Not only can employers look at your profile, but LinkedIn also matches you with job openings around your area that you’ll be qualified for! Here are some of the reasons why teaching high school is the best job ever. Even if working at Maccas makes you vow to never work in fast food again, at least you’ll know that that industry isn’t for you. As a high school diploma holder, you get to explore the ever-growing job opportunities with the diploma or GED. However, don’t go crazy about your job. By finishing high school and going on to further education, you are far more likely to get a better job, as the best and most interesting jobs tend to require applicants to have at least an associate’s degree, if not a bachelor’s degree. Her Campus may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. You need to learn how to schedule and place importance on certain things when you’re working while going to school. High school students who work begin to feel and act more adult. There is nothing worse than having people wait outside the place you’re working at 30 minutes before you guys actually open. It’s important to treat every negative situation as a learning experience. Of course, not everyone is out to get you, but you can find yourself in messy situations at times; like why you don’t serve crackers and cheese when you work at a jewelry store (True story.). While you might start complaining about never having any free time, this working arrangement allows you to swap shifts pretty easily. An after-school job often gives high school students their first taste of financial independence. THEN they will have the audacity to look at you and tap on their watch. For example, in cities like Miami, you’re lucky if you get a gig at Claire’s. Top 10 Reasons Public Schools Are The BEST Choice For Children, … For others, working is necessary to help the family make ends meet or to save for college. Only a few places hire people under the age of 18, or even if you are 18, it’s hard being considered for a job since you’re still so young an inexperienced. Here’s a newsletter we know you’ll love. Trying to find and land a job is only the beginning. Year13 - 10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Job In High School Having a job while you’re in high school means you’re going to have to organise yourself to get everything done. Time management, girlfriend. “I grew up in a large family and my parents don’t make a lot, so it was the only way for me to make money for the things I wanted,” Brandon says. “It teaches discipline and allows for younger people to appreciate what it’s like to earn money. Should High School Students Have Part-Time Jobs? You can also get … Fitting in a Job During High School is Tricky, but Worthwhile - … 4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in School Psychology — Psych … Finish High School to Get a Better Job. When I was in high school, I had a lot of academic and extracurricular responsibilities: I took several AP classes, participated in after-school sports, played an instrument in orchestra, and joined several clubs. That is catnip to future employers, especially if they see you worked part-time while still going to school. While your teachers are telling you to focus on school and spend all day and night locked in your room to study forever, getting a job in high school is probably one of the best things you can do. Then when they come in, they make your life a living hell. LinkedIn is like a professional Facebook. * For many, working a job provides spending money for a social life. However, paying for your cell phone or other amenities like your music app subscription or incoming college textbooks and fees may be an option. language groups that continue their connection to land, waters and culture across Australia. And if they are handling their job well and receive additional responsibilities, their self-esteem grows. Want to see your pretty face up here? You need to make sure you don’t let yourself give up easily just because you had a bad day at work. Customer service and interpersonal skills are KEY in finding future jobs. Getting experience and seeing the big wide world while you’re in high school can help give you a clearer idea of what you want to do when you graduate. Welcome to Year13! An after-school job can help toward savings for college, giving her a long-term goal to pursue. Top 10 Reasons why Education is ... An educated person has more chances of landing up a good high paying job. That means paying the five-letter word that everyone fears: BILLS. Building experience, self-reliance, and important skills are among some of the best benefits many teens see from part-time work, and they’re among the best reasons for teens to get an after-school job. Students who learn more, earn more: The U.S. Census Bureau estimates a person with a high school diploma will earn $9,634 more per year than a high school drop out. By age 15, nearly two-thirds of American teens have had some kind of employment. When you have a part-time job in high school, you get all this money and all the different ways to spend it (Viewer beware: Buyer’s remorse is a real thing, so be careful when maxing out your debit card.). High school students who work, he says, are also more likely to have a job a decade after high school than their peers. Working teaches you essential things like time management, patience, people