Then he realizes exactly who the man is on his front drive. We imagine that he carried on yapping, running, rolling and diving long after this video finished recording. “My dog, he’s a pretty big dog, it’s a larger German shepherd,” Tristan explained. “He plays with the kids, the cul-de-sac knows him,” Tristan said. When my son comes and visits if he walks into the living room at night and she forgot he was visiting she jumps up and barks like crazy... then she "sings" at … Being pack animals, dogs are social creatures and love being in the company of others. Sophie my scaredy dog regularly protects me from other members of the house when she forgets they are there. Brinks has every reason to be protective: she recently had puppies and is known to be protective of the family’s children. She heard the side door of her home open and at first thought it was her older son, but instead came face to face with a stranger. Thankfully, Oden remained unharmed during the ordeal. Blood covered the walls and floor. When Cameron arrived at his front drive, April started recording on her phone, probably sensing that something adorable was about to go down. A minute and 3 seconds later, a dog runs towards the intruder and attacks him. As Javier's aunt later wrote online, the dog confronted the intruders — who responded by attacking him.The dog then retreated, though he wasn't out of fight. 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All rights reserved. When the Murrin family arrived home, walking up to their house, nothing seemed amiss. He won’t stay still, and Cameron can only attempt to pet him as he whirls like a doggo hurricane around him. Watching the realization was amazing ⚓️To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email, Posted by April Andrade on Monday, July 20, 2020, Source: Fox 5 Atlanta, Facebook, Found Animals. A second later, and he’s back in his dad’s arms, still yapping, unable to believe that one of his favorite people has returned home. His excitement is so high that he can’t stay still for more than a second. Someone else found that she could relate, commenting: “We have two mini aussies and they are the most loyal protective doggos ever my boyfriend and I can’t even play fight they get right in between us and try to “protect” their mama from him. And he wasn’t about to let anyone hurt his family! Many people tagged other people in the comments, sharing the moment with their friends. Please SHARE this with your friends and family. For a moment, he seems confused, believing Cameron to be an intruder. Ahhh….here’s a true story. “The community loves him — the kids come up to him and want to touch him and play with him.”. By ADMIN Leave a Comment. Dogs can’t grasp things like humans can, so Brody had probably long ago accepted that he’d never see his dad again. A loyal dog may have saved a woman's life after it attacked a man who allegedly broke into a home in Sydney's west and was strangling the owner. Rumble / Dogs & Puppies — Benji found an intruder trying to infiltrate his backyard. The legend of the Christmas spider and tinsel…, One family got quite the surprise when they learned that their granny's Christmas ornaments weren't quite what she thought they…, Believe it or not, the time-honored Mary Did You Know? Hurricane, a 10-year-old Belgian Malinois, stopped an intruder at the White House in 2014 (Yui Mok/PA) The intruder struggled, kicking and punching Hurricane as well as swinging him through the air, but the dog eventually managed to knock him to the ground, allowing officers to apprehend him. There’s no doubt that ‘Mary Did You Know’ is one of the most popular modern Christmas songs. 7 month deployment. The 8-year-old pup from West Philadelphia went after an intruder with a gun who pushed into his home. Christmas song drives some people crazy. But then they realized the blood wasn’t Oden’s. © 2020 Shareably Media, LLC. Dad tries to control Brody’s excitement, but there’s no slowing him down. Martial arts works if you are close to an intruder but is useless otherwise. Pit Bull Protects Owners During Break In, Survives Gunshot Wounds ... their brave dog … But then they realized the blood wasn't Oden's. There had already been several break-ins in the neighborhood where Tristan and his family live. You can check it out just below. (Error Code: 102630) LIVINGSTON PARISH - A brave dog did its best to protect a Livingston Parish home after an unwanted visitor stopped by during … When asked what Ginnie would do when an intruder enters the house, she answers, “She would freak out.” Fox8 set up 5 surveillance cameras to find out how the dog would actually react. If you’re yet to have your daily cry, this