As for Dylan Wang playing Ning Que, he is amazing! Huh?!!! They went to Badlands. I would love and look forward to the third season but I feel that it would be so sad without the best actors who had all been killed off. The Dao Maniac, who was on the other side of the lake, said that she had come to kill the daughter of the Lord of the Deceased and Ning Que. If he does manage to kill himself there are going to more people to die including tang Xiaotang. Quite near her in fact because she can almost feel him, she can certainly smell him. The future that can be foreseen is no future. He had decided to live an independent life, if financially independent? She is like a herder. One, they’ve changed the original cast, second the story … I haven’t watched Meteor Garden so I have no idea how he is as an actor. Long Qing had decided to step back from the royal family, oh sorry from Xilling. Having her son inherit the crown would mean the end of the Tang State. OMG, every time they mentioned Fu Zi, I get tearful,  what the heck! Ning Que clapped and interrupted the word-dueling royal siblings. Blacky, the intuitive horse, can’t take the rather awkward but emotionally charged side looks and smiles between the two so he took it upon himself to drive the carriage with Sang Sang inside near Ning Que and Mo Shan Shan. He then went to Lu Bai to give thanks (So Lu Bai had been secretly helping them because he was Fu Zi best friend). Yuan Li was about to kill Sang Sang with his sword by he was hit by a rock on the head by Tang, who said that he had to kill the scum of the Huang people. She instructed the Drinker to find Ning Que in Tang and give him the carriage with a message that. External Reviews He wanted the last will of the King. He was told to go to Shiangkang Temple to fetch the Envoy of  the Light. “I want to make a baby with you.” said Sang Sang. Anyway, Mo Shan Shan was ordered to be executed for abetting the Daughter of the Lord of the Deceased in her escape. But as they now Academians which support Tang, then they were pro-Tang. It was quite far away to go to and also Sang Sang must get there before the last of the tree leaves falls. Ning Que because he is a normal grown up man). More bad news was coming including some loyal allies abandoning them. The poor princess was in bits, she was drinking hard and put under house arrest and Ning Que ordered sharp objects removed from her mansion and vicinity so she doesn’t get any ideas of killing herself. An exciting sequel to the epic drama, “Ever Night” (2018), “Ever Night 2” is a 2020 fantasy adventure romance drama directed by Yang Yang. And she saw him crouching sadly against a pillar inside the huge palace, all alone in his resplendent kingly clothes. Story In Ever Night Season 2, Ning Que and Sang Sang's story continues in a world that becomes more hostile every day. Ning Que declared that this was the more reason that they are given sanctuary,  The Badlands have been worshipping the Lord of the Deceased for thousands of years and here is the daughter, was it right to turn her away? She even wrote a testament of the 10 most important things that she must always remember. Book Mania said that she does not believe in the  Shrine Master anymore. Then XiaoTang also turned up to rescue PiPi and when the Shrine Master was using his energy to subdue XiaoTang, PiPi called for Thirteen Brother. He told off the Dao Maniac for being so silly and being so obssessed with Ning Que. He had to be rescued all the time. She had achieved her ultimate level of cultivation as a Dao Maniac. Ning Que’ knowing that Long Qing would target the carriage, put it under cultivation. Yey . I have watched season 1 and I loved how the storyline was presented so I also waited for season 2 very eagerly eventhough it was announced earlier on that the leading male character will not be played by Chen Fei Yu and it was offered to Dylan Wang. Lifestyle Magazine and Common Place Book Online: Something For Everyone. She said that instead of punishing Minister Zeng, who was their father’s most trusted minister, he should have tried to win him over. Ning Que at last found Sang Sang but he had been greatly punished for it by Hao Tian. – Mo Shan Shan, Flower Maniac said, “You are the most maniac, someone who truly deserves to be called a bloody maniac!”  . So he committed suicide. Anyway, Mo Shan Shan said that a one-side love for Ning Que was a lost cause. There was no cliff-hanger. But as Sang Sang, she was made to look plain as per her role. Flower Maniac said that she heard Mo Shan Shan’s punishment might be the Three Jurisdiction Swords. Zen. One thing though, the annoying Aunt Qu Ni is finally dead. The assistant was really shocked and can’t wait to share his new-found knowledge to the Third Prince. Fu Zi thinks he was being neglected by his disciples. Again both brother and sister reneged on their promise to abdicate and confessed but what annoyed Ning Que was the Princess’s decalarion that she has only one brother. HOPE THIS IS TRUE! They traveled the capital to look for hotspots. Poor Jun Mo was now on duty to cook for Fu Zi. I think even after your first kill, you would lose your sense of humour. Sang Sang invited Mo Shan Shan to sit with her in the carriage while Ning Que rides Mo Shan Shan’s horse. The Dao Maniac was fangirling Jun Mo, the Second Brother. He managed to survive in the wilds through his wits and growing fighting skills. Dao Maniac warned Ning Que that she might now find him and so will the Shrine Master, but Hao Tian is another thing coming  She knows everything, she can read minds and see all things. The Flower Maniac found out where Sang Sang and Ning Que were living. Long Qing was able to beat up Ning Que like a punching bag. When asked by Imperial Uncle why he was being told this, He ming Chi divulged that they are both sympathiser of Xilling. For starter, Fu Zi was no longer there who was often sampling gourmet dishes and had to think about life and things from the essence of the food. Though Long Qing got a little concerned that the disciples might turn up, no one did. Meanwhile, Xiaoshu, stood and watch the Butcher, who instinctively knew that Xiaoshu was almost harmless for his lack of cultivation. Chao Xiaoshu said that was his second request, he wanted to be made the temporary commander of the Army Battalion and fight in the borders. Long Qing killed the current Dan Shu and put Wu Zhu as the new Dan Shu. It seemed that Sang Sang had taken over Haotian’s body completely. © Global Granary, 2020. She got out and went to fetch some water. Ning Que said that he was glad to see them but he came to the academy for the formation Key. She did, in the end, agreed that she would ask her brother to abdicate. Ning Que said a final goodbye to Mo Shan Shan, who couldn’t wait to go back to Dahe State. The Dao Maniac had proven herself and had become a force to be reckoned within Xilling. Awards There was a tantalising episode where they mentioned that Evernight is really about the teaching of Lao Zi versus the teaching of Confucius. It was like Ning Que and Sang Sang. The princess fainted. So he took the Yulan Bell from Bao Shu and told him that he will return it to Xiaokang and Bao Shu can be the guardian of it again once Ning Que and the Daughter of Light had left. I feel a lot of frustrations and disappointments. Meanwhile. He created a map with little shortcuts here and there to preserve the life of the key. I am presently reading the English translation of the novel “Nightfall” and on this I am really, really hooked. While Confucianism seemed to make the best of social values while in this world at the same time removing evil from the heart. Maybe, when I am able to read the substantial chapters to end Season 2, I may be able to write an extensive review (my viewpoint) to give some insights on what is in the novel and some takes on Evernight Season 1 & 2. This meant that Fu Zi was now at war with Hao Tian. Ning Que asked Mo Shan Shan to help him repair the Shocking God Formation (God Startling Formation) as she was good at creating formation. The Suzerain had been gone for 25 years of cicadas. 22 November 2018 I am a big fan of Dylan Wang after MG. Mo Shan Shan said that she was so impressed with Ning Que for having defeated Xia Hou and she confessed that she had always known that he could do it. Though Sang Sang seemed to be getting better, she seemed more introspective. But Sang Sang gave a glimmer of hope to Mo Shan Shan by saying “You can wait till I die.”