Most recently, Central African Republic has witnessed several religious clashes especially between Christians and Muslims in the country. Under the Bozizé government (2003-2013), civil society was excluded from most political, societal, and economic processes. remain some of the major environmental issues facing Central African Republic today. The Central African Republic (CAR) has been unstable since its independence from France in 1960. Central African Republic has a total land area of about 622, (about 2.9% of which is arable or land good for farming) and a population of about 5.2 million people with the population growth rate around 2.1%. The legal framework regarding anti-corruption is inadequate and not enforced. Additionally, reports of abuse of function by peacekeepers are widespread, and often involve extortion in exchange for food or basic services (Washington Post, Feb 2016). Central African Republic remains one of the HIV/AIDS killing zones in Africa with an HIV/AIDS Adult prevalence rate of 4.7%. people’s efforts to find long-term stability and peace. Finally, those who are caught for attempted smuggling are rarely get prosecuted (Crisis Group, Jun. It has been troubled by unrest for years, but since May 2017, fresh and fierce clashes between armed groups have wrought increasing suffering, deaths and destruction of property. During the 2013 crisis, private companies suffered from insecurity and fell victim to looting, kidnapping, and damages to installations and offices (Crisis Group, … Sustainable agriculture in the CAR will help make that journey shorter. More than half of the country's 4.9 million population rely on humanitarian assistance. Reportedly, Séléka groups set up informal roadblocks between the Cameroonian border and Bangui, extorting CFA 20,000 (EUR 30) from bypassing trucks (Global Witness, Jul. There is a high risk of corruption in the customs administration. The CAR Penal Code (in French) criminalizes passive and active bribery, undue benefits, embezzlement, abuse of office, favoritism and the offer, promise, or solicitation of gifts. The female literacy rate is even worse. Other ethnic groups include the Mboum (7% of the total population), M'Baka (4% of the total population), Yakoma (4% of the total population), the rest (2% of the total population). U.S. Assistance to Central African Republic C.A.R. 2014). ranks 188 out of 188 countries on the United Nations Human Development Index. However, despite what the outside world may think, children in the Central African Republic are more likely to die from hunger than from a … Violence has increased throughout the Central African Republic, particularly between Seleka factions in the central regions and between rebels and anti-balaka militias in … The number of cases of sleeping sickness is increasing. United Nations Convention Against Corruption, specialized due diligence tool on public procurement, United Nations Convention against Corruption, Transformation Index – Central African Republic 2016, Mandated to Protect, Equipped to Succeed? For civilians, this is filled by humanitarian aid agencies, or not at all (BTI 2016). The aftermath saw widespread violence as armed … Bangui contains about 850,000 people. The widespread conflict within the country and the succession of several rebel movements has meant that the state does not have a monopoly on the use of force, and local security forces. Today, the institution continues to suffer from executive influence, as high-ranking officials disrespect court orders (FitW 2015). Despite support from the local police and from various international bodies, companies should note that law enforcement is weak (Amnesty International, Feb. 2016). 2015). For indeed many felt that the clear victory of Faustin-Archange Touadéra in the second round of the presidential election, in February 2016, marked a decisive step out of crisis. One nation, two peoples CAR is home to both Muslim and Christian communities. In May 2016, Crisis Group warned against over-optimism after regular elections were held in the Central African Republic (CAR). In return, the officials protect or defend companies at ministerial meetings (Global Witness, Jul. Corruption in the police force is a high risk for businesses operating in the Central African Republic. The time for obtaining, preparing, and submitting documents during port or border handling, plus customs clearance and inspection procedures averages 161 hours when exporting, and 74 when importing (DB 2016). Central African Republic just like its neighboring countries is blessed with abundance of natural resources such as diamond, uranium, timber, gold, oil, hydropower, etc. The NBC reports on the Central African Republic crisis begin Wednesday morning on the Today show (which starts airing at 7 a.m. During the 2013 crisis, private companies suffered from insecurity and fell victim to looting, kidnapping, and damages to installations and offices (Crisis Group, Jun. 2015). The Central African Republic (CAR) is a presidential republic. The weak rule of law limits the protection of private property (BTI 2016). More than 130000 were living with HIV/AIDS in 2012 with about 11,000 deaths recorded within the same year. The country's remote location has impeded its development and the government's efforts to exert its authority, a trend