Fiberon composite decking materials are unmatched in realistic wood tones, durability and resistance to the elements. Screws, along with the the Deckfast Fascia Tool by Starborn, worked great. • Muro T-Screw M-TX0300SEP listed above is approved for 2x6 decking (can also be Find Trex Fascia composite deck boards at Lowe's today. For 1x8 fascia, install a vertical row of 2 fasteners every 18". Paulin #10 x 3-inch Star Drive Pan Head Composite Screw in Tan - 400pcs . With fascia in place, drill the recommended fastening pattern using the Cortex Counterbore Tool. Install the first and last row 1" from board ends, tack the fascia board into place using a few Cortex Fascia screws and leave the heads slightly raised. Trex's Color Selector can help you choose the ideal color for you, your deck, and your home. Tried to correct it in summer of 2019 by screwing butt ends into deck joists after several hot days to allow planks to expand, and plugging Shop deck screws and a variety of hardware products online at Each 50LF Kit includes: 100 1-3/4" Screws; 105 Plugs cut from Trex Transcend Fascia; 1 Counterbore Tool for correct plug diameter & depth Trex Enhance® railing is available in 6 ft length only. That’s Trex Transcend®. The system is approved by leading decking manufacturers. Fascia Screws are part of the Deckfast Fascia System - the right way to install composite deck fascia boards. Use Stainless Steel screws near water applications. #10 x 2-3/4" Winchester Grey (Yosemite, Caribou) Composite Decking Exterior Coated Wood Screw Torx/Star Drive Head (5 lbs ~350 Screws) - Decking Exterior Coated Torx/Star Drive Wood Screw Headcote Stainless Steel Fascia Screws for Deck Installation 9 X 1-7/8" Torx Brown 100 Pieces These Stainless Steel Fascia Screws are the second step in the new DECKFAST Fascia System from Starborn. Shop Fiberon Horizon 3/4 in. Deckfast Epoxy Coated Fascia Screws\\\\nThe Deckfast Epoxy Coated Fascia Screws, along with the Fascia Tool, make up the Deckfast Fascia System. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback The T-20 Star Drive Head improves driving torque performance and helps prevent Cam-out. Oversized product will ship to your local Home Depot store, if home delivery is needed, please call the pro desk to learn about home delivery options ... Composite Deck Screws. You may prefer your railing posts in a different location that may then affect the railing lengths and number of sections required. The system is approved by leading decking manufacturers. x 8 ft. Brazilian Walnut Capped Composite Fascia Decking Boards. Shop composite deck boards and a variety of building supplies products online at • All recommended screws are designed to be installed flush with decking surface. Imagine elevated aesthetics paired with the highest level of performance. The screws fit into the hole created by the Pre-drilling & Countersinking Tool, and the color-match head installed flush with the fascia board blends right in to today's popular fascia board colors. Get free samples here. The Fascia Tool (sold separately) is used to pre-drill and countersink an oversized hole to accomodate the large amount of expansion and contraction that can occur with composite deck fascia boards. x 11 1/4 in. The precisely engineered Deckfast® Fascia System includes the Fascia Tool and specially designed, color coated, Fascia Screws available in Headcote ® stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel.. The screws fit into the hole created by the Pre-drilling & Countersinking Tool, and the color-match head installed flush with the fascia board is practically invisible. • Use recommended stainless steel screws in any areas near bodies of saltwater. Whether Trex composite or wood, we have the fascia screws you need. With Trex Fascia, your outdoor space stands out, side on. * Fascia system screws listed above can only be used with composite fascia profiles, cannot be used with standard thickness decking boards used as fascia. Shop hidden fasteners and a variety of hardware products online at Kit Includes (85) Plugs & (75) Epoxy Coated 2-3/4" Screws for 20 Sq. The Paulin Composite Board Deck Screw is specially coated for exterior use with composite boards. Ft. of Decking Plugs Made From Actual TREX Decking for a Perfect Match Quick and Easy Installation Pro Plug PVC Tool (sold seperately) drives screws to the correct depth every time See Deck Swatch for color. Color match to the Brazilian Walnut fascia boards was very close, and blends very well. Find Trex hidden fasteners at Lowe's today. Engineered to last and retain its rich color just as long as your deck surface, our fascia and risers bring