453 kg). The blue whale's heart is the size of a bus. Cuvier's beaked whale dives. Cuvier's beaked whale dives. A blue whale belongs to the class of mammals, and is by far the largest animal in the world. Despite its size, the whale eats the smallest marine shrimp – krill. The Saint Lawrence River is one of the rare places where the blue whale can be observed close to shore. The blue whale is one of the largest animal on the earth! The skeleton of a blue whale, giving a sense of its sheer size Credit: Cover Images These pictures show one beached whale's colossal heart, which … At around 2,700kg newborn blue whale weighs about the same as an adult hippopotamus. kph in short bursts. Because of this, blue whales require larger and more dense “prey patches” (concentrations of prey) than other baleen whales. Not quite that big, but it can weigh nearly 1300 pounds. metres. On the blue whale, everything is enormous. Its weight is on the average 100-120 tons, but there are specimens reaching 150 tons. Blue whale heart pumps. Bowhead whale baleen is. The largest brain on Earth belongs to the sperm whale. The low decibel rumbling sounds of the blue whale are louder than the 120 decibel of the commercial jet. 1. and is about the same size as a Volkswagen beetle car and even a small child could crawl through the aorta (main artery of the heart). That’s about 40 million krill every day! Fin whales can swim. The blue whale is the largest animal of all time! How long does a blue whale live? At around 2,700kg newborn blue whale weighs about the same as an adult hippopotamus. Assuming the real weight of a blue whale's heart of 450 kg and an internal empty volume of 500 liter it should have a volume of roughly 1m 3 (blood and tissue has a density of roughly 1kg/l). Blue Whales Eat Some of the Smallest Organisms on Earth. The largest of the blue whales can measure in at over 100 ft in length and can weigh in excess of 180 tons at its largest. Baby blue whale can gain weight until 90 kg because they also eat so much krill. The blue whale's heart makes up about .5% of their entire body weight, it pumps over 5,000 gallons of blood through their body and weighs on average 1,000 lbs but can weigh as much as 4,000 lbs. litres around the body. The largest accurately measured blue whale was a 29.5-metre female that weighed 180 metric tons (nearly 200 short [U.S.] tons), but there are reports of 33-metre catches that may have reached 200 metric tons. Its mouth can hold 50,000 litres of water, the equivalent of a backyard swimming pool. As the largest animal alive, the Blue Whale has the largest instance of several body parts: Its tongue weighs around 2.7 tons; Its mouth is large enough to hold up to 90 tonnes of food and water; Its heart typically weighs 600 kg (1,320 lb) and can reach 900 kg in … The Icelandic Phallological Museum has a portion of a blue whale's penis measuring 170 cm (67 in) long and weighing 70 kilograms (150 lb), which Iceland Review has dubbed "a real Moby Dick". With a lot of ingenuity and a little luck, researchers monitored the heart rate of a blue whale in the wild. BLUE WHALE. In fact everything about the blue whale is large including its, arteries and its heart. The largest brain on Earth belongs to the sperm whale. Which whale has the biggest brain? They can easily be detected from a great distance because of the strong vertical blow reaching up to 12 m high (their lung capacity is about 5,000 liters). The heart of a blue whale can weigh 450kg. BLUE WHALE. Cuvier's beaked whale dives. Which whale has the biggest brain? Blue whales are about 24m long. Their mandibles are the largest single bones on Earth. kg in weight. Baby blue whale also born into huge one, and their length can until 8 m and their weight is about 3,3 tonnes.