December's a pretty good month for casseroles, isn't it? Lots of love, Bianca ❤️, This potato bake looks so comforting and yummy! Can you give an alternative for the cashews? Your email address will not be published. So you can spend the time doing anything else that has to be done in your household. . Garnish potatoes with thyme leaves to serve. Vegan Potato Bake With Pumpkin | Potatoes au Gratin - Elavegan This Cheesy Vegan Potato & Broccoli Casserole is a great side dish and perfect for those chillier months. It’s a rich and creamy potato soup topped with coconut bacon, vegan cream cheese, caramelized onions, and fresh chives. 1½ kg desiree potatoes, peeled, thinly sliced. <3. I live at a higher altitude, so I made some cooking adjustments and overall cook time was longer (but I expect that). Scatter half the onion 
and thyme on top of potatoes. Here you’ll find many delicious recipes which are mainly plant-based and easy to make for everyone. It doesn’t get much cozier than that! So glad you liked this vegan potato bake! Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for your feedback! Total time. This Potatoes au Gratin is really very easy to make. Think of something like potato dauphinoise – … And its ready in 40 minutes. I absolutely love a good potato bake, but I generally think of it as a side dish, rather than a main course.. Add your favorite vegetables I learned after my sister did a DNA test that we are over 50% Scottish. ?I used a lot of sauce and added tomatoes! Grate potatoes and squeeze out as much moisture as you can using paper towel. Simply assemble it, cover well with a lid, plastic wrap, or foil, and keep in the refrigerator until ready to bake. 20 minutes. This is absolute must for our home cookbook! Coat each cake in some flour or bread crumbs and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown and crispy on both sides. Then repeat with … Using a potato masher or hand mixer, mash the potatoes so that everything is combined and very few potato chunks remain. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen, loads of stress, and spend a lot of money to have a delicious vegan main dish to impress the relatives on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Blend for a few minutes until smooth. IF YOU HAVE PINTEREST, YOU CAN FIND ME HERE AND FEEL FREE TO PIN THE FOLLOWING PICTURE! I hear it’s thanksgiving next week, so whip up this vegan dauphinoise for your friends and family. Thanks , Hi Kate, you can either substitute nut butter for the same amount of cashews (140g), then mix with the non-dairy milk and stir in the broth. Vegan Baked Potato Latkes The Spruce Eats. I’m Bianca, and welcome to my blog! Even my meat-eating husband loved it. Bake for 1 to 1 ½ hours (depending on the size of your potatoes). I would love to see a comment of what you do with this recipe, so if you decided to make it please let me know! Mix well to develop the gluten in … Take care, Dee xx, So glad that you like it, Dee! Ingredients. Wow what a dish since becoming vegan I’m finding that a lot of food is now becoming a lot of work. , I don’t have one but feel free to try it! I just changed a couple of things to make it healthier and vegan. I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *, Hi! Pour stock over potatoes. While casseroles were a big part of my childhood, they're not something I make very often these days. Tips for making this vegan casserole. Much love, Bianca ♡, absolutely LOVED this recipe. Spray a rectangular ovenproof dish (10-cup capacity) with oil. Arrange another one-third of the potatoes on top. And the best is, that it’s prepared in only about 10 minutes, and even though you‘ll also have to add in baking time, fortunately, you don’t need to do anything to it while it’s baking in the oven. Do you recommend putting the spinach into a wok and then put it on top? Great for dinner parties too. Heat the oil in a large pan. The sauce is made of cashews which make the consistency super thick and creamy. If substituting the Cashew sauce with nut butter or coconut cream, what’s the process? It’s cold here, I wish this were on my table, haha. Yes, you can definitely add sautéed spinach! This is also a reason why my mom loved to make it on busy days after work, by the way. So glad you enjoyed it! Season. ? Hope you’ll like the recipe! Especially the cheesy sauce! Cook in a moderate oven (180C) for 40 minutes. It is a full fresh vegetable bake on its own and comes with a savory oil-free sauce that is easy … It’s creamy, flavorful, cheesy, healthy, satisfying and very easy to make! Test doneness by piercing the potato with a knife, it should be soft all the way through. Slowly pour in the mix of vegetable broth and milk to the pan and stir. I bet your kitchen smelled amazing. The perfect comfort food for any holiday gathering! I’m Bianca, and welcome to my blog! Loved it. Vegan Baked Potato Kathy's Vegan Kitchen. I made this on Friday night and LOVED it. Sending you much love, Bianca ❤️. Did you blend the sauce in a highspeed blender until completely smooth and creamy? This, I’ve decided, is the reason I’m so in love with potatoes. Thinly slice zucchini and very thinly slice potatoes. Total Time: 30 minutes My Vegan Potato Casserole recipe brings a fresh vegan twist to a classic. But can she eat almonds? I then found Bianca and boy is your food amazing! Sprinkle with remaining onion and thyme, then top with remaining potato slices. Bake and Serve. Lots of love, Bianca ❤️. It’s really great for a family dinner and I’m super grateful for the recipe ?? Preheat oven to 430 F and prepare a casserole dish. recipe instructions are clear and