skills and the value of a good work ethic. Proud of her Cuban heritage, she rocks hoop earrings and cannot go a day without her pastelitos. Year13 acknowledges the people of the land of which they work and recognises the many If you’re in high school, chances are, it’s really hard to be able to find a part-time job. All these things hinge on you graduating high school and receiving your diploma. If your child is interested in an after-school job, she’s probably looking for some extra funds for spending and saving. While she might be tempted to indulge in shopping sprees every pay day, you can teach her how to use her money wisely to learn about budgeting, goals and hard work. Six Advantages of Working After High School | Work - Employment Plus are all about helping you find a job so you can start making bank and being more independent. If you need a hand and you’re anywhere from Brisbane to Melbourne, EPLUS has a range of services, all you need to do is hit them up with them a message on their Facebook page. You’ll always have something to talk about and you might meet some of your best friends there too. A teenager who works long hours every day after school could see his or her schoolwork suffer, but a less-intensive part-time job can be a wonderful learning experience. NUGGETS AND GARLIC BREAD OBVS. August 2020 Trendsetters Survey Giveaway Offical Rules. All Rights Reserved. You’ll probably find you procrastinate less, purely because you don’t have the time to put things off anymore. Whether it’s in the work field or not. Work experience. High School Students With Jobs: The Pros and Cons | Resilient … So sure, you’re going to want to rip your hair out, but I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer. Unfortunately, that’s how the world works. You can find her on Instagram as @Mongaleen or follow her Disney account @Disneyleen. If you need any help setting your profile up, or even making your profile more tailored to your individual adroitness. How could this situation be avoided? Brandon Lee, a student at Nova Southeastern University, also believes that high schoolers should get part-time jobs. Truth is, life is harder with a high school education. A ding to financial aid. Sure, it’s important to do well, but if you notice your grades are slipping, always remember school comes first. Sure, it may be hard actually finding a job at the time, but once you do, BOOM! Nearly 30% of high school students are employed in a job for at least a portion of the school year. They get your sarcasm and jokes. All you want to do after a long day is shower and knock out. Ah yes, learning how to hate the human race early on. However, in other places, that may not be the case. But in high school you’re stuck with the same number of classes, and dropping one of them is not an option. If you’re in high school, chances are, it’s really hard to be able to find a part-time job. Top 10 Reasons to Get Your High School Diploma. It’ll also stop any major freak outs by giving you a break from the stress. With the remainder of the cash, help your chil… Not only will you be earning money, you’ll also have to spend less if you want to buy something from work. By Kayleen Padron • High School May 5, 2018 at 12:00am. 3 Reasons Why You Should Get That Campus Dining Hall Job, 5 Ways to Make Your High School Resume Stand Out, How to Get More Involved Your Senior Year of High School. Your first job. If you love your job and love the industry, working in high school means you’ll be able to make significant steps in the company when you’re still pretty young. Not only can you say you had experience working, but you can also make some meaningful connections that can later turn into recommendation letters for college or future job opportunities. Days like these will make you a stronger person and a better asset for future employers.Â, Although high school already has its own set of problems, going through them as well as working part-time will make you a stronger person. 1. Eight Reasons Why a High School Diploma Is Important to My … Do yourself a favor. Working in high school means you’ll probably start out as a casual and your shifts will mostly be on weekends or during the afternoon/night. As students, their biggest job is to get that high school diploma – earning a paycheck is less essential to their future success, experts say. By the time teens graduate from Although, depending on where you live, that factor can change. They may pretend they don’t, but you know deep down they eat it up. Worry not, your parents probably won’t make you pay rent or something like that. ", No matter how old you are, making your own money is one of the best feelings in life.