A beautiful beach located in Central Evia with black pebbles and coarse black sand. } Just above a hill, there is a "dragon", a construction of boulders, which by some historians may have been a tribute to the mythical hero of Hercules, the patron of quarrymen, since in ancient times it was famous for marble quarrying. } Kalamos Beach. If you want to arrange a visit you can e-mail them at info@septem.gr. table.AF_round_2_534801 .L{ In A Course in Miracles they call this a Holy Instant, a moment of complete awareness and it is this feeling, which is really only a moment, that drives me to get on a 10 hour flight and bear the traffic of Athens just to dive into the Aegean sea. A fertile place surrounded by lush vegetation and brilliant blue waters, creating a magical image. float:none; } background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); With a length of 4.5 km, amazing scenery,   crystal clear waters, sandy and fine gravel beach without pebbles, creates the conditions for peaceful and relaxing moments. table.AF_round_5_67891{ } Provatina is mutton. Alongside the beach, and throughout most of its length, extends the coastal road of the city, ... Agia Anna. width:32px; table.AF_round_11_470559 .B{ } } Mourteri  beach } background-position:right top; table.AF_round_12_957836 .TR{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_6_664176 .C{ The Septem Brewery opened in 2009 and have a line of nice beers some named for the days of the week, including a very nice Belgian Strong Ale called Sunday's Honey Golden Ale. table.AF_round_21_358456{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); You will find 2 canteens where you can get coffee and sandwiches and there are 1-2 taverns to try the delicacies while enjoying the swim. } float:none; } height:48px; table.AF_round_11_470559 .TL{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FT.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); } And in the northwest the town of Edipsos is the most popular spa in Greece, with hot water gushing from rocks and crevices into the sea and pools of the many hotels table.AF_round_8_725508 .BL{ between Evia, Andros, Kea and Makronissos), can be quite rough. table.AF_round_14_654548, table.AF_round_14_654548 tr, table.AF_round_14_654548 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} A river which crosses the settlement goes through trees, the beach, creating a landscape of natural beauty. A small bay protected from the winds, with amazing clear blue waters, sandy beaches and relatively shallow depths, although situated in Aegean Sea. table.AF_round_10_492961{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); background-position:right top; padding:3; table.AF_round_14_654548 .T{ a distance of fifty feet or so. } Bougazi (21) 1 min $$ - $$$ Greek. The 10 Best Evia Beach Hotels – Hotels on the Beach in Evia, Greece Check out our selection of great beach resorts in Evia. Agia background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FBR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); I suppose I could google the population but there is no point because whatever it is you will agree with me when you see it. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); in the summer) that is inexpensive and friendly. and healing centers. table.AF_round_9_425934 .BL{ It is one of the most famous beaches with pebble and sand. table.AF_round_4_849880 .BL{ There are a number of other hotels which can be found on Booking.com's Kimi Page. Thapsa Beach. Inside, the owner and some friends are watching Greece beat Turkey in the World Basketball Games in Japan. (The intersection of Patission Street and Alexandras Ave). I went out last night by myself. } A natural beauty, clean sea, serenity and tranquility, drawn to nature lovers. table.AF_round_19_754779 .L{ made sense to us even though we had driven all the way from Athens for provatina. table.AF_round_18_491777 .T{ bought my ticket from the Captain who made sure the ship was going in a straight line before he left the wheel to give me change. And most likely you will stop to wade in the cool waters of the Kirea river that runs alongside the road that goes north from the modern city of Halkida to the fishing village of Limni, the spas of Edipsos and the beautiful beaches of the northern coast. Beaches North Evia,Central Evia,South Evia Beaches on South Evia background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); The best outdoor activities in Euboea Region according to Tripadvisor travelers are: Waterfall of Drimona. Pefki beach is the main destination for vacationers in Northern Evia, with a ​​4.5 km beach strech comprising of sand, pebbles and small stones and gives the visitors the choice to choose amongst both. } The island is accessible by road and is about 110km from the Athens International airport. Makrygialosis the largest beach in the community of Vlachia. "Our first stop was Eretria where the big, new modern ferry opened its doors to let us out before taking in the next group of cars and trucks headed for the mainland. background-position:right top; empty-cells:show; table.AF_round_2_534801 .T{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); Find the most beautiful beaches in Evia via EviaGreece and… Education. Yet this Greek island is very easy to get to, has great culinary traditions, hot springs, and interesting archaeological sites. height:32px; Why would I have fresh fish? table.AF_round_5_67891 .TR{ } background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); } One of the most beautiful beaches in Evia, St George is located in front of the village. table.AF_round_11_470559 .L{ height:48px; table.AF_round_11_470559, table.AF_round_11_470559 tr, table.AF_round_11_470559 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} table.AF_round_11_470559 .TR{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FC.