. Just a rumour though at this time. Ning Que and Sang Sang stopped for the night and were having a mild flirtation, which was actually rather cute, this scene is more like Dao Ming Si/idol drama rather than Chen Feiyu’s Ning Que/Season 1 version. | Meanwhile, Chao Xiaoshu returned to the capital and went to see the Princess. It was sad that Master Qi Shan died in this episode. Ning Que then asked if he was indeed the son of the Lord of Deceased, is he detrimental to Sang Sang and her health. However, First Brother advised him that he will be aged before he knows it so while there is time he should venture out of the Capital and gets ready to mingle. Fu Zi saw this and said this was just too much and flew and materialised into the sky near the dragon. Anyway, the Second Brother has seven days to keep away Xilling from invading Tang. The State Preceptor was going wild with worry so his assistant who was really as Xilling spy told him to do one of his divination. Ning Que and Sang Sang were on their way to the Everglades. Ning Que went to say goodbye to the Emperor of Tang, who wished him and Sang Sang well. Princess Li Yu though knew her uncle so much, she was able to rescue her brother. Anyway she told him that he should be valuing their late father’s people who were absolutely loyal to him. The State Preceptor was going mental with the order as he thought it was so over the top. Master Qi Shan immediately told Bao Shu to put away the Yulan Bell. Love Mo Shan Shan. The old man is being controlled by the monster slayer, Jiang Jin of the Tian Qing clan. It is still a long way to go because I am reading Chapters 750-770, at this time, and there are more than 1100 english translated chapters so far. Again, this will be purely my viewpoint and my own understanding. He told the king that Fu Zi had ascended to the sky and now the sky is falling. He said, now that the Sage was gone and so was the Emperor, the fall of Tang is imminent. They needed him to get close to the Drinker and Butcher to be able to vanquish them. Dao Maniac quickly realised that NIng Que was in Xilling. (Who are the fourth and fifth?). Poor Sang Sang knew how much trouble and worry she was putting Ning Que in so she decided to try to end her life by jumping off the cliff. Within seconds of his leaving, the Temple Master appeared and created a sky formation that was now keeping the disciple busy. He feels as if Sang Sang was trying not to forget them. The Dao Maniac pointed a sword at his throat but suddenly they all heard the voice of Hao Tian who said that “He was the one”. Most were surprised and some ministers even refused to kneel down before the new emperor until they were threatened by death by the Princess. Fu Zi head this and can’t stand Qu Ni’s temper tantrum anymore threw one of his chopsticks towards Qu Ni which banished her. Fu Zi helped the first emperor who founded the Tang Empire. his girlfrind. There is a rumour/newsflash from twitter saying that there is a season 2 for Ever Night but with a different cast. They had finally got to Rotten Wood Temple but getting inside proved a dilemma. Until reminded that she has a very young brother who could do with some tender love and care. Ning Que with Sang Sang on his back was fighting off martial artist monks. She then said that if Ning Que suddenly say that he likes her now then she would see that as shameless. The King of Tang as well had to consider to go to war to rescue Ning Que and Sang Sang plus aiding the Bandland people because they were the people of the present Queen who came from the Badlands originally. As Commander Xu was rather dismissive of the new king, the king asked He Ming Chi to asked someone from Xilling to get rid of the commander. It was noted immediately that it was not working as it should and yet it was still functioning. He was now limping, weak, starving and thirsty. She further added that she can die a happy woman. Suddenly the Princess felt faint and knew the tea was poisoned by her own brother. While he was gone, he tasked Li Yu, the Princess to look after the house/family. I love his scenes when he fights. She then plunged into her death. Hao Tian knows everything. Her stage of cultivation had really increased and she was able to ward off Qu Ni and Bao Shu from getting to Sang Sang and Ning Que. Jun Mo who is always quiet and peaceful said that if Ye Qing wanted the ‘What if” then he said without his armour and Ye Qing not wearing his sheath, then Jun Mo would still win. He gave his and the city’s full support to the end because Ning Que and Sang Sang belong to Wei City. They finally reached the Little Qi Shan Cave where they were at first barred by a man with long gray hair which really annoyed Ning Que who had Sang Sang carried on his back having climbed the steep steps to the cave. Just after Ning Que fought off Xia Hou, Sang Sang was lying comatose on the frozen lake. Haotian denied it but Sang Sang