Â. Research shows that some teens may get lower grades and even get into trouble with drugs and alcohol as a result of after-school jobs, but for many, the benefits outweigh the potential risks. This is a major perk, especially if you’re working in hospo and free food is on the cards. Busy teenagers do not usually get into trouble. College acceptance. | HuffPost Life “I bought a used car when I was 18, that was my car that I used my own money for,” Jasmine says with pride. “My keys were mine. If a job comes down to a person with a high school diploma and a person without one, the odds are that the person with the diploma is getting the job. Getting a job early gives you plenty of time to build up experience, even if you’re only working a couple of shifts a week. It shows responsibility and maturity no matter what age you are. Scholarship money. On top of all this, I thought it would be a great idea for me to commit about 10 hours a week at a part-time job. Good Reasons for High School Students to Get a Job | Start School … In fact, as a high school diploma holder, you earn more than a drop out, even if the latter has great networking. You barely have enough time to study once you get home from work, and when you do get home you doubt you’ll want to study. If you don’t have a diploma or a GED, get it. Kayleen is a senior at Florida International University and is pursuing her dream career as a journalist. Handling tough situations will help you grow not only in maturity, but help you hone some patience. Either way, doing some job searches and browsing job opportunities in LinkedIn can take you a long way. Although it’s nice to spend all your money on a shopping spree, saving that money for something more important is a better feeling. We pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging. Nobody could take my car away, because I worked for years to pay for it.”, The ability to buy things yourself will give you a new sense of independence.Â. You're more likely to live above the poverty line, giving you the opportunity to apply for home, car or school loans. While it’s easy to feel the pressure when your teachers make three assignments due in the same week, being able to forget about everything for a couple of hours while you’re at work will help you put things in perspective. In addition, being able to include a part-time job on a college or job … Ability to bag better salary: Getting your high school diploma also helps to bag a pay increase, when and as. That’s probs not a bad thing either. Imagine driving a car that’s yours, or paying and going through college completely on your own without any help. Jasmine Perez, a senior at University of Miami, has been working since she was in high school. Potential employers can see your profile and look through your work experience and even accomplishments in school. Of course, there are alternate educational options like getting your G.E.D (general education development), but nothing quite replaces receiving your diploma, throwing your cap in the air, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with it. There are a tonne of positives and because you don’t need to pay a mortgage and other adult things, you can take control of exactly how much you want to work. In fact, they love your sarcasm and jokes—even when your jokes are terrible. Since then, Jasmine has learned that working and earning your own money teaches you responsibility and independency. Don’t kill yourself over working yourself and exerting too much energy, you’re going to need your mental health for college.Â. Having a Job in High School Has More Benefits Than Just a Paycheck 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Part-Time Job In High School . Getting a job during high school will put you ahead of anyone else who is waiting for graduation to land a job. 5 Major Benefits of Having a High School Diploma | Start School … Working part-time while in school may be difficult, but boy do the benefits speak for themselves. Okay, so you’re probably hella’ stressed over homework and tests, but the best stress reliever known to man is making it rain. When you’re working at a place that hires a lot of young people (think mainly hospo or retail jobs), you’re going to be meeting heaps of new people your age. Chances are your parents won’t be making you pay board while you’re in high school, so anything you earn can go straight towards whatever you want it to. LinkedIn is like a professional Facebook. A high school diploma offers more lifetime opportunities beyond the job. Log in and update your profile and save all your Year13 faves. The numbers are even stronger for teen boys, Harrington says. Copyright © 2009-2020 Her Campus Media, LLC. Getting a job in high school means earning your own money. She is addicted to HGTV and original shows on Netflix. You have a final on Monday and you’re working all day on Sunday. You can be confronted with some nasty characters, and facing them head-on at a young age can open your eyes to how the real world will treat you. It’ll look good on your resume and give you a reference for when you want to move on to something else. Emily Schmidt, a freshman at Stanford University, recalls her experience while working at Chick-fil-A throughout much of her time in high school. “Some nights, I got very little sleep," Emily says. "But in the long run, it was worth it.” It's all part of the learning experience. In college, this task is much easier because you can choose the amount of course load each semester. With a high school diploma, you'll most likely live in a low crime rate neighborhood and … What do you do? Plus, your friends will love you if you use your discount when they come in. When getting a job, your parents are going to expect you to help around the house a bit more. If kids can get to school on time, maintain solid grades, and participate in school activities, part-time jobs in high school can be beneficial to their success. 9 Flexible Jobs You Can Do While You’re In High School, The Worst Parts Of Getting A Job In High School, How To Choose The Right Casual Job In High School.