It's a really sparse, bare-bones system, no automatic driver install for example. If you are doing it manually, it works surprisingly good already. What is the best way for it? News; More. Edit: using Radeon R9 280X with latest Mesa, kernel and Plasma in Kubuntu 17.04. Happy Wayland user here, but I'm using Arch, so it's annoying when it comes to submitting bugs. Linux oh-shit moments. What's lacking is the infrastructure to bring the Wayland to feature parity with X. Running KF5 applications under Wayland Inside an existing X session weston starts a new window under your X server with Weston running inside it. Merch & Accessories Manjaro Stickers Manjaro Hardware. That said, with the project being incomplete, why are you surprised that certain usecases aren't yet supported? In Source engine games and Serious Sam 2017 under Wayland my cursor seems to be stuck in the center of the screen, which makes the camera manipulation impossible. I am using the newest Manjaro version with KDE Plasma 5.12. It's Wayland that is not ready, not yet supporting enough features. Alternatively, for a more minimal Plasma installation, install the plasma-desktop package.To enable support for Wayland in Plasma, also install the plasma-wayland-session package. Back in 2019, the KDE Community decided to set an official goal to prioritize adapting Plasma and its applications to Wayland. Since 5.4 KWin is able to manage Wayland clients and this allows … But wait, there's more: New Features Konsole now lets you configure how dark inactive terminals become when using the "darken inactive terminals" feature (Tomaz Canabrava,… Skip to content. Wayland/KDE5 in FreeBSD is a work in progress. Regarding KDE+Wayland, I tried it on my KVM/VFIO Arch VM with a passed through Nvidia card recently with 5.19. This week there will be the release of KDE SC 4.11 Beta 1 and this will come with an interesting new feature: an experimental Wayland backend inside KWin. There seems to be little reason in duplicating issues that are acknowledged. While it works most of the time smooth there are still a lot of bugs which are disrupting for a lot of users. save. I don't personally feel like I'd need to run an entire session on the dGPU, though. the fact is that X is a mature system, it simply works and is expected to be found on Linux/unix systems, so, even when Wayland become the main windowing system for unices they should have X as legacy option. We don't have an API yet for remote support. Win10 in VirtualBox for JMP stat package pwrcul Registered Member Posts 72 Karma 0 OS: Re: Plasmashell not starting Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:35 am I copied documents, videos, etc. When using Qt 5.13 with this driver, graphics are also no longer distorted after waking the computer from sleep. KDE Plasma finally supports fractional scaling under Wayland. image/svg+xml manjaro. The KDE Community has spoken! pacman -S xorg plasma plasma-wayland-session kde-applications . Posted by 4 days ago. It also has a Wayland-based section that is close to parity in functionality with an X11 run. Now if Debian can just get 5.20 packaged before the bullseye release. KDE is a huge and diverse community working on hundreds of projects, from our flagship Plasma desktop to knowledge bases like WikitoLearn and including teams which help cross-project such as our Visual Design Group or Promotion team. Gnome 3 is ranked 1st while KDE Plasma is ranked 3rd . Beginning with KDE Plasma 5.17, the desktop on Wayland now supports fractional scaling for a better HiDPI experience with KDE on this X11 alternative. I tried wayland the other day and oh boy. To be able to make proper use of Wayland these bits have to be rewritten. What is really sad about the change is that the Wayland qpa platform plugin gets less testing now. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. This release of Plasma brings many improvements to the task manager, KRunner, activities, and Wayland support as well as a much more refined look and feel. Over 5,000 lines of auto tests were added to KWin and another 5,000 lines were added to KWayland which is now … That happend while KDE has done a great job with the transition to Qt5 and Plasma. I've been reading Martin's blog and I'm very happy to see Plasma's future so bright. The effort is starting to pay off big time as more and more features and utilities make their way to the new display server protocol. How do you activate this? Languages. KDE Plasma 5.6. … For the KDE edition they've upgraded to the Plasma 5.20 desktop which much like the GNOME update, has a vast amount of improvements like better Wayland support. Even if we had things like TeamViewer would not work any more. Today KDE launches the first stable release of Plasma in 2019: Say hello to Plasma 5.15. Maybe that is why some games (like x4 Foundations) have the option to select the GPU from a drop down list? but on both gnome and kde i can't start any games dxvk due to missing vulkan. 3. The i5 only is terrible enough that I'm already in the market for an upgrade lol. 18 . Klipper support; You can now middle-click to paste (at least in KDE apps; GTK apps do not implement this yet) KRunner appears at the right place when using a top panel; Mouse and touchpad scroll speed is now adjustable; Screencasting is now supported; The Task Manager now shows window thumbnails; The whole desktop session no longer crashes if XWayland crashes; View full … Wayland now features drag-and-drop between XWayland and Wayland native windows. Last time I used KDE the clock wouldn't update until you moved the mouse over it. hide. Today KDE launches the first stable release of Plasma in 2019: Say hello to Plasma 5.15. report. Despite its many merits, the X server has become very long in the tooth, and Wayland is poised to become a more modern and dependable alternative. I always test multi-monitor (with externals) setup because I will not switch to Wayland as long as it's not supporting it - I have HiDPI laptop and regular external displays. The worst bugs I encountered are Qt bugs in the classic QWidgets set. I don't think it should be too much effort, so you can expect it to be supported in 5.22, maybe 5.21 (don't have the release schedule in my mind), Edit: it seems like (at least un-)hotplugging support may not even be finished in the kernel. KDE Plasma 5.15. "Fully customizable" is the primary reason people pick Gentoo Linux over the competition. But saying Plasma does 'almost not work' on Wayland is a big hit in the face of the KDE developers. from what i've read on some reddit post, nvidia made their own support for wayland recently and thats why now wayland works with nvidia. And at this point I'd like to say thanks to /u/mgraesslin and his colleagues for putting so much great work and effort into making Plasma on Wayland happen. edit: ok i just did it by removing and installing it again. Ubuntu runs a lot smoother with it. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I found the Wayland install strange as well. This was a pretty huge week for KDE. Back in 2019, the KDE Community decided to set an official goal to prioritize adapting Plasma and its applications to Wayland.