So, fiction might make the vampire life seem exciting and unique, but on the other hand, people don’t dig up someone’s casket and jam a stake through their heart without good reason. Would you really want to do that? Vampirism can be acquired with a vampire bite (however, pay attention, as some older vampires’ bites won’t turn you into a Vampire). With this in mind then, in the world of witchcraft and Wicca, are there any spells to become a vampire? Will you have to sleep in a coffin? This means that you'll definitely need that game pack installed if you want vampire … Then what? Of course, there are many different beliefs surrounding the natural and supernatural rules governing vampires, and you probably won’t really know what you’re in for until it’s too late. Say goodbye to the beach. Also, being immortal means you’ll have to stand by and watch everyone you care about grow old and pass on, over and over again. But it was Anne Rice who launched vampires into a new dimension, making them way sexier, way cooler, and somehow even more mysterious. This will never ever happen again, if you want to become a vampire. Not becoming a vampire is easy, just burn the boss down. What is a vampire? Spells To Become A Vampire In Real Life. Maybe you’re not interested in keeping vampires away and you’d rather become one. In Slavic culture, an immoral person was seen as a vampire risk. There are probably a few unscrupulous and unpleasant ways you can imagine getting it, but after a while, it would all get to be quite a hassle. Is there any truth to these ancient myths, and, if so, are you sure you really want to be a vampire? Because after only about one hundred years everyone you’ve ever known will be dead, friends and family as well. Most people would be afraid to be in the same room as a real vampire – somebody they know to be a preditor and the rest – well, they most likely are going to try to make you transform them. Certainly, there are a lot of people around today who claim they are true vampires, but take a logical look at this for a moment: if you were really a vampire, how would you live your life? How to become a real vampire in real life by a spell – without being bitten.Warning! 2. You would be wise to be suspicious of anyone who so boldly claims to be a vampire. Have fun with it, and try to think outside the box. Drinking blood obviously means either to kill or at least to harm human beings. Vampires can only live at night, they have to drink blood to survive and otherwise vampires are immortal. Although there are many different kinds of vampires described in books those facts seem to be the most common attributes used to distinguish a vampire from a mere human. You can make nice-looking much what they can do. In "The Vampire Bible", ancient scribes describe the only known way that a human can become a vampire. There are a few ways to make your Sim become a vampire… In Chinese mythology, the Jiangshi is a reanimated corpse that hops around with its arms outstretched to grab people and drain them of their life-force. Becoming a Vampire is a desire a lot of people have, but the ancient spells and rituals on how to become a real Vampire are kept secret from mortals and are very hard to find. But if it happens, and you have a choice, think long and hard. The film that followed, starring Tom Cruise and a young Brad Pitt, solidified the vampire mystique. [17] X Research source If you want to appear to be a vampire… Coming from a vampire, the only “true ways” ( most are speculations, they aren’t proved to be real, but they seem to make sense at … If you encounter people who seem like they are taking things too far, get away from them. There’s only one item on the menu: blood. You can't make yourself a vampire, or simply decide you are one. Once you have entered the dungeon, talk to the NPC with the quest marker. Cover your windows with heavy black satin curtains. They have their hands full supplying hospitals and don’t have the time or resources to bother with vampires. The creature hides in caves and other dark places during the day, and then roams the countryside at night searching for victims. Hence they’d say and do anything to make you believe they like you although they most likely don’t. Since we can’t possibly explore every culture’s explanation for how vampires come about, let’s consider the most common Western definition. Stay indoors most of the time for a pale look. In the mood for a cheeseburger? Historically, local communities have not been supportive of vampires living among them. We’re talking about an undead being that may have been around for hundreds of years, a predator of humans that probably has to do some pretty awful things to get what it needs. The points mentioned above are good reasons for being interested in turning into a real vampire, but may not be sufficient for a vampire to turn you, nor are they actual reasons for you to become one. As a vampire, you’re not going out in the sunshine ever again. How to become a Vampire There are several steps involved in becoming a Vampire, the first of which is to get bitten by one. That skinny kid from Twilight might make it look pretty cool, with all those pensive glances and whatnot, but the life of a real vampire is no doubt a curse, and a sentence to endless nights of sorrow. Bottom line: use your head, and if people seem like trouble, they probably are. Corresponding to different positions, a person can develop into a vampire through blood or biting. Some people claim to know spells to become a vampire but honestly if anybody would know those he wouldn’t give them away. So cool, in fact, that countless people today are seeking ways to get closer to living the vampire life. The Greeks and Romans both had legends of vampire-like creatures, as did the Persians, Babylonians, and Hebrews. As you can see, the odds of becoming a real-life vampire pretty much zero, and even if you do there are far more negatives to the vampire life than there are positives. Living forever sounds like fun, but you’d better be careful. And you can’t be friend with somebody being dishonest, can you? But what are those anyways? If you really want to go for it wear false fangs as well but be aware that people will tend to consider you as wacko rather than cool. To get turned into a vampire you need to do a simple exchange of blood with a vampire. Real vampires were pretty nasty characters, and turning into a vampire was, at one time, a very unfortunate life event. Let's hope those super regenerative powers come through for you. How to become a vampire is very easy if you just want to be cool and benefit from all the glamour associated with vampires without suffering from the drawbacks. And