This is one of the largest cottonwood trees in Kansas.  It is located in El Dorado.  Pioneers used the cottonwood as building materials for cabins.  It was not the preferred wood as it is soft, weak, and porous.  It was chosen only when other sturdy woods were unavailable.  They reproduce from the “cotton” that the Kansas winds blow around like snow in the early summer.  Cottonwoods grow rapidly in ideal conditions, reaching 100 feet in 15 years. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), One of the largest Cottonwood Trees in Kansas, Beautiful Sunrise Prelude To A Snow Storm. Thank you for the excellent info, Mr Ringer! Growing in ideal conditions, cottonwoods have a maximum life span of 200-400 years.” -online site Better not clutter this blog like autumn leaves under a tree. it is The Famous RR. One of the half-truths I continually encounter (besides its “weak” wood), is its reputedly brief lifespan. It was over 200 years old. And how wonderful that you were given the board that you made your shelves from. Interesting man. Kansas City, Mo. ~”A majestic 300-year-old cottonwood tree greets visitors crossing the Granite Creek Bridge entrance into Prescott Mile High Middle School in Prescott, Arizona. Large Cottonwood Tree Arch at Kansas Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. State Tree Of Kansas Cottonwood Is also called southern cottonwood, common cottonwood, Carolina poplar, plains cottonwood, eastern poplar, necklace poplar, and Alamo. ( Log Out /  Thank you so much for the wonderful information. The cottonwoods are deciduous trees of the poplar species, distinguished by thick, deeply fissured bark and triangular to diamond-shaped leaves. ( Log Out /  Age In this table of age estimates and measurements in Kansas are shown. Meet 'cotton the giant' The oldest tree in kansas ! All the buildings on the farm I used to farm for a friend are all framed with cottonwood that was cut and milled on the farm. Thank you, The leaf edges are slightly serrated. The largest cottonwood tree ( Populus deltoides var. Kansas designated the cottonwood as the official state tree in 1937. The thickest, tallest, and oldest Eastern cottonwood trees (Populus deltoides) It became the state tree of Wyoming in 1947, and that of Nebraska since 1972. I approved the post stating that there was a problem. A lot of our trees are really suffering from droughts and a lot are falling form being bulldozes, cleaning up pastures and creek beds. It’s awesome!!! But as a community no one outside has ever been told. deltoides ) in Kansas is 35' - 5" in circumference 96' tall and crown spread is 127' it has 553 total points measured in 2008 it is being nominated as the largest eastern cottonwood in the United States and it is located in Sheridan County ,Kansas ,, it currently replaces the tree that was the previous champion which is only 150' away. Maybe by me approving this post it will allow for future replies. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Help is needed to locate, document, and preserve outstanding trees in Kansas. Bluffs, mesas, prairies, flood plains, marshes, and rolling hills help add to the biological diversity of Kansas. Cottonwood Trees seed every year covering the neighbourhood with what looks like a summer snowfall. About the tree. The owners do not want damage or the traffic that can happen. Cottonwood Trees are either male or female. Since first nominated in 1967 by Longmont Audubon member Allegra Collister, the Gentle Giant has been listed on the National Register of Big Trees as … I take it you know him. Kansas State Tree: Cottonwood Eastern cottonwood, (Salicaceae Populus deltoides,) one of the largest eastern hardwoods, is short-lived but the fastest-growing commercial forest species in North America. Cottonwood one of the largest eastern hardwoods is short-lived but the fastest … This great tree symbolizes growth, tradition, and adaptation. In 2008, it was 97 feet tall with a spread of 157 feet and a trunk circumference of 35 feet. "The eastern cottonwood in Beatrice will be crowned as the largest known species of its kind in the country." While I am a rock drummer, I have always enjoyed virtually all styles of music, including Western. It grew at 7751 W Myrtle, Chicago, and had been estimated in 1976 to be 135-years-old by Dr George Ware of the Morton Arboretum. According to the Kansas Forest Service, this tree is over 35 ft in circumference (measured 4.5 ft off the ground), is 96 ft tall, and has a spread of 127 ft at the crown. Indeed. Cottonwood when stripped of the bark and kept from water becomes as hard as oak. ~”Located at the west end of Harriet Island Regional Park…stands one of the largest trees in the city, a beautiful eastern cottonwood. (We call these “exceptions” when we really need to increase the average estimated lifespan to perhaps 75-100 years; considerably more when favorable genetics and environs come into play. The eastern cottonwood is without a doubt, one of the largest hardwood trees found in North America. The Kansas Champion Tree Program maintains a searchable database of the largest trees in Kansas so they can be identified, preserved, and enjoyed by all. Thanks again!!! ~You can research the prematurely destroyed Cottonwood of William and Beatrice Carmel. Populus section Aigeiros is a section of three species in the genus Populus, the poplars.Like some other species in the genus Populus, they are commonly known as cottonwoods.The species are native to North America, Europe, and western Asia. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Have a wonderful day. It grows best on moist well-drained sands or silts near streams, often in pure stands. Many of the trees in Harriet Island’s flood plain are cottonwoods which are well-adapted to this flood-prone area. The cotton is extremely flammable, try lighting with a match and see how quickly it burns. One of the largest Cottonwood Trees in Kansas | Farmer Days See also. The majority of trees listed are native to the state, though a few non-native species are also included. I know I would be the same way, if I had the largest cottonwood tree on my property. Cottonwoods are the largest trees in Arizona. (I would love to accompany Mr Ringer any day! Of course this inventory contains only age records as far as they are registered on this site. — Kansas City’s historic Kessler Park holds bragging rights. This video, explaining the cottonwood at length is part of an educational series, by the Friends of the San Pedro River. Cordate (heart-shaped) large oval leaves that are up to 6” (15 cm) long and with an elongated tip. This species (often disheveled in some older specimens) can rival more “aristocratic” trees in terms of beauty and luxuriant foliage. I have always been enchanted by Kansas. “With its massive pale stem, its great spreading limbs and broad head of pendulous branches covered with fluttering leaves of the most brilliant green, Populus deltoides is one of the stateliest and most beautiful inhabitants of the forests of North America.” 🙂, I wrote a pretty long comment and was “told” it cannot be posted…. JOLIET — By a speed limit sign on Highway 212 here, Ted Israel documented what may be the largest narrowleaf cottonwood tree in the nation. Can quite reach far enough.  I love those tree huggers:). Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Ten miles northeast of Beatrice on property owned by Kevin Naber, the giant multi-trunked cottonwood stands 88 feet tall with a 108-foot canopy spread and a … Isn’t that a beautiful Cottonwood tree!! (I hope I don’t get reprimanded for this long post!) Should I try again? The above tree is safe for now and hopefully many many years! PS I don’t know RR, but did an online search. Cottonwood trees are not the ideal type of landscaping tree for small or medium-sized backyards. I added some comments (from different sources) regarding the lifespan of the species. The cottonwood I photographed is at a business and thankfully they lock the gate when they aren’t there. The only evergreen tree in Kansas, the eastern red cedar, is an important species for the state’s wildlife. measured in 2005 ,,, The tree to hold the Kansas State Championship prior to our trees was in the other end of kansas in Jefferson County close to Ozawkie , it was 29'-1" in circumference 116 feet tall and 101' crown spread with 490 points it was measured in 2001 ,,, for all the Kansas Champion trees look here and you will see ours ,,,, I have over 150 Giant Eastern Cottonwoods you can adopt . 🙂 The Flying W Wranglers are one of my faves. With the building of the border wall, the future of these trees is in question, as the river flows north. I’m pretty sure the largest oak tree is found at kildonan oark. Learn more … Continue reading A few of the venerable Cottonwoods that shaded Lewis and Clark on their Journey of Discovery in 1804 are still growing along the Missouri River.” (This would estimate their age at about 250 years old.) Some people now days have NO respect for others property. That’s old wood. He’s a good man. Kevin Lapointe, a city forester with Kansas City, stands near a tree in Kessler Park that has been designated the largest known living tree in Missouri. All State Trees. As a tree enthusiast, I agree with rogerringer (is this the famous RR? ~Landscaping With Native Trees (Sternberg & Wilson): “…(Cottonwood trees) are so resilient that some live to take their place among the largest of our deciduous trees. deltoides ) in Kansas is 35' - 5" in circumference 96' tall and crown spread is 127' it has 553 total points measured in 2008 it is being nominated as the largest eastern cottonwood in the United States and it is located in Sheridan County ,Kansas ,, it currently replaces the tree that was the previous champion which is only 150' away ~A naturalist at North Dakota Outdoors Magazine told me he has seen felled Cottonwoods exceeding the age of two centuries. To put that into perspective, LeBron James has a wingspan of 7 feet. Thank you so much, and God bless! Kansas forests are comprised of Eastern Cottonwood, Osage Orange, American Elm, Oak, Hickory and many others over a range of habitats. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The redbud brings color to Kansas as winter ends. The cottonwood gave those traveling through the state a respite from the summer sun and the courage to continue west. Most of Kansas' deciduous forests are found in the McGregor Herbarium University of Kansas 2045 Constant Avenue Lawrence, KS 66047-3729 Facts about the Cottonwood • The Kansas Legislature designated Cottonwood as the State Tree in 1937, calling it the “pioneer tree of When Harriet Island became a park in 1900, the tree had already established itself as a stately shade tree. A number of native trees were found in all parts of Kansas, yet it was the cottonwood (Populus deltoides) that was chosen as the state tree of Kansas. The largest cottonwood tree ( Populus deltoides var. The cottonwood tree is one of North America's largest hardwood trees. The wood of the cottonwood tree is actually soft. To me, an excellent Cottonwood and an excellent White Oak are equals. The Eastern Cottonwood is the state tree for Kansas and Nebraska. 🙂 regarding the wood. Nov 10, 2014. There are no girth measurements in Kansas available yet. Since I was a boy, growing up on the Little Calumet River, during the 60s & 70s, I have researched my favorite tree, the Cottonwood. Many people deplore these trees, for little reason, but those of us who “get them” are like movie fans who understand the cult classic that most dopes fail to comprehend. Calling the cottonwood tree "the pioneer of the prairie", the Kansas state legislature designated the cottonwood the official state tree of Kansas in 1937. They are by far the oldest known Cottonwoods in the world. ~”A park in Fernie, B.C., protects some of the biggest, oldest black Cottonwoods in the world, interspersed in an old-growth western red cedar forest. On the basis of the facts mentioned above, on March 23, 1937 the eastern cottonwood was as the official state tree of Kansas. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This would have been in the 1880’s. Published on Nov 11, 2014 And eastern cottonwood tree in Kansas City's Kessler Park has been designated as Missouri's largest tree by the Missouri Department of … When the Kansas Legislature chose the cottonwood (Populus deltoides) as the state tree in 1937, the proclamation read: It would be interesting to know how old this tree is. All of these trees have been estimated to be 120+ years old , documented from records when the trees were planted by my Greatgrandfather in the 1880's although he did not own the property at the time , eventualy it was bought by a family member , and hopefully it will remain in the family for many generations more . I love the wealth of knowledge you have in your head! It’s estimated the tree dates back to the 1620’s. That the tree be known as the cottonwood is hereby designated and declared to be the official tree of the state of Kansas. Towering as high as a 10-storey building, these trees provide homes for many species, including dens for black bears, nests for the endangered Western Screech-Owl, and habitat for many other songbirds and insects. Hi, I’m Steve and I love your tree! Fernie is located in southeast British Columbia, Canada.” -online site Populus section Aigeiros; References The board I made the shelves from was a Christmas present to me one year. The eastern cottonwood, a tree capable of growing to great sizes, is the official state tree of Kansas, designated as such by the legislature in 1937. A tree in the park now holds the honor of being Missouri’s largest eastern cottonwood tree. It is well-known tree all over the state Kansas for its distinctive beauty. Cottonwood Tree. - YouTube Nov 12, 2014 - KANSAS CITY, Mo. Austin Anders, director of the Enterprise Parks and Recreation Department, stands by the sixth largest cottonwood tree in Kansas located at the Enterprise Ecological Park. Cottonwood Tree Facts. This cottonwood was planted in the 1870s. The world's largest cottonwood tree plantation is in Issaquena County, Mississippi. Cottonwood Kansas State Tree KNPS R.L. ~I personally counted over 150 growth rings in an Eastern Cottonwood that had been foolishly (as usual) cut down. I certainly didn’t know that about the wood. Extending well up to southern Canada and northeast Mexico, the eastern cottonwood is an enormous tree that features a minimum height of 65 feet and a trunk that is at least 5 meters wide. Cottonwood tree identification. Change ). He’s so little compared to that tree! It’s estimated to be 200 years old, making it a bicentennial tree, which probably started growing when Illinois became the 21st state in 1818.” (This replaced the 175-year-old specimen at Gebhard Woods.) The Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoides) is one of the largest North American hardwood trees (growing 20-45 meters tall), although the wood is rather soft. “In 2003 this grove of Cottonwood trees was discovered that rival Canada’s famed coastal cedars and firs in both age and girth. So glad that you found my Farmer Days. That being said, I would like to copy & paste part of a text document, on which I have collected writings regarding the lifespan of Populus deltoides, fremontii, etc. More accurately, it is a “medium-lived” tree. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Originally from Illinois, my wife Vicki and I currently reside in Arizona. ( Log Out /  I know of where the largest cottonwood tree in the state is. I just always figured it was a soft wood. Yes! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Height There are no reliable height measurements in Kansas available yet. . It is not only the State tree of Kansas but it is also State tree … Miss you. A tree in the park now holds the honor of being Missouri’s largest eastern cottonwood tree. I so sorry that you are having a problem posting a reply. I have shelves in my room that are walnut that was cut and milled at the same time. In 1867, a small log cabin, the first school in Arizona, was built in the shade of this great cottonwood…” -Prescott Mile High site. The largest known Cottonwood in Kansas grows near Studley, Kansas in Sheridan County. This Giant Cottonwood Tree stands around 136 feet and the circumference of its base is nearly 31 feet. If you follow the walking path out of the botanical garden to the witch’s hut, before you turn into the bridge over the creek youll see an oak tree that has to be at least 20 feet in circumference. It’s the second-largest tree in all of Ohio, and the largest Eastern Cottonwood tree east of the Mississippi River. I’ve quoted a few sources on this, but will now instead share the stirring words of Charles S Sargent, first director of Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum: ( Log Out /  -Steve & Vicki, Phoenix AZ Cottonwood Tree Problems. ~Chicago Sun-Times, April 28 2018: “An eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) growing in the Byron Forest Preserve District’s new Bald Hill Prairie Preserve is the Illinois Big Tree Champion. 🙂. This large Kansas Cottonwood tree, bent over to the ground by a possible traveler pointing a This large Kansas Whitetail Buck was searching for doe`s along a tree line in late Autumn. ~Knowing Your Trees (Collingwood and Brush) approximates the lifespan of Cottonwood at about 150-years. I found him but had to enlarge the picture to see him. While Kansas had fewer, smaller trees than the wooded eastern United States, settlers to the new state found many trees., The males produce the pollen which fertilizes the female flowers. Usually dismissed as “short-lived”, there are of course countless “exceptions” on record (and certainly off). Symbolism. I had no idea that they had such long long life span. – A stately tree in Kansas City's historic Kessler Park now holds the honor of being Missouri's largest eastern cottonwood tree, and under the formula used by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) for measuring record trees, it's … — Kansas City’s historic Kessler Park holds bragging rights. Steve Tell all hello from me and Wylie. Some sources declare an age past 75 years is impossible. WHEREAS the cottonwood tree can rightfully be called "the pioneer tree of Kansas"; Now therefore, Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas: Section 1. The largest Eastern Cottonwood is near Studley in eastern Sheridan County in northwest Kansas. Author Kathleen Cain rightly calls the Cottonwood an “American Champion”. Entry: Kansas State Capitol - Cottonwood Tree Author: Kansas Historical Society Author information: The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state's history. It lost a large Branch on the Left (north) side Dec 2006 in an ICE storm , 5-1/2" of ice on every thing ,, The previous Kansas champion was 32.5 feet in circumference 83 feet tall and had a crown spread of 123' , The current national champion is 29' in circumference 154' tall and the crown spread is 84' with a total of 523 points it is located in Buffalo Co., WI. The American Forests Champion Trees national register contains the largest known trees of nearly 600 species found in the U.S. One huge misconception is the “short-lived” lifespan often applied to the tree. Date Created: March 2009 Date Modified: July 2017 The author of this article is solely responsible for its content. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the tree is the largest known living tree of any kind — using formula used by the MDC for measuring […] ~Wiki: “Eastern Cottonwoods typically live 70 to 100 years, but..have the potential to live 200 to 400 years if they have a good growing environment.” Scientists confirmed the ages of the trees, putting the oldest at more than 400 years old, and measuring up to 10 metres around.