More body fat means that deer and other animals are able to produce and maintain more body heat. The white-tailed species is the most common in the wild. Supplemental feeding can be especially important for diminished habitats. Corn is deemed as one of the best supplementary food of deer, which is not true. If I’m a hunter in Missouri or Iowa, I want to plant these plants in mid-August. Also, proteins help in antler growth. This is a very inexpensive way to feed deer – all you need is a chainsaw and a couple hours of your time. A low maintenance food plot can be a great alternative to corn throughout the year. Instead, ease your head in far enough to look both directions. May 2, 2019 - Are you wondering what to feed deer other than corn? we live in a small city in north east washington 40 miles from canada so we get quite a bit of snow and very cold weather snow stays heavy some winters. If you’re looking for something else in the mix or what to feed deer instead of corn, a better and safer option for winter deer feeding is to use deer food pellets or other high fiber deer feed. It is very much similar to cottonseed and is ideal for helping deer add weight. This means during winter turnips become sweeter for deer. These are high in protein, which is important for deer. As such, deer will require proteins to build up their energy. This is the time that bucks are preparing for antler growth. What it has in plenty is fat. Does, on the other hand, are preparing for fawn rearing. There was a study that found cracked corn is more digestible. Autumn comes before winter. During the cold of winter, deer need protein as it is a source of energy. And while corn is cheap, it is not the best deer feed. Soybeans offer value for money. This is this kind of incredible What Can You Feed Deer Instead Of Corn?. Spring is the season when deer transition from the winter. As such, they make an excellent alternative deer feed to corn. Set up feeders or troughs as far as possible from your home so that the deer don't come near your house. Supplemental feeding is to Start by mixing a small amount of the feed with shelled corn to get them accustomed to the smell and taste. Good optics will help you pick out a deer in the difficult background of brown corn. Since acorns produce in cycles, it is recommended you plant different species of red and white oak. Although deer don't "need" the high-protein feed as much as they did in summer, it is important to transition them from a diet heavy in protein into rations of grain and or hay. I was going to back them all off a bit, but with the range … As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Each deer should eat no more than 3-4 pounds of food per day. They can be stored for long periods, and those who choose to use them often find quite a bit of success with the humble oak seed. Also, most will help in maintaining a healthy deer population in your area. some states have strict rules on feeding deer, List Of What To Feed Deer Other Than Corn. Some allow feeding year round, others only outside of hunting season, and some not at all. I show you the different and healthier alternatives to satisfy deer now. The food plot can have a diverse mix of mast-producing trees and shrubs. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is about conservation. The reason being that acorns help them add on weight as they prepare for winter. This will prevent the feed from getting moldy. Therefore, one of the best alternative feeds is oats. There are some excellent alternatives that offer more benefits to deer than corn. Therefore, for the upcoming hunting season, remove corn from your deer baiting and feeding equation. This is the time that deer, just like all other animals are preparing for winter. Some of the soft mast sources you can use include pawpaw, wild grapes, crabapples, and blackberry. 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