wonderful depth and dimension to your design. There is also an anti clog debris gather all waste material and keep it away from the countersink. Trex Transcend® and Trex® Signature™ railing is available in 6 and 8 ft lengths. (10 Products) › See more product details Use 3 fasteners for 1x12 fascia. See decking manufacturer's installation guides for changes to application instructions - with the improved performance of the Fascia System (compared to standard deck screws used to install fascia), fewer fasteners may be required. Pre-drilling with a tool creates an over-sized hole for the fascia screw, so that the fascia board hangs from the screw and can expand and contract without putting a large amount of force on the fastener. DO NOT countersink screws. x 11-1/4 in. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase, since Trex is made from 95% recycled materials. We have the edge on your deck. When it comes to finishing the sides of your deck, nothing beats the beauty, durability and low maintenance of high-performance Trex ® Fascia and stair risers–now available to match every one of our Trex decking lines, and for the first time ever, a go-with-anything high-performance white.. Where To Buy Trex Designed to cover decking and stair framing, Fiberon Fascia provides a finished look to your decking project. Pro Plug System for Trex Fascia with 305 Stainless Steel Screws by Starborn Starting at: As low as $48.99 Price depends on product options. x 12 ft. Capped Composite Fascia Decking Board Composite Deck Boards at TheHomeDepot. 50 $5.09 shipping Fascia screws are a complete solution to common problems caused by large amounts of expansion and contraction of deck fascia boards. Trex TrexTrim 12-ft White Composite Fascia Deck Board Item # 343649 Model # 940127 Use as deck trim, stair raisers and deck skirts for a long-lasting, beautifully finished look The tool drills a counter-sunk hole for the Fascia Screws that's slightly larger so the screws aren't affected by the fascia expanding and contracting. The Fascia System has been evaluated and approved for use by major decking manufacturers, including Trex and DuraLife. • 2-3/4" or 3" screws can be used with Trex 2x6 product. Find Composite deck screws at Lowe's today. What color is the perfect fit for your deck? These epoxy coated screws feature a T-20 Star Drive Recess and a T-20 bit is included in each 100-pack of screws. Plug pack picture is generic. Fascia Screws are part of the Deckfast Fascia System - the right way to install composite deck fascia boards. Pro Plug System for Fascia Plug & Screw Kit - Trex Beach Dune Fascia Plugs & Stainless Steel Screws-9 x 1-7/8" T-20 Star Dr- 100 Pieces and Fascia Plug Tool Set $97.50 $ 97 . x 8 ft. Brazilian Walnut Capped Trex recommends the use of Starborn® DeckFast® Fascia System, SplitStop™ Fascia Screws or Simpson Strong-Tie® Fascia Board Screws, for all composite Trex fascia profiles. The Fascia System is designed to accommodate the large amount of expansion and contraction that can occur with many composite and PVC deck fascia boards. x 11-1/4 in. Purchased the fascia screws to install Fiberon ArmorGuard 3/4 in. Plug and Screw Kits are designed for use with the Fascia Plug Tool Set, which contains required installation accessories and is sold separately. Attach your deck fascia board like a breeze with our wide selection of fascia board screws. Refer to manufacturer recommendations for specifics if this is required. Product description The Deckfast Fascia Tool was created to be used with Deckfast Fascia System Screws. The No Cam-Out Auto-Stop mechanism prevents screw recess stripping. Fiberon ProTect Advantage Composite Decking Fascia is designed to cover decking joists and stair framing, providing a finished look to your decking project. Cortex Hidden Fasteners for Trex Transcend Fascia are made from Trex Fascia boards for perfect color matching, engineered for fascia board expansion & contraction, and ACQ/Treated Lumber approved. Fiberon ArmorGuard Composity Decking Fascia complements ArmorGuard composite decking boards. ArmorGuard 3/4 in. Visit for more information. Model # TAPXFT454L188 Store SKU # 1001537912 Fascia Plug and Screw Kits are part of the Pro PlugSystem for Fascia, a Trex approved system for securely fastening composite fascia boards. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions for installation methods in addition to Trex installation methods. For near water applications, you can also use Fascia System HeadCote® stainless steel screws. Our premium product line combines second-to-none durability with the beauty of exotic wood; featuring a luxurious, multi-tonal grain pattern.