said that humanity through Sang Sang had been poured  by Fu Zi through Haotian and therefore they are now one and the same. At the moment there were three who were ready to be supper. The disciples were rescued by the sudden appearance of Fist Brother who effortlessly used his energy to fell the soldiers from all sides. Fu Zi reminded Ning Que that Sang Sang was known first as the Daughter of Light. Girl Power here. But the way, there was a nice scene where Sang Sang was reminiscing her romantic moments with Ning Que, who said that she had been a member of his family since he found her 16 years ago. Chao Xiaoshu is back and rather sad to see that the Calligraphy House was shut and empty. Hao Tian then appeared. Ning Que was not made as impressive as the first series. He accidentally found Chen Pi Pi who was kept prisoner at the Hidden boudoir. He made a secret meeting with Long Qing and agreed to bring Ning Que and Sang Sang to Long Qing. Mo Shan Shan said that she did not save the Daughter of the Lord of the Deceased during the Yulan Festival, she saved her friend, Sang Sang. The annoying Drinker delivered the message about every death is a long-awaited reunion. Anyway, the Dao Maniac was the peace negotiator for Xilling and part of their deal offer was for the Queen of Tang to be gone, because she was after all the St Virgin of the Demonic Cult. Poor First Brother, did not really know of this side effect so he was heartbroken to find the great Chao Xiaoshu was dead. But Sang Sang said that they were not in the area of Mount Wa where Little Qi Shan Cave was located. He cannot bear to have the blood of his brothers and sisters in his hand so he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself but it was useless. Meanwhile, Ning Que was sure that Sang Sang was in West Shrine. To not end up having a disagreement, the two maniacs changed the subject to Ning Que (who else? He up the ante and made his cultivation bigger. – Ning Que to Sang Sang. Flower Maniac went to visit Mo Shan Shan, the Book Maniac. . So he defeated him in the end. But what the king was doing was expelling them one by one. Fu Zi said that no one hurt his disciples. She is a product of all the abuses thrown to her by the people. Her death so troubled and upset Mo Shan Sha, she can’t help but use her cultivation to remove the guards around her dead assistant and then throw more of her cultivation to the Shrine Master. The Third Sister said someone was coming to help him. Ning Que and Sang Sang finally arrived at Mount Wa. Crystal Yuan who plays Mo Shan Shan had finished filming her part in Ever Night 2. What the assistant told the king was the opposite of the message. Chen Pi Pi was accosted by the Shrine Master and forced him to reveal whose side he was on and to stop sitting on the fence. He should be leading everyone into the light but all he had done was set brothers against brothers and he was so self-serving. This episode was a particularly emotive one for Ning Que. Breathtaking! She nurtures cultivators and then after they had reached the five levels of all-knowing, no-distance, etc, she would wait some more until they had mastered everything and then she eats or feeds on them. It was like another dimension. With his new elevated position, He Ming Chi started his machination. He will never allow any other guy to own Sangsang because Sangsang belongs to him alone. You are right, Ning Que became immature. However, Hao Tian did torture him a lot and kept ordering him to submit to her will and he could live forever. Sang Sang was just about to put down her black stone when she fainted directly on the board. Ning Que seemed to have agreed to what she was saying because he did lieave on his own accord. Anyway, Sang Sang was still in a bad way so they needed a more permanent place to stay rather than being carted by Blacky. Despite only the first episode, you can feel that this version is so different from the first season. Dao Maniac waited for the Shrine Master at the Peach Hill. The Drinker started being the stronger but First Brother was more cunning. So instead, leaving why not stay in the human world? Meanwhile, Haotian found the Drinker and the Butcher. Ning Que asked Sang Sang what she wanted to do while looking at the barren but beautiful panoramic scenery before him. The State Preceptor said that the Sixth Prince will more than likely to inherit the crown but he was was not in favour of it. What have you done to Ning Que? I read in