video will do it. “When I walked in with my mother and there [were] blood spots on the ground, we looked upstairs,” Tristan recalled. A Virginia family feared for their beloved German Shepherd, Oden, when returning home to find a disturbing scene of blood-splattered walls. Comment(s) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) ... Florida home. After checking the house thoroughly, the family found nothing stolen. Sadie The Golden Retriever Protects Her Family From An Intruder. One heroic pooch is getting all the doggy treats he wants after alerting his owners of an armed intruder that entered their home. This video is all the proof we need of a dog’s loyalty. For example, if a stranger walks into your backyard, or tries to enter your car, or your front door. Dog protect his home from "scary" intruder. In South Africa, this small, but fierce Yorkie pup named Scamp was home when a burglar started snooping around his owner’s yard. Subscribe Share. Bonnie said that out of all the dogs, Brinks would be … ***WARNING: Some images could be too graphic for some***. If the video contains an animal or a small child, it’s even more sob-worthy. One person wrote: “It’s cute how she turned around and made full eye contact with you, like “you see this mom, I told you he was coming back!” ❤️”. But opening the door revealed a grisly scene inside. Guns require you to both hear and see the intruder. 7 years after soldiers dog goes missing he gets knock on door that his dog’s been found. When it comes to protecting the home from intruders, animal and human, nothing equals having a guard dog and they come in all shapes and sizes. In a flash of fur, Brody dives at Cameron, yapping continuously. And it's all because…. 7 month deployment. With her home security cameras rolling in broad daylight, a man was seen creeping through a side door and … “And you see trails of blood coming from upstairs going all the way down.”. Laura Shallcross is a contributor at Animal Channel. If there was any uncertainty as to how this giant dog would react to a crisis situation, Tracey now knows for sure. 30+ years ago, I had a pair of Rotts since they were puppies. And that’s when the truth of what happened hit the family. Watching the realization was amazing ⚓️”. The certificate honors Leon “for his courage, bravery and self-sacrifice on March 21, when he protected his family during a home invasion without regard for his own safety. The incident happened in Middelburg, South Africa, and everything was captured by a security camera. Simply after 5am, the person compelled his method contained in the Prospect dwelling by way of a dog-door on the rear of the property. Their pet schnauzer’s bark alerted the couple, who have been asleep on the […] So, it was a relief when the pooch trotted up to the door, unharmed. ... Ohio home when an intruder came through his front door armed with a large butcher knife. With more than 11 thousand Facebook likes, the video of Cameron and Brody’s reunion has tugged at the heartstrings of dog lovers all across the world. If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to have us bawling, it’s videos of soldiers returning home to their loved ones. A Virginia family feared for their beloved German Shepherd, Oden, when returning home to find a disturbing scene of blood-splattered walls. He rolls over on his back, jumps up at Cameron’s knees, then dashes off to mom, still barking, as if to say, “Look who it is!”. Rommel, an American Bull Dog, didn’t hesitate and began to bark and defend the home. And when the criminal realized no one was home, they mistook the Murrin home as an easy target. Security systems can be disabled. He barks threateningly – or as threatening as a dog of his size can sound – trying to protect his home and his mom. “We didn’t see anything wrong,” said Tristan Murrin, first to walk into the home. For his heroic deed, Leon received a framed certificate of bravery Thursday from Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson. One of the reasons many people give for getting a large dog is home protection. The latest video to have us “aww”ing at the screen features a soldier returning to his home in Uncasville, Connecticut, to the enormous excitement of his dog. Be gone evil jacket, you will not enter the yard - not on Benji's watch! To a dog, having a military dad must be pretty confusing. Watchdogs are not supposed to to attack people or protecting the house by biting or threatening the intruder, their job is simply to “sound the alarm”. Oden, their German Shepherd, was the only family member at home. By Helena Martin Aug 21, 2018. And the comments were full of love and praise. "Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody from the beating to check on his master who was still hiding in the closet," Susy Cadena wrote. Shane Shafer's mother had left him to go and pick … According to Fox 5, Cameron Andrade, April Andrade’s wife and the man featured on the video, had been serving in the US Navy away from home for 7 long months. [ad_1] An Adelaide couple’s pet canine has assist fend off an armed dwelling invader in a single day. The loyal pet dog protected home from an intruder who hadn't counted on the family's "furry" alarm system! It only takes seconds for the transition to take place. 