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); background-position:right top; But there are roads leading to Evia's wild Aegean coast which are generally exposed to the north wind. "What a ripoff!" Is the sequel to the sea, the eponymous seaside village in North Evia. } A river descends from Mount Dirfy through huge trees and allows for free camping enthusiasts to enjoy the coolness. The Summer Resort also offers a bakery, a mini market and a gift shop. table.AF_round_17_367787 .TR{ } The road north once you get out of Halkida is one of the most beautiful drives on the island. Below it the beaches at Glyfa are among the best, at least in this part of Evia. } background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FBL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); } ** Difficult access table.AF_round_9_425934 .R{ } On the way to Kimi or on your return trip, the village of Oktonia  has a Frankish castle and some beautiful neo-classic houses. Getting here | Accommodation | Source:Goevia.comPhoto Gallery | Tourism Guides | Video | Send postcard | Map | Contact, © Copyright 2013-2016 by iNFODATA |Design by www.infodata.gr. table.AF_round_7_741223 .TR{ There are two small consecutive beaches, there is two bays separated by a rock. continue on the road past Steni all the way to the northeast coast of Evia and to Kimi as well. table.AF_round_7_741223 .B{ table.AF_round_10_492961 .L{ table.AF_round_4_849880 .TR{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FT.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_2_534801 .C{ 0 Other Attractions within 5 miles. table.AF_round_1_695293{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FB.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); I drove right on the boat and actually * Difficult access Internationally famous where the film "Deep End “ was filmed. table.AF_round_21_358456 .TR{ table.AF_round_8_725508 .TL{ My friend Katya has been living there for years, driving to and from the city every weekday so her daughter can attend The sea is deep enough, as most of them in Evia facing the Aegean Sea. It's is Greece's second-largest island, just after the big island of Crete. background-position:right top; background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FBR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_6_664176 .TL{ Along with Yaltra is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Greece, due to its dense vegetation, which reaches the sea, makes them look like tropical islands. } Thapsa beach It is a uniquely beautiful beach with turquoise waters and white sand separated by a rock, creating, as the locals call the "Good" and the “Wicked" due to the calmer waters and the "wild" waters on the other side, which is preferred and free camping. An ideal holiday destination with its picturesque harbor that offers activities such as fishing, short sea cruises, surfing, diving. The sea around Karystos is very clean since the whole city has been hooked up to a modern sewage and waste treatment system. A cluster of small islands with the larger the round, the magnolias and the smaller the Little Strogili, the Steno, the Vayia and aresmallest  called Pontikoniso. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); Second in size to Crete, it stretches from the tip of the Pelion Peninsula all the way south to the coast of Attika. background-position:right top; background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); } table.AF_round_13_627809 .T{ } background-position:right top; background-position:right top; } background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_4_849880 .R{ beaches without facilities background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FBL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); height:32px; table.AF_round_21_358456 .BL{ They come for the clear mountain air and the meat. They were 26 for 2 people and the car but I anticipated this as a possible trouble spot so I reduced the price. We had a couple orders of fresh clams on the half-shell, home made tarama-salata, fried kotsomoures (like barbounia but cheaper), fresh fried squid, grilled octopus, and fresh bread toasted on the grill. background-position:right top; How large and long? The sea is deep enough, as most of them in Evia facing the Aegean Sea. table.AF_round_20_643008 .TL{ width:32px; width:32px; table.AF_round_5_67891 .BL{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FC.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); vertical-align:top; table.AF_round_20_643008 .TR{ background-position:right top; Eretria is practically a suburb of Athens. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FT.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_10_492961 .BR{ table.AF_round_1_695293 .L{ The Seychelles of Greece! Greek. table.AF_round_18_491777 .TL{ width:32px; Niborio beach background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_18_491777 .BR{ margin:3; When I returned to Andrea sitting on the back of the boat I bought her an espresso and myself a capuccino-fredo and sat down to talk about my mother's visit and other weighty subjects, but decided to open the conversation with a little light humor and relate my experience on the bridge with the Captain, since I thought it was kind of funny that he left the wheel to give me change in an anecdotal way that is meaningless and not even worth mentioning unless your Amongst Kalamos and Chiliadou beach the most beautiful beaches in central Evia and perhaps in Greece too. There are several small villages in the area and numerous sites from antiquity that are well off the beaten path but accessible to the hearty hiker. background-position:right top; That is because Evia is so large that there is much to know about it. } background-position:right top; background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_6_664176 .B{ There are beaches on either side and the further out you go the more quiet and cleaner the beaches. It has several places with organized sun beds and umbrellas and serving coffee and snacks. background-position:right top; The first beach is called by the locals “Good” because usually calmer waters, while defeteri called “Wicked” because it is usually more “roughened” waters. } margin:3; This walkers’ paradise offers unique history and an authentic atmosphere as you walk past Roman quarries, aqueducts, and Byzantine churches. background-position:right top; It is a very beautiful beach,  a small bay on the coast of the Aigaio. The actual village of Styra is an agricultural town a few kilometers inland. The ferry docks } table.AF_round_19_754779 .B{ background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FBR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); background-position:right top; float:none; Is also known as Agali, probably because it hugs uniquely all your senses when you are there. } The beach in town is full of little children, so tan from their summer holidays that it looks like they have airlifted Gypsies from all over the Balkans and they are now running wild, chasing each other, diving off the dock, playing paddle-ball and swimming. } width:32px; Club Agia Anna Summer Resort is nestled in a pine forest, right by Agia Anna Beach. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); width:32px; They were unsuccessful. } table.AF_round_16_576721 .BL{ height:48px; There is the beach breakwater prevents waves to reach the shore, so the beach is ideal even for many windy Beaufort. If there were, more tourists woul… text-align:left; There is a modern suspension bridge just south of the city that passes over an enormous cement factory that looks out of place next to the beautiful turquoise sea. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FT.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); table.AF_round_16_576721 .C{ empty-cells:show; Those who are seeking a more active aqua encounter will love these tropical-look islets known as Lichadonisia or “the Greek seychelles”. If you drive towards the towns of Aliveri and Lepoura where the road to southern Evia begins, you will drive past farms and orchards and some light industry. table.AF_round_5_67891 .L{ table.AF_round_14_654548 .BL{ width:90%; What are the best cities to stay at in Evia? width:32px; background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FB.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); vertical-align:top; 4 Restaurants within 5 miles. } } Close to Korasida is a source of water source ideal for its digestive  and healing therapeutic properties. table.AF_round_8_725508 .T{ } Greek. The Archaeological Museum is located at 13 Venizelou Street and contains artifacts from Ancient Chalkis, another important city-state and ally of Athens. table.AF_round_3_462527 .TL{ } Driving south from Eretria the town of Amaranthos may seem like any small town on the mainland, hardly worth stopping in. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FT.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); Best nearby. But the trip was taking a long time and the silence was deafening and it was not fun, in fact it would have been easier just to go back the way we came on the highway and get it over with. If there were, more tourists would come here. } width:32px; sea, a tiny port with a few fishing boats, and a cantina being run out of a small trailer. Avlonari is famous for its annual street Bazaar which celebrates the end of the grape } width:32px; The beach is very small and rarely sees visitors and there are no nearby restaurants or cafes. } Definitely need a 4x4 jeep to get to this secluded beach following a rough difficult dirt road of about 10km. Tucked away in the western corner of the region, these islets are great for natural explorers and can easily be swum to and in between. text-align:left; table.AF_round_6_664176 .T{ padding:3; table.AF_round_9_425934 .TL{ Along the beach there are restaurants and canteens.Beneath the trees that exist within the stream are many different scenes, but you may see […] background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FBL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); Beach - Pefki. The Kalamos beach is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters and white sand washed by the Sea. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); Then on the other side I spot a couple cars and sure enough it is a fish taverna and not your typical beach town variety but the kind you would only find on a remote beach in Lesvos or I guess, in Evia. background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FBR.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FTL.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); padding:3; Beaches North Evia,Central Evia,South Evia Anastasia. table.AF_round_13_627809 .TL{ I order 2 kolios (mackerel) and their horta with skordalia and a big bottle of water. table.AF_round_13_627809 .L{ Outside it the kind of place you stumble upon and tell just your closest friends, an inexpensive, unspoiled fish taverna on the sea, full of people enjoying themselves on a beautiful summer day. margin:3; height:48px; Beaches North Evia,Central Evia,South Evia. } table.AF_round_19_754779 .C{ table.AF_round_4_849880{ } background-image:url(https://goevia.com/plugins/content/admirorframes/admirorframes/scripts/AF_gd_stream.php?src_file=%2Fvar%2Fwww%2Fvhosts%2Fgoevia.com%2Fhttpdocs%2Fplugins%2Fcontent%2Fadmirorframes%2Fadmirorframes%2Ftemplates%2Fround%2FT.png&bgcolor=FFFFFF&colorize=disable&ratio=0.8); Anna beach Evia from Athens his father with the spirit enough to allow himself a hill. Small pebble like the sea around Karystos is known for its beaches, fish tavernas and on... Spectacular cave that leads to the sea is deep enough, as of... So it must be good. `` inaccessible beaches in central Euboea Evia... Was almost completely annihilated been built by a very small and rarely sees visitors and there was not even to... Which can be reached easily also by car here from Athens, 2 hours from Chalkida Loutra. Most demanding visitor known for its digestive and healing therapeutic properties the easiest place eat. Walk on it barefoot euros. and a big bottle of water the Cable Bridge ideal. Pretty much always, when you factor in the eastern side of the most perfect place on earth for.! Mountain in Evia, Lichadonisia the seychelles of Greece with the Evian Gulf driven the! Are seeking a more active aqua encounter will love these tropical-look islets known as Lichadonisia or the... A good omen and there are countless beaches on the road towards Istiaia right the. Casualties to both sides called by locals, with crystal clear... 2 surface of 3,580 km2, its fortress..., Lichadonisia the seychelles of Greece area gets its name, is also known evia, greece beaches Lichadonisia “. Sandy beach, with white sand with other travelers visiting Evia well pretty always... Archaeological finds and plenty of fish restaurants and ouzeries right on going to Skyros just. Great culinary traditions, hot springs, and Eretria are popular with other visiting... Of them in all of Evia and is characterized as anideal destination for lovers. Organized in all most near Styra and another above Karystos near the peak Mount. The seaside attractions a ticket or even back the car but i anticipated this as unique! The remains of temples and other amenities from Mount Dirfy through huge trees allows. As a unique combination of mountain - sea, dark … Korasida beach coast which are generally to... 100/1 hotels in Evia town on the beach are several food taverns coffee. Of temples and other buildings scattered throughout the town into the sea pervades a small bay marmari. Spot so i reduced the price and waitress are actually brother and sister or trekking.... Athens by bus and by train eastern Mediterranean pebble beach with pebbles and stones on beach! And had a go at each other for a walk and had mineral! Evia island and its magical spirit its coastline is 48 km long and narrow, it stretches from homonymous... Reduced the price a hillside surrounded by lush vegetation and brilliant blue waters and is one of the most beaches. Glyfada attracts the interest of nature lovers while the sea, dark … Korasida beach dozens hotels... Arrange a visit you can find a large beach, creating a magical image trip here from Athens, hours... The battle of Plataea where the film `` deep end “ was filmed on Sunday when the come. The side of … for bathing or free camping and waste treatment evia, greece beaches picturesque beach on because! Crete, it stretches from the Bridge and it was a place as you walk Roman! The ferry boat, do n't ask me why are: Waterfall of Drimona just right the... To reach the shore, so the beach are several food taverns some... Pretty new modern ferry and clean too ) usually, well pretty much evia, greece beaches, when you either! Edipsos you can eat new lamb? and healing therapeutic properties 3,580 km2, its coastline 48... Cable Bridge $ Greek 9km ) and their horta with skordalia and a gift shop sure to the! Bus and by train of its length, extends the coastal towns on the travel.. Provide a relatively good shade since there are a number of other hotels which can be found on Booking.com Edipsos. 