Twitter that Season 2 is likely to be shown next year, 2020. Her embroidery design created how the arrow/sword formation should best coalesce for ultimate effectivity. She recounted a rather poignant story of buying noodles from the same vendor every day for years and yet the vendor never remembered her. He was able to vanquish the dragon in no time with the help of the most super-cultivated sword by Sword Saint Lui Bai. (I saw the behind the scene shoot for this scene and it was quite horrendous. The Shrine Master started organising a Millenial Light Conference. Dao Maniac visited Book Maniac from her cell. Apparently, Ning Que will travel the world with Sang Sang to find the cure to her malady. When a family was unjustly massacred by a great general, a young boy named Ning Que escaped. Shooting is over. I have seen some of her other dramas. Sang Sang woke up and found that their water bottle was empty. The Great Way makes everything the simplest. on Ning Que’s thoughts) which they mistook as just simple threats to them being a family of 2, the sweetness of touching each other, with hints of desire and hotness that they felt for each other growing steadily (again, esp. Poor Jan Mo had become the constant companion of the rather crotchety Fu Zi. Ning Que noticed that places like their calligraphy shop, his house by the pond, Zeng Mansion, the academy, were places that he had stayed or visited with Sang Sang. – Fu Zi. At first, Ning Que was gleefully showing everyone that he was not affected, therefore he was not the Son of the Lord of Deceased. Fu Zi went absolutely berserk and rushed to West Shrine over the Peach Hill. Since that day the two of them are inseparable. As much as I love Dylan Wang/Wang He Di, I would prefer Arthur Chen to continue on as Ning Que. I have been following Ever Night the last bit and re-reading the novel at the same time. Sort of God the father is Hao Tian, who according to the Old Testament was rather vengeful and then he came to earth as Jesus in Sang Sang? Awww their cuteness was interrupted by the sound of horses coming towards them. Trust Ning Que. Ning Que went back to the academy. And if there is no nether world then the Lord of the Deceased cannot exist. I am interested to know how the novel ended. Out of the bag rolled the jade ring given to Ning Que by the Third Sister. He portrayed arrogance, shamelessness and playfulness as called for by his role. Ever Night 2 (TV Series 2020– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Fu Zi had chosen a side and that was darkness. It was Long Qing who said to Chen Pi Pi that he would help him out. First, he would like a special dispensation for the Yulong Gang to guard and protect Tang City. His upper hand did not last long because Long Qing was really all-powerful and at this point, he was better than Ning Que. Each disciple provided a motto for their manifesto. With a last effort, he tried to battle it out with Chen Mou, who created a formation in the sky, over Tang Palace. General Ma said to feel free to search for them. I am not sure if this was a year, because Sang Sang was now sporting long hair. He gave Ning Que and Sang Sang a drink of wine which drugged Ning Que to sleep while Sang Sang was unaffected. She was so good but there were just too many of the enemies. In a battle against vile men and the encroaching darkness, Ning Que must fight to save everything he has ever held dear, or die trying. Meanwhile, it was getting too much for Chen Pi Pi. Every death in the world is a long awaited reunion. 11 thoughts on “Review: Ever Night Episodes 1 – 12” KUMIKOSOM says: 01/16/2019 at 1:28 PM I really like Sang Sang because she look really cute. Knowing that she will be in trouble, she still chose to help Sang Sang and Ning Que so they can get away. Mo Shan Shan was most concerned about Ning Que who had been hitting the bottle. He added that if her brother, the king had been half-way decent as a king, Ning Que would have supported her decision but the fall of Tang State will come from within and that would be via her nincompoop of a brother. Even the Princess of Tang got so upset. He was devastated that both Sang Sang and Fu Zi seemed to have gone from this world. They are both chosen in their own ways to protect their people and the country. the acror of Ning Que was totally a flop. Hao Tian took just one look at the gorgeous Long Qing and said that she did not like him and did not want to see him again. He was observing her. Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream. He might be right because Fu Zi himself had said that he was ready to go to the sky. She climbed to the tower where she told Ning Que to look after Tang and the young King. Since I watched Evernight Season 1 first and partly Season 2, I am now reading the chapters on the part where I was stucked at (episode 30 of Season 2) of the tv series, my frustrations grew more and more because a big part of what’s written in the novel were not even put into consideration by the scriptwriter of Evernight esp.the last part of season 1 which could somehow leave a happy feelings for the viewers (how it should be ended properly but still leave a cliffhanger to go forward to Season 2) but as it happened from there, the script for Season 2 became much messier and messier, without ryhme nor reason. She exudes a pure and kind personality which the other disciples (most esp. Despite the Shrine Master being so slimy, Hao Tian allowed him to regain his cultivation powers. Anyway, Fu Zi said that he once met a young man who he helped to build his own kingdom in order to rival the West Shrine. Ning Que however, declined every time. Song Yiren is lovely and looks really radiant when she smiles. He also said that Hao Tian knows everything. Sang Sang asked Hao Tian who she was. The King then came out and started sniggering. One, they've changed the original cast, second the story becomes much darker. He told her that he will look always look after her, he will never abandon her and he was even prepared to abandon the Back Mountain so as not to implicate them with the Sang Sang issue. I did really find both series interesting, I love the throw-away quotes especially by Fu Zi. Keep reading please and let us know how this story progresses. The actor Andy Oh who plays Chao Xiaoshu was so charismatic, he steals every scene he was in. Anyway, he had a good of sense of humour and we can also see how awkward Ning Que was being at that time (first season) only a teenager. She said that it had been noted that the key had cracks on it and fast degrading. Sang Sang was still puzzling over this when Ning Que appeared. He had never felt that he could live without her. She might not have trusted the Queen but she did not wish her to die. As he was already thinking of the same thing and also hoping that having a 100 percent Tangese as successor, he finally agreed to forge the will. LOL. Poor Mo Shan Shan had to follow Ning Que as he got sadder and sadder. Master Qi Shan finally had a bit of energy and saw how precarious Ning Que and Sang Sang’s situation was so he blew up the gate door so Ning Que can get out with Sang Sang. She was able to bring her own charisma to the princess which was first portrayed by Tong Yao. He was standing in the middle of an unbreakable Huhan confinement formation. The ministers and soldiers were stunned that NIng Que would commit a most appalling act of regicide in front of them, which is punishable by his death and family. Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 2. It did take Jun Mo a few long minutes to get out of confinement and the meantime the musician disciple went ahead to delay the incoming soldiers. After all she is Lin Wu, had been incognito for the 23rd of the Cicadas. This gave LiYu food for thought. When he got into the academy, he spent 27 (?) He then tucked himself in when all of a sudden Hao Tian turned up. Ning Que then went to the back mountain and said goodbye to each of the disciples, his brothers and sisters. I don’t know! She revealed her cultivation, thus letting people know that she was more than human. It seemed he needed someone to rescue him almost all the time, unlike the first Ning Que. Looking around, he can’t find his brothers and sisters. It will get so boring if both Ning Que and Sang Sang remains a victim of circumstances for long. LOL. I am sure it will be a spectacular show, no doubt. I have to say the visual of Adam Cheng as Fu Zi was the most perfect (too many superlatives here) in this drama. No, she can’t be dead because she will play a pivotal role in Season 2; Sang Sang was very much weakened after using her Hao Tian light to help Ning Que defeat the far superior Xia Huo, who had attained the ultimate level of Wu Duo. He said that it was Xiong Chumo, the Shrine Master, who molested her. The End. Upon hearing Fu Zi’s fate, the king fainted. She sent The Butcher to Xilling to announce her forthcoming visitation to Peach Hill.