1 rumble. Meet Brinks, one of four German Shepherds owned by Bonnie and Kirk of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And she was right. A pit bull protected a nine-year-old boy who was home alone during an attempted robbery in Nebraska. As soon as Cameron climbs out of his car, Brody, the couple’s ball of fluff, more formally known as a miniature Australian shepherd, dashes forward into the middle of the yard. When he finally finished his military deployment, he couldn’t wait to head back home to his family. Embed License Share. In the video below, you can see a man approaching the house, and trying to get inside. Sadie is a calm and loving dog who never snapped at anyone. Gator wrangler: Dog protects home from intruder Share: ... shows a dog barking at a small alligator that appeared in the home's carport. But that didn’t mean that he had forgotten about Cameron, as the video quite plainly shows. Don’t be fooled by this small dog’s size — with just her bark, Starla was able to protect a young girl from a group of dangerous home intruders. Filed Under: camera, Canine Intruder, Cedar Hill, dog, Home Security, pit bull CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – A Cedar Hill resident recently captured surveillance video of an unlikely intruder … by: WCMH ... A Michigan man is crediting his dog for saving his family, after a gunman barricaded himself inside their home. Dog protects owner from intruder (Video) Tracey McCoy and her blind son, Nathaniel, were at home in Oklahoma City when every parent’s worst nightmare came true. The loyal pet dog protected home from an intruder who hadn’t counted on the family’s “furry” alarm system! The perp was blessed to escape with their life! If the video contains an animal or a small child, it’s even more sob-worthy. Thank God Oden was there to protect them! But with all the blood left behind, the same certainly can’t be said for the intruder. Family Dog Protects Home From an Intruder. benjie1748 Published March 4, 2019 82 Plays $0.28 earned. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. The intruder was able to break free of the dog and escape. Hopefully, the intruder will see this terrifying run-in as a sign inspiring them to change! @benjie1748. Shared to Facebook’s Dogspotting Society by April Andrade, the video is captioned: “Brody tried to protect Mom and realized he wasn’t a stranger at all but was his daddy! Brody tried to protect Mom and realized he wasn’t a stranger at all but was his daddy! I love this ”. Heroic Dog Saves Family From Armed Intruder. And today, the…, The powerhouse trio of Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood, and Reba McEntire stunned audiences with their beautiful rendition of 'Silent Night'.…, What does it mean if you see a spider on someone's tree? By Marcus Garcia. This trait means that dogs are naturally loyal to their owners, though we’d argue that in this case, the bond between Cameron and Brody is more of a deep love than simple loyalty. Dog protects mom from ‘intruder’ then cries when he realizes it’s owner he hasn’t seen in 7 months If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to have us bawling, it’s videos of soldiers returning home to their loved ones. But Oden, who’s never bitten anyone before, knew the intruder wasn’t there to play. ... Everyone, meet Sadie–the Golden Retriever who protected her family from a home invasion. “Nothing at the front door.”. Dog Protects Owner and Scares Away Intruder. As most dogs would do, he felt it was his duty to chase off this intruder, causing the burglar to run as fast as possible and hop over the fence! Top 9 Surveillance Videos of the Week: Great Dane Protects Owner From Home Intruder Other top surveillance videos of the week include a thwarted speaker theft, a wild restaurant brawl, a Tesla fail and more. Lee walks in the house wearing a bite suit. Great Dane Protects Homeowner From Intruder Volume 90% Devoted pit bull dies protecting family from intruder National. RELATED: Intruders Threaten Young Woman With A Machete Until A Special Angel Appears.