where do you get all this blood? Is someone born that way or do they choose the vampire lifestyle? This includes being bitten by a vampire and dying or nearly dying. Hence, if you do find someone saying that she is a vampire, chances are she is a fraud. Either he is a vampire himself then he probably wouldn’t want other predators around to share his pray (and even if he would why choose you over all the other available candidates?) There’s few ways but a low chance that you’ll become one. If your answer is yes the odds are very small to succeed on your journy becoming a real vampire. In reality, there are many methods of how to become a vampire without being bitten. Apparently, there are a lot of folks out there who think vampires are pretty cool. By Renee Comet (photographer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. In both situations, authorities documented eye-witness accounts and supervised the unearthing and staking of the offending undead. The two represent the conflict between the pagan god Perun and the evil snake of the underworld Veles. Becoming a vampire means sharing all their benefits and drawbacks. A dead body will swell with gases in the torso, causing blood to seep out through the nose and mouth. This presents several problems, not the least of which is locating an actual, real-life vampire who is able and willing to transform you. With interests in science and nature, I explores topics from a unique and sometimes controversial perspective. Ask to Turn allows a Sim to make yours into a Vampire. As a vampire, you’ll have superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, but eventually, bad luck would catch up to you and you’d end up damaging a body part you’re going to need for the next thousand years. So, maybe your goal is something different. Blood bank? Buy some musk and wear a discrete amount of it every day. Which means your existence will be very, very boring very fast. Too bad. Born A Vampire. Right now you might not think it would be a bad idea to let other people know if you become a vampire, but what happens in a hundred years or so when this current vampire-pop craze has long died down? Typically, you have your awakening at the age of 11, 12, 13 or 14. Vampires seem to be made strictly from one another, and you would need a "living" vampire's blood or saliva in order to become one. This change in body composition made people think the body looked well-fed, particularly if the person had a thin body type while among the living. Her 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire is perhaps the greatest vampire story ever told, sweeping through two centuries of immortal life. Like vampire bats, they would have evolved to exist on blood instead of solid food. Around the world today there are pockets of vampire culture strewn about. We can assume you’ll be able to use your powers to transform into all kinds of different things. Such a creature could only survive by keeping its true nature a secret, and tracking down such a thing would be almost impossible. But by most accounts, the transformation from human to vampire is a supernatural occurrence. Hence, do you really want to become a blood sucking, bored, lonely animal? Nevertheless, the following thoughts are based around the traditional vampire stereotypes. Which is very hard to accomplish because most likely the only reason you get to know a real vampire is because she is hungry and as stories go there is almost nothing that can stop a hungry vampire from killing his prey. Much of this hysteria came from the fact that most people at the time did not understand how the body decomposes after death. This can give the illusion that these body parts have grown. In fact it might be you ending their life. Faster Mana Climb 6. After this period, the player will become a vampire. This implies that vampires are another race of hominid, which means they must have evolved along a very similar line as humans, and preyed upon humans throughout history. We humans have enough trouble keeping ourselves in one piece for 80 years or so. Now, I don’t see any good reason why you’d want this. Additionally, as the fluids from the body start to evaporate, it causes parts of the body such as hair, fingernails, and teeth to become more exposed. Listen to black or heavy metal or classical music. It makes you a vampire like the ones from the tv succession the vampire diaries. Never engage in anything that seems unsafe or illegal, and never do anything that could bring harm to another person (including you). Hence, do you really want to become a blood sucking, bored, lonely animal? 13 interesting facts about the polar night and the day, The strangest superstitions around the world, How to take a screenshot on Mac and Windows. This gentleman became known as Vlad the Impaler following his death, but while he lived, he was called Vlad the Third, Prince of Wallachia. Faster health regeneration (x3) (x5 if player is an elder vampire). Boring! This may be thanks in part to certain trendy pop-fiction YA novels and their corresponding motion-picture treatments. Becoming a real-life vampire might not be as exciting as books and movies make it seem. WAY 1: You might be born a vampire and do not even know it. Never watch TV. Would you tell anyone? The disease will take 72 hours in game to transform into vampirism. So come bite me and make me a vampire, I’d gladly give my soul in return for such a state. His father, Vlad the Second, was known by the name Dracul, which would have made Vlad the Third Dracula. And even if you do get to know new people they will die rather sooner than later. In order to become a vampire … But perhaps you are still interested in the vampire thing, even though you don’t feel like enduring centuries of hardship and suffering. 2) You want to become a vampire yourself. You can either get bitten by players or NPC vampires, and below you can find out … The vampire legend goes much deeper. In some cases, these entities are similar to the undead vampires we are accustomed to, such as the Vetala of Hindu folklore. Thus, going out at night in search of vampires is pointless. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, published in 1897, kicked off the modern interpretation of vampires disguised as charming, if somewhat enigmatic, gentlemen. If you don’t know what a awakening is then it is pretty similar to puberty but you get vampire … The Sims 4: Vampires is a game pack revolving entirely around the titular supernatural creature type.. Faster Mana Run 5. You must be chosen. To become a vampire, simply open up the Command Window by pressing the tilde key (the key that looks like ~), and then type in the following command: