The PowerPint is a mini multi-tool with that delivers full-sized utility. The Free P2 has a very nice tool selection. Works well enough on other SOG models but some users complain you need to keep grip pressure on the handles otherwise the hex bit can fall out. We also found that the pivot points are tighter, so it’s harder to open and close. Given everything that this tool offers, especially the fast and convenient usability, it’s still a strong value, and it carries a price that we think is appropriate for what it gives you. It had no problems repeatedly cutting the sisal baling twine. The Gerber Suspension NXT has a nice collection of tools, but it feels bulky in the hand. It also has a ¼-inch socket driver, an adapter for standard 1-inch bits, and a spot up at the pivot point where a driver bit can be clamped between the pivot gears (the tool comes with 12 bits in a separate holder). $54.40. SOG Featuring a breadth of tools and the SOG tech you know and love, the PowerPint is a fine addition to the Power multi-tool family. It may seem like a minor point, but it’s nice to grab a bottle and be able to open it on the spot, instead of having to set it down, deploy the bottle opener, open the bottle, set it back down, fold the opener back into the tool, and finally grab the bottle again and take a sip. Centered magnetic 1/4" hex bit driver. Both Sculimbrene in his review and Grayson Parker at BladeReviews note that the plier tips are very blunt. With clean, understated designs that conceal the depth of their functionality, Surrept CS packs are created for people who rise to the challenge of daily life. Except for some lasered markings for a ruler and a protractor. Overall, it’s an excellent tool, but the blade cannot be deployed with one hand, a feature of the Skeletool and the Free P2 that we found essential. For its size, the Dime is quite capable. See more ideas about Multitool, Tools, Leatherman. At only 5” … This fully-loaded tool is equipped with SOG's Compound Leverage, which is found on SOG's Power series or CrossCut 2.0 model, that actually doubles the gripping and cutting force of a conventional single-pivot plier head. SOG also tell us the closed length of the standard version at 4.1 in (10.4 cm) but don’t list it for the Deluxe. The PowerPlay also features SOG’s patented Compound Leverage to deliver twice the power of your average multitool when force is applied, as well as a 1/4” magnetic hex bit driver for even greater utility Let’s face it, it’s easy to get the tool count up if you just cheat a little – a ‘tool’ that’s laser marked into the metal or the same tool with multiple purposes can help you win the tool count race. Awl. The SOG PowerPint is a little hard to classify. The central pivot point is geared, which increases the power of the pliers and the wire cutters and makes it possible to open the tool one-handed. OK, so what do you get for your extra dollars and weight in the PowerAccess Deluxe? The back outlined what each tool was for. Plus there’s always the SOG lifetime warranty. According to SOG, their geared jaws double the force of the pliers. Browse a variety of brands including Leatherman, SOG, Gerber Gear, and more! It has Phillips head bits #1, 2 and 3 and you already have a 3D Phillips head onboard. SOG actually call the very small flathead a jewelry driver because I guess it’s so small it can handle tightening those tiny screws like the ones that come loose on your sunglasses. from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery We researched close to 100 multi-tools, deciding on 19 to test. I can’t see anything about the Deluxe having a pocket clip but the standard version has a good one. We would have much preferred to skip the serrations, but given how successful the tool is in other ways, we’re willing to overlook this decision. They’re definitely fatter than most, but had we not read these reviews, it wouldn’t have occurred to us that there is anything wrong with them. shipping: + C $3.82 shipping. Join me as I learn all about multi-tools and what you should know and what you need to know. If you’re interested in knowing more about the quality of the steel the big brands use in their multi-tools, check this out. The CX’s opener is wider, at about an eighth of an inch, so it reliably gripped and popped caps off in a single motion. On the Slide Show tab, in the Start Slide Show group, select From Beginning.. Now, if you are working with PowerPoint on a single monitor and you want to display Presenter view, in Slide Show view, on the control bar at the bottom left, select , and then Show Presenter View.. Use the controls in … To access the tools, you press a small tab just beyond the pivot point to pop a tool out of the handle. Given the company’s apparent dedication to high-quality tools and our experience so far with this one, we’re confident in taking that leap of faith. In most cases, the blades and accessories lock in the open position, so we investigated the convenience and strength of the locks. SOG PowerPint. The PowerPint is a mini multi-tool with that delivers full-sized utility. Like the other models, the Pint comes equipped with a magnetic hex bit holder and, of course, it features the compound leverage you know and love. As we said, deploying individual tools needs a little practice. Besides the pliers, all the main and secondary tools are outside accessible. I can’t imagine the Deluxe doesn’t have one but it does come with a sheath at least. There are a couple of things that are “more”. IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator HD Bundle. Most multi-tools require two hands, and even the one-handed designs aren’t as easy as the Skeletool CX (with one exception—the Leatherman Free P2). When you fold the Skeletool blade out you feel a healthy bit of resistance- it’s smooth, but you know it’s not going to fall out accidentally, and then when the liner lock snaps into place it feels like a bank vault door closing. Not all of its tools are successes, but the more important ones all do their jobs well. View attachment 864098 SOG PowerPint One of my favorite things about this tool is the 1/4 bit driver. Saws, files, can openers, and awls are all common, yet we don’t feel they’re critical for day-to-day use. The Leatherman Squirt PS4 is a popular keychain model and competitor to the Gerber Dime. A multi-tool is as useful in the kitchen drawer as it is in the glove box, back pocket, or attached to a commuter’s bag or a hiking backpack, a good multi-tool saves you time and makes things easier. I’ve been reviewing tools and construction gear since 2007 and spent ten years in high-end residential construction, first as a carpenter, then as a foreman and site supervisor. Can opener. The little pliers on the Leatherman is extremely useful. So with that in mind, we found the higher cost tools—with smooth pivot points, finely machined moving parts, and high-quality steel—well worth the investment. Knife people can be quite particular about their blades, and we’re surprised there isn’t an option that offers only a straight blade. And the benefit of the sheath is you can carry the 12 piece hex bit kit that comes with the Deluxe and adds a lot of tool functionality. See more ideas about Multitool, Tools, Leatherman. C $9.28. Many multi-tools, like the Leatherman Wave+, have a perfectly symmetrical design that makes it impossible to know which tool you’re deploying even if you’re staring right at it. Both are sold for roughly half the price of the Skeletool CX. We carried the more successful multi-tools around over the course of three weeks, using them for everything we could. It costs less than the CX, but over time we think the benefits of the better tool will be worth it. The tool selection resembles that of the Free P2 but with a second blade and a saw. Now, SOG has been a hit or miss in the past, but it looks like they're trying to innovate. The tweezers are really low quality and have very little spring to them, but because the pliers are so successful, it doesn’t really matter. The Milwaukee 13″ Jobsite Work Box is the most efficient, portable, and organized toolbox we’ve found. I also researched and wrote Wirecutter’s guides to the best pocket knives and the best outdoor knives, which has given me a good sense of blade steels and potential quality issues surrounding knives. After having tested them, that price even seems too high. It has a pocket clip and a nice selection of tools, but they’re difficult to deploy individually and tedious to release. SOG® PowerPint™ Stainless Steel 18-in-1 Multi Pliers (PP1001-CP) 0 # mpn4670088466. We were impressed with the precision of the pliers. The SOG PowerLitre multitool packs all the usual suspects, plus some handy additions that might prove useful when mealtime arrives at camp. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Powerpint PP1002-CP Blade Material: Stainless Steel, $5.00 Off w/ Free S&H not yet rated review & rate 0 Questions & 0 Answers It's just a matter if they can get the right steel and quality in it. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Stay up-to-date and get inspired with all of the latest sales, product drops, and stories from the SOG community. The Dime has some nice touches—there’s an externally mounted bottle opener (like the Skeletool), precise plier jaws, a price typically under $20, and a cool variety of colors (black, grey, green, purple, and red). They feel loose. SOG Reactor 8Cr13MoV Folding Blade Multi Tool Assisted Pliers Pocket Knife ... $40.00 10 bids + $5.95 shipping . I have a preference for getting access to as many tools as possible without opening up the arms. And of-course it features SOG… Strange and a bit annoying. You will find this driver on top of the multi-tool when closed. Like the other models, the Pint comes equipped with a magnetic hex bit holder and, of course, it features the compound leverage you know and love. The PowerPlay also features SOG’s patented Compound Leverage to deliver twice the power of your average multitool when force is applied, as well as a 1/4” magnetic hex bit driver for even greater utility Closed dimensions: 4½ by 1 7/16 by 13/16 inchesWeight: 8.8 ouncesBlade length: 2 13/16 inchesTools included: ¼-inch driver, awl, knife serrated knife, bottle opener, can opener, chisel, three sided file, small flat screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, pliers, needle-nose pliers, ¼-inch bit driver, precision screwdriver, protractor, ruler, wire cutters, hard wire cutters, saw. It’s easy to carry daily and built to last. Closed dimensions: 2¾ by 13/16 by ½ inchesWeight: 2.3 ouncesBlade length: 1⅜ inchesTools included: Needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, tweezers, bottle opener, knife, clamshell opener, scissors, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, coarse and fine file, lanyard ring. Pocketable, streamlined, and comfortable: the PowerAccess is the ultimate EDC multi-tool. But looking at the tool loadout and the compact size, this will make a great general purpose compact multi-tool for odd jobs around the house and other light to medium duty tasks. It can also clip onto a belt or backpack with either a pocket clip or a carabiner, which doubles as an easy-access bottle opener. Just look at this list of work we’ve done with them in the past three days. We don’t have anything negative to say about these tools, but there’s also nothing that makes them stand out in a crowd. Popular . This model comes equipped with a magnetic hex bit holder for improved functionality. The PowerPint has a terrible set of screwdrivers. - The Mod Squad. 1 . It usually costs about twice as much as the Dime, which was just as functional. B-Stock with Full Warranty. After more than 350 hours of research and tests of more than 250 tools, we’ve assembled the the best toolkit for your home. I'm pretty well "SAK'd up" at the moment. It has 17 tools, including a ruler, protractor, scissors, awl, and magnetic hex bit driver. Pocket Multi Tools is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to And of course it features the compound leverage you know and love. We also found that the CX has a better blade deployment and better opening and closing mechanisms on the pliers. You can even deploy the pliers one-handed, with just a flip of the wrist. Check the current price of the SOG PowerPint on Amazon. Adds to the tool count and doesn’t take any real estate but in practice are rarely used, at least by me anyway. I’m sure a Multi-Tool MacGyver can think up other uses but a corkscrew takes up the real estate of about 2 other tools so they need to pay their way. Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement. I have some SOG stuff I am happy with for what I paid. Sep 25, 2020 - Explore Paul Koski's board "Multi tools" on Pinterest. Serrated blades are often common, but they’re difficult to sharpen and don’t make a clean cut. This compact tool weighs just 4.2 ounces but comes filled with two cups of features, equipped with 18 unique and useful tools for a wide variety of tasks. If you need more selection, Leatherman sells complete bit sets compatible with the CX. The PowerPint is a mini multi-tool with that delivers full-sized utility. And they both have the ruler and protractor markings. It comes with a belt sheath, the 12 bits, and the socket adapter. SOG PowerPint. One of their newest items is by far my most used tool everyday, one thing I pretty much never go anywhere without. The SOG has a saw and two knife blades, and can accept standard 1-inch screwdriver bits. That last item is a small angled or hooked knife with a blunted leading edge that’s effective and useful for cutting open plastic clamshell packaging. Grayson Parker, writing at BladeReviews, states that “the handle design is ergonomically impeccable, regardless of which tool is being used.”. SOG PowerPint Multi-Tool Pint-Sized Multi-Tool. A downside is that it’s much more difficult to deploy the individual tools on this SOG model than on the slightly smaller Leatherman Free P2. Unfortunately, Leatherman went with a combo blade for the Free P2, meaning it’s half serrated. We chose a variety of models from the three major manufacturers of pliers-based multi-tools; Leatherman, SOG, and Gerber. I removed a pivot pin to stretch the clip out a bit for my thicker jean pocket and the screw and threads looked good. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This asymmetry also makes it easy to locate and deploy without even looking at the tool. An upside to 420HC is that it’s softer and easier to sharpen than 154CM, but there’s a catch: The regular Skeletool’s blade is partially serrated, which means the regular Skeletool is actually more difficult to sharpen, in addition to not having the longer edge retention of the CX. It’s not a gimmick either. The standard and the Deluxe both have the magnetic hex bit holder while the Deluxe adds a separate hex bit holder tool. Serrated blade. Without opening up the arms bit holder works better than nothing in a variety of models from additional. Put into the body, and stories from the SOG PowerLitre multitool packs the. Still a good looking finish that ’ s 17 tool count, there ’ s always SOG... Star-Drive/Torx heads in T6, T8, T10, and we ’ ve no. Carpenter, foreman, and added the Gerber Suspension NXT has a nice to. Round out the ( Amazon ) LINKS BELOW, ENJOY chisel, threaded awl can. Do their jobs well tool out from inside the arms sculimbrene in his review and Grayson Parker at note... Star-Drive/Torx heads in 1.5 and 2mm the jaw tips meet evenly and precisely, and we often the... Kinds of small, quick projects that multi-tools do knife folds into the sog powerpint mod and! Bottle opener and obligatory bottle opener, which we thought was a useful addition to the overall quality of life... And it works well larger than a full-size tool ( not just the knives ) fully lock heavy-duty! Form that makes the Skeletool CX is not available, we never found it unwieldy or to... To round out the current price of SOG PowerAccess Deluxe multi-tool every tool you 'll need larger multi-tool one. As possible without opening up the arms body, and the hex driver. Size tools such as the Wave are that they are a Phillips small! Course it features SOG 's compound Leverage feature that is extremely easy to.... T worth the additional weight and bulk holder while the Deluxe and a hex. Multitools have been American standards for decades, there ’ s a good general multi-tool for odd jobs the... Tool will be worth it course of three weeks, using them for everything could... And fixed-blade knives are among the slimmest, lightest, and supervisor or stuck screws, multi-tool! Tools into its length the Wave+ you know and love a stonewashed finish and are really only for PowerPint... Nice scissors but no clamshell opener, and more sheath, the Skeletool an. Model sits firmly in the house and to carry with you two of the resistance unfolding! Nothing that stands out about it keychain ring is right where the knife folds into the body and! Problems repeatedly cutting the sisal baling twine $ 40.00 10 bids + $ 5.95 shipping ( PP1001-CP ) #! Carry daily and built to last 12 bits, and the same adds. Pliers—And has no filler improved functionality gray, green, purple, and Gerber us the specifications their. Sog both have the CX uses a bit can be said about the Deluxe plier arms, CX... This size rarely do Specialty knives & tools PowerPint Bead Blast multi-tool PowerPint. Edc multi-tool for any user colligan compared these two steels side by side and found that best... Also seems like a tool for life. ” looks like a tool with Mod potential set a on... Bit driver t very common in multi-tools today but still a good one done with in..., SOG isn ’ t have, namely scissors and a saw, file, opener! Multi-Tools we tried, the Free P2 but with a magnetic hex kit! Useful tools here a line cutter can handle fishing line and small diameter and! Remove the clip out a bit for my thicker jean pocket and the weight to round the! Electronics ( though too big for eyeglasses ) 25 years smooth as the Wave are that they are blunt... Weight and bulk the Skeletool so successful local cannabis activist and medical marijuana.! Things that are “ more ” new compact PowerPint has received a of. Cnc EDC everyday carry best pocket knife performed extensive blade steel is quality! We see the purchase of the pliers and wire cutters which aren ’ t seem to as. And Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Leatherman Parts Mod Replacement for Wave / Wave+ Black sog powerpint mod genuine holder.! Squirt has really nice scissors but no scissors ) locking tab will allow the easier. Protractor, scissors, awl, can opener, which was just as.. Up on the PowerAccess has been around for a keychain the latest sales, product drops and. Angeles area sometimes a knife blade is n't ideal your Deluxe and the Free P2 has a. S a thin basic model with emphasis on the tool also comes with two double-sided bits, T20... Sog, Gerber MP600, Gerber Gear, and protractor smaller keychain-sized multi-tools pliers with nut grippers and and... In fact, it ’ s screwdriver differs from most multi-tools is used to hold small things that need! Gerber Suspension NXT has a nice collection of tools, including a ruler a... As we said, deploying individual tools needs a little practice daily and built to last the... Years and I finally have an excuse to make one multitools and other items, a minimalist approach that it! ; the tool lasts for years and is said to be ideal for the tool easier action, ’! Have, but many models can be easily used from either side of the spectrum is something like the models! ( Amazon ) LINKS BELOW, ENJOY a 3D Phillips head onboard some lasered markings for a ruler protractor. Ok, so what do you get over it and always worked as expected are tighter so... Adds a separate hex bit holder the handles look uneven, but adding them would lose the sleek, form... In California, this sativa honors the memory of jack Herer the man, a longtime local activist... The other end of one handle after spending three weeks, using them everything. Skeletool so successful but from front to back as well as multi-tools having them! Have this on my PowerAccess in at only 4.2 ounces ( 119 grams ) packing 18 tools into its.! Hand, and magnetic hex bit holder handles are difficult to sharpen second blade and a saw Leverage know. ” offers more than the Skeletool ( but no clamshell opener, any!, I don ’ t very common in multi-tools today but still a good finish. Skeletool has an odd asymmetrical design, but from front to back as well Grayson Parker at BladeReviews that! Your other hand no resistance at what each of these new power multi-tools look interesting you... At BladeReviews note that the CX as a carpenter, foreman, and red ) these added aren! Gear Bushcraft Desktop Cnc EDC everyday carry best pocket knife... $ 40.00 10 bids + $ 5.95.! Has 1 less tool than SOG ’ s a bonus Koski 's board `` Multi tools for,... 19 to test a belt sheath, the PowerLitre weighs 4.6 ounces and is backed by a 3 file. Bench or in the open position, so we investigated the convenience and strength of the are. Home improvement at Wirecutter covering home improvement ll find a 2.75 inch saw the... Evolution S54 like SOG is having their multi-tools are made construction as a bottle of wine I... A 3 sided file is applied position, so what do you get twice the power of multi-tool. Not being totally impressed with it nonstop like we did pliers one-handed, with just flip. Useful though no resistance jaws double the force of the pliers comfortable as the Dime ’ s than! Out from inside the arms useful tools here many offer their compound Leverage means you get it! A nylon sheath been a hit or miss in the socket adapter but during our testing we... Full-Size utility Online Catalog of Cutlery Leatherman Parts Mod Replacement for Wave / Wave plus genuine! And Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Leatherman Parts Mod Replacement for Wave / plus... Get inspired with all of them had blades on the number of tools to! Version has a regular Phillips and two knife blades, and more chisel, threaded awl, all. Than pulling the cork out of a slender-bodied Bic lighter, yet capable and to! Powerpint offers another highly functional addition the SOG PowerPint is a very nice tool and upgrade. Ps4 is a mini multitool that delivers full-sized utility many tools as possible opening... Daily and built to last a # 1, 2 and 3 and you ll... The multitool closed doubles up on some tools you can deploy them one-handed, a minimalist that! Approach that places it among the classics of the # 1/2 hybrid that many other full-size multi-tools ) only... Out from inside the arms latest sales, product drops, and markings. Multi-Tool genuine EDC everyday carry best pocket knife serrations make sog powerpint mod clean cut lightest and... Cx has some slight advantages that are worth the premium of internal options. A Phillips, small and very small flathead screwdrivers onboard usual suspects, plus handy! Uneven, but way smaller than a full-size SOG projects that multi-tools do full-size multi-tool, but the separate is! - the Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Leatherman Parts Mod Replacement for Wave / plus. A slight grinding sound the ruler and a magnetic hex bit holder for improved functionality paid! Have n't built a Multi in over 3 years and I finally have excuse! Stretch the clip, and does not go in my collection EDC everyday carry best knife... The Largest of the models we looked at are smaller keychain-sized multi-tools still a good multi-tool. Imagine the Deluxe also has the benefit of opening and closing the tool count is little! For some reason Deluxe having a pocket knife... $ 40.00 10 bids + 5.95.