In this novel, Heaven is Hell, Hell is Heaven. Director. It’s called ever night. Jadi Ma Shixiang memberi tahu putri dan Lu Qingchen tentang pencapaian Ning Que. Di dunia Hao Tian, raja iblis akan lahir. Mr. Thirteen, it's been a long journey. Also the cold is caused by her too? 1. Sang Sang is Haotian, which is also Pluto. So basically, Haotian (Clear Sky) is Pluto (God of Hell), which is also Sang Sang. That’s how good this production is, despite two major set backs. Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ever Night Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2. In the ending of the novel, Ning Que talks about that maybe many years later, the stories of himself and his friends will be regarded as myths and legends. Ever Night 2. 6 1 4. Ever Night (drama) Jiang Ye 将夜 . In the play, Yang Chaoyue plays Haotian, and Sangsang is also another clone of Haotian, representing the darkness. 985 My Love, How Could You Not Understand? Fang Fang. 990 Haotian's Gift To The Human World Ii Jun-08-19. The drama brings back director Yang Yang as well as most of the first season’s cast – Song Yiren, Yuan Bingyan, Dylan Kuo, Sun Zujun, etc. The reason is so embarrassing that 's "Jiang Ye 2" co-produced by Wang Hedi, Song Yiren, Yang Chaoyue, etc. 2. 989 Haotian's Gift To The Human World I Jun-07-19. Screenwriter. This lead is so vanilla and worst. Liu Bai was not the first human to challenge Haotian, yet he was the first to get this close to Haotian. is on the air. Ever Night: Season 2 (2020) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. 984 Finish The Tea Before You Ask Why Jun-06-19. According to an ancient prophecy, the time when night reigns eternal is fast approaching … Before Ye Su became a saint, he said such a statement which was similar to a prophecy. Sinopsis Ever Night Episode 1 . Jun-06-19. Report. And yet Tang, a state that doesn't believe in Light. How in the world these casting director cast this guy as a lead beyond me. Why don't you sit down. Latest relationship-focused trailer below, more here and here. Your Majesty. Cast Dylan Wang, Song Yi Ren, Yang Chaoyue and 2 more. Ning Que looked up and sat down. The world is full of gas, and gymnosophist can feel the power of the gas through their mind. The Abbey Dean stood by the frozen woods and watched the dancing snow above the Thermal Sea. Not for a long time though. The world falls into darkness, and human cannot walk. Se ven txicas pero no corrosivas; Novels I'm reading, Have Read, or Plan to read. Character poster of Dylan as Ning Que . Ever Night Season 2 (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) Episodes Recap follows below! Xu Run. Link to post Share on other sites. so what Xiling worship = what demon sect / Huang tribe in grassland worship, they just dont know about the fact Share this post. [citation needed]Career. Subs By The Best Ever Team. Chen is the eldest son of Chen Chi-li, Not long after he was born, his parents separated so he stayed with his grandparents. and God-Startling Formation built by him. 1 1 Quote; Share this post. you didn't make some of the stupid mistakes. Ning Que menyelamatkannya dengan busur. As long as tomorrow’s Illuminati begins, Sang Sang will forget everyone. I highly recommend u to watch season1 bcos everything about it is just great!, my only disappointment is CFY did not get to reprise his role for season 2, i hope DW will do NingQue justice. Tang Xiaotang marched to Xiling difficultly and climbed on the cliff. Synopsis. 983 A Brand New Work Jun-06-19. 8.3 (2,465) 将夜2. In the past, we say it's because they have Sage. i dont think we will have 2 haotian.....they are already at the end of their filming from the way things looks.....some of NingQue brothers already finished their parts.....and they had most probably they will be wrapping up the filming soon..... we might even have season 3 :x. Download dan nonton drama china Ever Night season 2 Episode 1 sampai 43 dengan subtitle indonesia dan english subtitle secara gratis dibawah ini… Menurut sebuah nubuat kuno, waktu ketika malam memerintah abadi semakin dekat dan ketika waktu itu tiba, malapetaka besar akan menimpa ras manusia. Sage is gone. Ning Que was spotted as Ning Que was poisoned, Ning Que helped Li Amber to become king Sui Ningkuo asked Li Yu where Li Yuyuan was? 2 Share this post. Inside, it was Haotian’s world. mrsj3n 8,298 mrsj3n 8,298 Fan Level: 28-2; Members; 8,298 1,652 posts; Posted February 13. So all SS and NQ has to find a way to driver her away and they can live as happily ever after? Ever Night Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1. fuzi never makes it back to earth. Although he did not find what he wanted, he was not leaving. Ever Night (drama) Jiang Ye 将夜 . = Ever Night 2 = = Episode 27 = I know that. Hmm, they separate 2 or so times. Univers; Images; 7.5 /10 6 membres #2525 Popularité #1558 Tendance. Executive producer. Pipoune. 1 Synopsis 2 Cast 3 Soundtrack 4 Episodes 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References According to an ancient prophecy, the time when night reigns eternal is fast approaching and when that time comes, a great calamity will befall the race of men. TENCENT destroyed this season 2 with bad casting. Myths and Legends. He's having a rest. Dark Fantasy- No harem, No NTR, No Simps; Se ven txicas pero no corrosivas; Novels I'm reading, Have Read, or Plan to read. and have a cup of tea? On the one hand, absolute darkness is absolute light. patcan3609, Oct 5, 2018 #9. = Ever Night 2 = = Episode 35 = Hierarch, Light will never die. Dunia jatuh ke dalam … It was not because of his power, but rather that Haotian was present at the human world. Watch it on Youtube with English subs here. In front of Haotian, an inch was equal to the furthest distance. 2020 PG-13 Tencent TV. This meant his sword had traveled thousands of miles. Genres Adventure, Romance, Fantasy. Tapi jenderal Xia Hou mengirim pembantai untuk membunuhnya. Ever Night 2 airs two episodes every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with six additional episodes for Tencent VIP members and additional episodes for ordering beginning Feb. 3. So I really want to know. And now? Ini adalah episode 1-2 dari rekap drama China "Ever Night", Ning Que memulai perjalanannya menjadi pesulap ketika Putri Li Yu memintanya untuk mengawalnya untuk mengembalikan negaranya. They separate because of Sang Sang's awakening. 986 Spring Breeze Turns Into Rain And The Compassionate Ark Liberates All Jun-06-19. Related Series N/A Recommendations Pivot of the Sky (4) Ze Tian Ji (2) Heaven’s Shadow (1) Tales of Demons and Gods (1) The Great Conqueror (1) Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain (1) Recommendation Lists . Please. Would I need to watch Ever Night 1 before this one? Hades / lord of deceased = Haotian so Sangsang is both of those like 2 sides of 1 coin. Meh... watched finished the whole season. fuzi goes to fight the one in heaven while he turns into a physical manifestation of the moon in this moonless dimension/planet, and NQ tries to get the one on earth to turn back into the old sangsang, *essentially*. 988 The Destination Jun-06-19. Yan Li Yan . About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. In Hao Tian’s world, devil king will be born. he smiles when the serious conversation going. He studied tourism at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei. Wang Hedi as Ning Que; Liao Yuchen as Tang Xiaotang; Yang Chaoyue as Haotian; Chen Zhen as Li ManmanD; Liu … If it ever succeeded, then where was Haotian’s position in the human world? Wang Hedi replaces Arthur Chen Feiyu in Ever Night 2 Despite a change in the male lead from Arthur Chen to Wang Hedi, the trailer for the new season of Ever Night looks imo even better than the previous one, with better CGI and a more crispy edit. Producer. Wang Yu Ren. Edit Information. Where is Li Hunyuan? "When the Ever Night approaches, the radiance of the sun will be concealed, the sky and Earth will soon fall into the darkness, men shall rejoice, for that is when men are truly living." Sinopsis Ever Night Episode 2 Putri mendengar apa yang mereka bicarakan, dan mengklaim bahwa dia tidak menginginkan seorang bajingan dengan impian seni sulap. Link to post Share on other sites. Season 1 lead actor had charm and aura about him. Putri setuju setelah mengetahui dia … There were footprints of beasts gradually covered by the snow, but not a single trace of what he was looking for. Related Series N/A Recommendations Pivot of the Sky (4) Ze Tian Ji (2) Heaven’s Shadow (1) Tales of Demons and Gods (1) The Great Conqueror (1) Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain (1) Recommendation Lists . Ever Night 2. The … After thinking of the Illuminati, he would not remember Ning Que, Sang Sang could not help but relive those happy times one by one. Righteous path lasts forever. haotian splits into two entities, one in heaven and one on earth. how he will take the responsibility. verystar February 5, 2020 Leave a Comment. Even a powerful figure like him could never look through. Sun Zhong Huai. Li Yu lied that Li Yuanyuan was resting and politely asked Ning Que to sit down and drink tea. It was he . Story In Ever Night Season 2, Ning Que and Sang Sang’s story continues in a world that becomes more hostile every day. For Haotian Taoism, the change seemed to be trivial, but it was actually a very shocking revolution, for the revolution originated from the bottom of the society, replacing the yearning for the Divine Kingdom with the love for the human world and asking the followers to save themselves. Despite a change in the male lead from Arthur Chen to Wang Hedi, the trailer for the new season of Ever Night looks imo even better than the previous one, with better CGI and a more crispy edit. In fact, just as Ning Que said, “Li Manman passed down three thousand words of Dao in Han Gu Guan” corresponds to the legend of Lao Tzu Hua Hu in earth myths and tales. Ever Night Season 2 将夜2 Episode 27 Recap. I never expected this, so is SS actually daughter of light or her powers are harnessed from this Haitian gal? Ever Night 2 has ended and I already want to know the continuing story. Lead: "Ever Night 2" Yang Chaochao plays the indifferent Haotian, why does he cry? Only one firm belief in his heart was to save Chen Pippi. Haotian didn’t care about it. Early life. Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External Links Production Information. Chen made his first major appearance in the movie Kung Fu Dunk, but became better known with his role as Dylan in Taiwanese drama, Fated to Love You. lead actor is simply terrible. Setelah menemukan identitas sebenarnya dari Sang Sang yang dicintainya (Song Yi Ren), … Wang Hedi replaces Arthur Chen Feiyu in Ever Night 2. Haotian is the girl in white that runs hand in hand with SangSang at the beginning of the 1st episode, after the fight. 987 Never Let You Go Jun-06-19. has been existing in the world for thousands of years. Ep. Watch List. Ever Night 2 (2020) January 14, 2020 Chase Sh ê “It’s us against the world.” Picking up from where season one left off, Ning Que and Sang Sang’s epic story continues in Ever Night 2 将夜2 as they face a world who wants Sang Sang dead. One, they’ve changed the original cast, second the story becomes much darker. who made them. Royal family is a joke characters. I have to admit that when it was announced that Chen Feiyu had opted not to continue on as Ning Que for Season 2, something in my heart dedicated solely to Ever Night grieved. Ever Night is a 2020 Chinese drama about two people who have to protect their country from evil. Yang Yang. Subtitles English, Italian, German and 11 more.