You can also use the fan, AC, and dehumidifier features separately. This portable air conditioner is ideal for rooms up to 550 square feet using 12,000 Btu of cooling power. The company claims, however, that this is both to make the unit simpler to use and to improve its energy efficiency. Overall, the Keystone KSTAP12A is a reliable machine that will find a loyal following among those whose unique needs it serves. The Haier HPC12XCR has a maximum airflow of 188 CFM, slightly below the average of 200 CFM. ), any contiguous, enclosed space in your home can be serviced by this unit. The construction is pretty robust so it doesn’t melt or burn, but it’s best to point the exhaust out at a window so it doesn’t harm anyone. The LG LP1214GXR has one specialty, and that’s it’s excellent cooling capacity. There are castor wheels for easy relocation, too. Much more portable than some of the other brands we reviewed, this would be a good choice for those who need to frequently switch AC locations. The unit provides value for its price, and the easy maintenance puts it above many of its rivals. That becomes apparent as soon as you turn the unit on. Like the Keystone unit earlier, it is a bit of a niche machine that would find fans only from a very specific sector of the market. Friedrich also boasts off its extended warranty on the unit. Adding to the green credentials of the Whynter unit is the carbon filter, which takes out not just the dust and dirt but also other pollutants in the air. The frost-white cover and simple lines of the unit is obviously meant to melt into the background. It is not recommended, however, for the power user or those who wish to cool down large areas at once. The unit stands at around 28 inches high, and the base is around 12.8 by 15.93 inches. One of the weak points of the LG LP1214GXR is its weak dehumidifier. However, this comes at the price of consuming as much as 20% more electricity than regular air conditioners of similar size and capacity. While emptying the tanks per se is pretty easy, there are no alerts or notifications that let you know when the tank is full. That is, it can be moved anywhere and it will work even without hooking it up to a window vent. If you have horizontal sliding windows, then you’re at a disadvantage since the exhaust kit only comes with one extension to suit vertical installations. The unit also offers an auto-evaporation feature, which takes care of most of the condensate that its dehumidifier feature collects. I plugged this up and it helped keep my home cool. Officially, the unit is stated to emit as little noise as possible. This means you need to mount it to the extendable exhaust hose and window ventilation kit that comes with the package, but that also means there’s less maintenance to be done. Overall it’s a very simple operation. It has all the basic functions and a good dehumidifier. The loud operation is also something that may be unattractive to those looking for a good bedside portable AC, which is a shame since the unit’s aesthetics would have fit perfectly in a bedroom. It has a flow of more than 130 CFM under low setting, and around 170 CFM under high setting. The item is also covered by a one-year warranty, so there’s no need to worry about it breaking down easily. This one features an LCD window of its own so you don’t have to keep glancing at the unit just to see the temp. If you don’t use all … This takes care of any excess water collected from the dehumidifier. Despite that, it can cool the required space suitably fast. Portability-wise, it’s a bit heftier than others with a height of 33 ½ inches and a base measuring 19 by 15 inches. While it’s not a carbon filter, the Haier unit can take out the usual dust and dirt from circulating in your home. That means periodic manual checking, which after some time becomes tedious. It fits in any standard window and spaces anywhere from 12 to 47 inches, and can be installed and uninstalled on your own at any time. * These choices are based on a full analysis of hundreds of air conditioner with heater reviews from across the web. The LG LP1217GSR would be the perfect choice for those looking for a great entry-level portable AC, particularly those who don’t have big spaces to cool down. By “powerful”, we mean not just its cooling capacity. Unlike the units we have reviewed earlier, the Whynter is a dual-hose model which means it has one more exhaust with which to send the heat away from the area being cooled. If the LG capitalizes on “portable” more than “AC”, the EdgeStar unit is exactly the opposite. You might have to get a little creative on the installation, though. It even comes with a 6-feet long power cord, allowing you to squeeze the unit between other furniture and appliances and still reach the power outlet. The Sunpentown WA1240H aims to be an exception. Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2015. There are only two speed settings, low and high. An automatic mode is also available for easier elimination of hot spots. The decibel level isn’t even too bad for its kind, though we’ll list that here if we want to nitpick. While not many would buy a portable AC just for the feature, the lack of or in this case a decreased dehumidification capacity means it is not advisable for those living in humid climate. Popular Science might not be the first pages you’d look into when looking for a portable AC, but an endorsement from the renowned magazine should be enough to pique your attention. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. 56. dB. The three year warranty on the compressor — one of the most vital internal pieces for any cooling equipment — also inspires peace of mind about the quality of the unit. The partial auto-evaporation system may make the unit a little dangerous if children and animals are running around behind it. No heavy lifting! The yearly consumption clocks in at around $120 or more, depending on your usage. Unlike many of the blocky portables, the Honeywell features a sleek black-and-silver design (also available in all-black). There have also been reports of the control panel shorting out. Unlike the other ones we have reviewed thus far, the Friedrich ZoneAir P12B is not a 12,000-BTU unit but an 11,600 one. The unit is pretty standard when it comes to size, with a base measuring around 16 by 14 inches and a height of almost 33 inches. You can also redirect where you want the cool air to go through the adjustable air louvres. The unit only has two fan speeds, which seems like a curious omission. And while LG has gone to lengths to make maintenance easy, the fact that you have to both empty the water tank periodically and take care not to damage anything with the heat of the exhaust might be too much hassle for some. The non-drip feature and easy-clean filter also allows for very easy maintenance, and the warranty gives you peace of mind that the Honeywell won’t suddenly go out of commission. It has all the bells and whistles that you’ve come to expect in this category, and the thoughtful design makes it more attractive. July 12, 2020 By reviewexpert12321. A simple white slab of thick plastic accented only by a gray section at the top where the air vents are, it is not trying to look modern or blend in with its surroundings. Those looking for a lot of bells and whistles are also advised to look elsewhere. You would have to come by around once a week to wash the filter, but that’s pretty much it. The unit is more expensive than most of the units reviewed here. Aside from this, the internals are also covered by a standard 1-year warranty and a three year compressor warranty. The only two drawbacks of the unit are its size and weight, and its louder-than-usual operation. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.. We almost bumped this Haier model to the top of the list since it provides a little more power (12,000 vs 10,000 BTU) than the Honeywell at a price that’s only slightly higher. One aspect where the Whynter may be considered sub-par, however, is its operating noise level. That means there’s no guarantee whether the no-maintenance lifestyle would last the NewAir unit several years. For a little bit of heating and a little bit of cooling, snag up this Haier 12,000 BTU Portable Heating and Cooling Unit. The unit is also equipped with a self-evaporative condensate system which uses the collected water for additional cooling power. The unit is fairly low maintenance, with the very occasional tank-emptying (if you don’t go for the drain function) and a weekly washing of the filter. LG still capitalizes on portability, with caster wheels that allow you to slide it anywhere in the house. This allows you to set the temperature of the other side of the room, for example, or a completely different part of the house so long as it has a direct line of sight to the unit. At the same time, its operational noise level means you shouldn’t be placing it near where you sleep.While possibly being just the luck of the draw, the spate of compressor-related issues reported by previous buyers might also be enough to get you looking someplace else. There is a remote control that also allows access to all features, including the 24-hour programmable timer. It features three cooling and fan speeds, letting you control the temperature of your room to your preference. The Haier comes with a quick-install window kit that can accommodate a window of 20 up to 46 inches, both vertically and horizontally. As for the water tank, Haier has also made it easy to drain the unit by just placing a pan under the drain plug and letting the water fall out simply replace the plug afterwards and you’re through. To get around this, you may install the unit in an adjacent room and operate it from there, though this solution might not work for everyone. Of course, the unit can be piloted with a remote control that lets you have a more hands-off approach. We inspected 9 top-rated haier hpn12xcm portable air conditioner 12000-btu features over the previous 3 years. This remote has its own digital display that shows the temperature at all times, so you don’t even have to be in view of the unit when making adjustments. In fact, the dehumidifier isn’t even advertised despite the clear presence of a “Dry” setting in the remote and the device’s manual. It doesn’t drain your electricity as much as it drains moisture, so that’s a plus. Having a heater feature means the internals get more complicated, and there are more places things could go wrong in. As an added layer of protection, SPT used a fire-resistant PVC material to house the WA1240H. Like all other units with an auto-evaporation feature, the exhaust can get pretty hot. Haier 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner, HPF12XCM-LB, Black. Whatever effort was cut back in designing the facade of the device seems to have been converted to its internals. Before Picking them, We find their cons and pros as well as the special distinctions in between them, consisting of price.