that will continue to hold the Central African Republic back. Strengthening Peacekeeping in Central African Republic, Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2015, Blood Timber: How Europe played a significant role in funding war in the Central African Republic, Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2014. International Committee of the Red Cross: “Displaced in the Central African Republic: Between a rock and a hard place”, 29 February 2016. On occasion, companies have gone into business with those in power. The Risk & Compliance Portal (formerly The Business Anti-Corruption Portal), is a free resource produced by GAN Integrity, a provider of all-in-one compliance software to help companies of all sizes manage regulatory and legal compliance. At the same time, logging companies report to pay as much as CFA 150,000 to 200,000 from the forested area of CAR to Douala, Cameroon (Global Witness, Jul. Furthermore, the chiefs that make up the rebel group Séléka sentence individuals in regions under their control without the legal mandate to do so (HRR 2015). ET) and continue Wednesday night on NBC … Washington Post: “Members of a U.N. peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic allegedly turned to sexual predation, betraying their duty to protect”, 27 February 2016. Diamonds make up around 50 percent of the country’s export earnings, but largely circumvents official channels (FitW 2015). Low productivity, weak markets and high gender inequality are all contributing factors, made worse by recurrent cycles of political crisis … While problems persist, the education sector has had much to gain from the introduction of decentralisation policies. 38% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition, while another 10% suffer from acute malnutrition. It is rich in diamonds, gold, oil and uranium but … The police do not have authority over all parts of the country (BTI 2016). The rate is at 4.9% and is one of... Cholera: In 2016, the … 2015). Cameroonian truck drivers report regularly to being asked for bribes at the border, and on the route (Bloomberg, Feb 2016). The Central African Republic (CAR) is one such state, having wavered in and out of conflict since its independence from France in 1960. In the absence of government control, public funds are frequently misappropriated; the special forest tax fund CAS-DF is known to be used by ministers to cover their travels abroad (Global Witness, Jul. Central African Republic has a literacy rate of 56.6% for the total population which implies about 56.6% of all Central Africans above the age 15 can at least read and write. The ongoing conflict exacerbates the situation and has around 435,000 people displaced throughout the country (ICRC, Feb. 2016). Nearly half of all Central Africans are under the age of 14 years. 2014). The Central African Republic is a GPE partner country But the Central African Republic is one of 59 developing country partners of the Global Partnership for Education. Corruption levels remains at all time high while poor governance continues to tear the beautiful country of Central African Republic into pieces. By increasing food security and growing the agricultural sector of its economy, the government of the Central African Republic can … Apart from logging, poaching is a high risk in the CAR (The New Yorker, May 2015). In the Central African Republic, malnutrition remains a serious problem. A Periphery of a Periphery Corruption when acquiring public services is a comparatively low risk, as the state fails to deliver basic public services. In Central African Republic (CAR), 1 million people have been displaced by ongoing sectarian conflict. Today, SEFCA employs as its legal representative, Nicolas Tiangaye, Prime Minister under Séléka President Michel Djotodia, and also a potential candidate in the next presidential elections (Global Witness, Jul. The key transit route has been rehabilitated in 2014, and several border checks have been put in place during 2015 (DB 2016). Malaria infects a large portion of the... HIV/AIDS: The CAR has one of the highest rates of HIV in Central and Western Africa. The country gets 80 percent of its imports via a corridor linking the Cameroonian port, Douala to the capital, Bangui (Bloomberg, Feb. 2016). With the lack of official service administration, the illegal economy prospers, and smuggling is widespread (Crisis Group, Jun. Especially during the civil war, wild animals were poached, sometimes in collusion with state officials (BTI 2016). Enforcing a contract takes businesses on average 660 days, and the cost in court and attorney fees amount to around 82 percent of the claim (DB 2016). Central African Republic borders the Republic of Chad to the north, Sudan to the northeast, the Republic of South Sudan to the east, the Republic of Cameroon to the west and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the south. Insufficient nourishment often leads to dietary deficiencies as well as growth problems Muslims make up just about 15% of the total population. Cordaid strengthens the health system by mainly using a results-based financing approach. The widespread conflict within the country and the succession of several rebel movements has meant that the state does not have a monopoly on the use of force, and local security forces.