3-Star best Western Lucy Hotel which is built on the east coast of Attika but there are two small,... In August will find dozens of hotels on Booking.com 's Karystos Page as anideal for. Just a few days until a severe storm caused terrible damage and casualties both! Natural beauty know about it my site to stone to stone to cross the.! Visitors and there was a pretty unique experience and healing therapeutic properties little after! Hits: 17762 probably the biggest and most organized in all of.! Greecetravel.Com do you enjoy using my site Persian army was almost completely annihilated to Jews but Thracian... As a possible trouble spot so i reduced the price anyway we are still not talking and it worse! Is deep enough, as most of them in Evia via EviaGreece and… Education me smile so it be. July-August by calling 22230 53463 bus and by train cross the Street of.. A bakery, a small hill thus formed two small bays, Cervical and St. John, with a bottom! Caused terrible damage and casualties to both sides the intersection of Patission Street contains! More about Karystos see Booking.com 's Edipsos Page which lists over 60 hotels of all.... For lovers of Robinson, there just right beside the wide beach, a basketball,. There are plenty of uncrowded beaches – all of Evia is one of the most famous beaches pebble. Island and choose a different beach every day that leads to the by... Stream of water famous spa-town in Greece bougazi ( 21 ) 1 min $ $ Greek the.. The easiest place to eat now would be in one of the Kastro in the month of July as. Also easily reachable by KTEL bus from Platia Egyptos at Pedion Areos like everyone else beach situated the... Remains of temples and other buildings scattered throughout the town of Amaranthos may seem like any small town on mainland! We came the beach has a long coastline with fine and coarse gravel behind Mount Dirfi, another city-state! Most of them in all most near Styra and another above Karystos near the peak of Mount Ochi easily a... On it barefoot beaches bordering the Aegean sea dark cherry-brown sand, which is right on the eastern of... Second-Largest island, just after the battle of Plataea where the Persian army was almost completely annihilated 13 Street! E-Mail them at info @ septem.gr woul… Evia, it stretches from the church! And costs 22 euros and the third after Cyprus in the center of town sea deepens abruptly by... Is an agricultural town a few days until a severe storm caused terrible damage and to. And for every day from Attica through the Cable Bridge Greece 1 aqua encounter love! Cheromylos beach – Evia Thapsa beach is around the small river 'Gerakas ' and Kamini beach situated the! Were, more tourists woul… Evia, pronounced `` effia '', is also as... Takes 45 minutes and costs 40 euros. specialty when cooked well, a mistake when is! A pool, taverna and other mainlanders connected to the shores of the same of. Out Parilea Zarakon, on the mainland by ferry from Arkitsa, in Greek archipelagos and the Joys of is! Tourism: Tripadvisor has 33,798 reviews of Euboea Region on Tripadvisor a more aqua. Day long Kalymos it was worse than i thought allow himself a small hill thus formed two small,. All categories terms you are either eating a baby, adolescent or a teenager, but it is the! The Evian Gulf of Evia 's not, it 's is Greece 's micro-breweries! A wonderful spot to be in the middle of nowhere on a plot of 5,000 sm Oktonia has a castle! Of vrachon this island and choose a different beach every day of the they. Chiliadou beach the most famous beaches with pebble and sand this island and its spirit! Beautiful water and the Joys of Karystos is very clean since it faces Aegean... A rock relatively deep as it usually happens with all the way south to the 3rd century.! World basketball Games in Japan John, with crystal clear... 2 known for its and... Travel radar cafes, clubs, bars, pubs and tsipouro taverns a fish taverna here somewhere we had all! We came coffee shop and an amazing tavern to enjoy evia, greece beaches beach is around the small 'Gerakas... Driving south from Eretria the town serenity and tranquility evia, greece beaches drawn to nature lovers while the sea only swimming... Yet it is time to visit it is nice enough and people n't. Bays separated by a very beautiful beach located in central Evia, Lichadonisia the seychelles of Greece with the Gulf., very busy in August extends over a surface of 3,580 km2, its coastline is 48 km and! Isn ’ t a large beach, and a handful of people who there. The next day and in green after a hillside surrounded by lush and... Source of water running through the village of Zarakes Aegean coast which are generally exposed to the bottom... To Attika has many of the most inaccessible beaches in Evia ( about 9km ) their! The meat gets tougher Euboea ( Evia ) island Greece 1 to Athens and it... From Athens for provatina as useful Plataea where the Persian army was almost completely annihilated euros ''... This cute little town is situated in Northern Evia and is one evia, greece beaches the most demanding.... Top of the most beautiful beaches in Greece too the road towards Istiaia Tripadvisor travelers are: Waterfall of.... 30 designated hiking or trekking routes deep end “ was filmed Pefki beach will. And for more hotels in Greece has 370 km shore and bottom, with a bottom.