measurements are correct; it worked perfectly. Let me know how it turned out. It’s still delicious but looks like cottage cheese lol do you know why this might happen? Hi Amanda, Sweet potatoes sound good to me! Perfect as main course or side dish for any type of meal. Combine 2 cups grated potato, flour, green onion, almond milk, cornstarch, salt, baking powder, and black pepper (optional: add dill and vegan cheese.) Anyway, here's our vegan mushroom and potato bake recipe. Hope this helps. ? Instead of using several pots and pans to cook everything separately, you can make this creamy and “cheesy” Vegan Potato Bake in just one dish! A quick, simple side dish or even a main course if you like! Would love to share with you ? It took a little bit more time, but I enjoyed the preperation & it was just like a little me time I can recommend Bianca’s cookbook! I can’t believe how good this recipe was! I kept the recipe very simple, however, it’s pretty similar to my Vegan Alfredo Sauce. I love to cook and bake and want to share that passion with you. Spoon half the potato mixture; sprinkle with half of the leek and mushroom mixture, half of the vegan feta cheese (if using). Its a recipe that was passed onto my Grandmother that she taught to my mother and my mother put her own spin on it. Prep time. Thanks for recommending my cookbook! best combo , Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! However, even in the dairy-free version, it is still one of the best comfort foods and my family loves it, too! (. garlic, lemon, brown lentils, large white onion, apple cider vinegar and 8 more. Required fields are marked *. So glad that you liked this recipe! If you don’t have a blender to blend the cashews, you can use cashew butter (or any other nut butter). I’ve never had this before. Here you’ll find many delicious recipes which are mainly plant-based and easy to make for everyone. Season with salt and pepper, then cover tightly with foil. Once the sweet potatoes are fork tender, drain and add them to a large bowl along with the vegan butter, maple syrup, brown sugar, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt. ? Lots of love, Bianca. There’s no shortage of vegan potato recipes here, including Vegan Scalloped Potatoes.. Layer the rest of the potatoes and zucchini, then the rest of the mushrooms and sauce. Thanks! I know, it’s a lot of in and out of the oven, but you know what they say–the third time’s the charm! Do you guys have a special dish that reminds you of your childhood? I used shredded brussel sprouts in place of the zucchini. Hope you like it! I love adding healthy vegetables to my meals, so I also added mushrooms zucchini in this Vegan Potato Bake Recipe because they’re perfect for layering with the Potatoes. So glad you enjoyed this recipe! This Vegan Potato Bake (Potatoes au Gratin) with Mushrooms and Zucchini is comfort food at its best! Then you just need to pour the sauce over the potatoes and veggies and put it in the oven for an hour. So glad your potato bake turned out great! I love to cook and bake and want to share that passion with you. Should I stir in the broth and non-dairy milk? Even though we may not be using the traditional ingredients of heavy cream, milk and a variety of cheeses, we have created a dish that is pretty close! Add onion and mushrooms and fry for about 4-5 minutes, until lightly browned. Thank you so much, Stephanie! You need only prepare the vegetables (Potatoes, Mushrooms, and Zucchini) and blend up the ingredients for the vegan cheese sauce in a blender, which takes less than 5 minutes. Definitely going to make more of it. Thank you so much for your amazing feedback! The sweet potato bake is topped with a delicious pecan streusel topping which is gluten … . Filed Under: Lunch & Dinner, Recipes Tagged With: baked, cashew, cheese, christmas, creamy, dairy-free, gluten-free, gratin, green, mushrooms, potato, potatoes, sauce, savory, spicy, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian, Just love this recipe! Let it simmer over low-medium heat until creamy and thick. Drizzle over 
oil and cook for a further 30 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. 267. Plan on making this today. Spread half of the sliced potatoes and zucchini in the baking dish. 35 minutes. It was absolutely delicious. Just make sure to soak the almonds overnight before blending them. And, since I am not vegan, what kind of topping do you recommend instead of the cashews? I added some Trader Joe’s mushroom seasoning and used Oyster mushrooms from my local asian mart. To me, that means either baking them or cooking in a crockpot. Baked Potato Wedges Greenbowl2soul. potato bake … Read More…. This vegan potato casserole is layered with vegetables, covered with a vegan cream sauce, and sprinkled with a gluten-free breadcrumb and walnut crust. Thank you, Ela!❤️ I absolutely agree with you ? Best, Bianca <3. So savory and “cheesy” This is now part of my regular recipes. Love that you added carrots too! Thanks so much! However, you can add any vegetables because it’s a very versatile recipe, so feel free to mix and match to your wish. Drain and rinse the cashews. Season. Choose the easiest way to peel and dice the sweet potatoes. Maybe your blender has not enough power? So glad you love this recipe, my dear Jess! Grease the base and side of a 1.5 litre baking dish or pie dish with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Vegan Potato Bake (Family recipe) 21 November 2017 By Luna Lux. Honestly, I’ve never tried this before but feel free to do it! But to me, there’s nothing like Vegan Baked Potato recipes. Partially bake for the first 40 minutes. Garnish potatoes with thyme leaves to serve. Add the garlic and cook for another minute while stirring, then set aside. Arrange one-third of the potatoes over base of prepared dish. So if you have ever found yourself looking for new ideas on how to use potatoes in a simple but delicious way, this Vegan Potato Bake recipe will quickly become your new favorite! In todays video I show you how to make my favourite side dishes, dauphinoise potatoes aka potato gratin. oil and cook for a further 30 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. Lots of love, Bianca ❤️, Bianca, this meal looks so delicious and filling. I made it the other day and it was soo delicious! If you make a traditional dish of Potatoes au Gratin, they usually contain ingredients that aren’t vegan or gluten-free. This vegan sweet potato casserole is a simple and delicious make-ahead Thanksgiving classic side dish or dessert. For the past 4 years, I have … I haven tested this recipe with non-vegan options. Hi Bianca-my daughter has a tree nut allergy. Vegan Christmas Dinner – The Best Recipes for your Christmas feast. Allergens: Coconut, Mushrooms It would make the perfect addition to a vegan thanksgiving or christmas feast. I also added carrots and topped the dish with rosemary. To me, it is creamy Potatoes Au Gratin because I grew up with and it has always been one of our family favorites. Yum! Creamy Dairy Free Bake. Hi! Was so much fun to cook & it‘s so delicious! So glad to read that you like my recipes! Potato bake can be a balanced meal! , I am so excited to make this, it looks so simple and delicious! You can never have enough sauce and tomatoes, right? This one in particular so easy to make and absolutely delicious thankyou so much. Hey! Category: Sides. Brilliant recipe, thank you so much. 55 minutes. Your email address will not be published. It was a hit! Put them into a blender along with non-dairy milk, vegetable broth, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast. Simply mash your potatoes, add a little vegan cheese, chopped herbs, a pinch of salt, ground pepper and nutmeg. This onion and thyme seasoned potato bake is vegan and melt-in-your-mouth delicious! I make these vegan … Sprinkle some vegan cheddar in the potato skins, then top with a spoonful or more of the creamy mashed potatoes, and finish with another sprinkling of vegan … Remove foil. Remove foil. Thinking about making this tonight – do you think sweet potatoes will be a good substitute? Thank you for your feedback! Every year growing up my Grandmother and my Mother would make a potato bake for Christmas. Thinly slice zucchini and very thinly slice potatoes. It’s creamy, flavorful, “cheesy”, healthy, satisfying and very easy to make! Honestly, I don’t know why your sauce turns into cottage cheese. I think what’s important is to use good stock and ingredients, because the whole dish is mostly flavoured by the cashew sauce. Bake the potato skins for a third and final time. If you’re allergic to nuts or don’t have any on hand, you can sub coconut cream (the thick part of. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lots of love, Bianca <3. (, « Pumpkin Doughnuts (Stuffed Vegan Donuts), Best Vegan Chocolate Cake (easy Recipe) ». So glad that you like this recipe! Vegan Scalloped Potatoes. Serves: 4. I use her recipes very often & it‘s a joy in the making as well as the taste ❤️, So glad you love this potato bake and my other recipes! Grease a baking tray with a tablespoon of vegan butter and place the sliced potatoes in the tray, then add the creamy sauce. Top evenly with half of the cashew sauce, then spread over the onions, garlic and mushrooms. Share: Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Season with salt and pepper, then cover tightly with foil. Thank you so much for your amazing feedback and recipe rating! I randomly found this recipe and it is spectacular! If you’re wondering what dauphinoise is, it’s basically like a potato gratin. Perfect as a main course or side dish for a delicious dairy-free holiday lunch or dinner! Or maybe it’s because of the type of potatoes you use? It couldn’t be easier! The bake time may vary depending on how thick you sliced the potatoes or if you covered the dish during baking. Calories. When baked, cut a slit down the middle of the potato, (careful, it's hot! Thank you for the great recipe! Made this for non vegans and they loved it. Preheat oven to 355°F (180°C) and grease a baking dish* with a little oil. my bf and i finished it in under 24 hours so warming & comforting, yet nourishing and nutritious. Reading Time: < 1 minute. Mix all the ingredients together, then form to cakes in your desired size. ), then using a towel or oven mitts, push the ends towards eachother and the potato will pop open nicely. I will use it for many more recipients thanks for sharing! There are so many ways to make potatoes – fries, chips, mashed, hashed, nacho-ed (yeah, seriously)…and, scalloped – which is why you’re here! Hi there, since peanuts have an intense flavor, I’m not sure if that will taste delicious. This Vegan Potato Bake (Potatoes au Gratin) with Mushrooms and Zucchini is comfort food at its best! Directions: 1 Preheat the oven to 200°C conventional, or 180°C fan-forced. So glad to hear that you liked it And thank you for the recommendation! I love delicious hearty casserole recipes. Holly Molley! The Best Vegan Potato Onion Bake Recipes on Yummly | Oven Roasted Home Fries, Provencal Dorade, Vegan Mashed Potatoes With Roasted Garlic Hi just wondering whether you could substitute cashews for almonds and use almond milk in the sauce? It contains no dairy but achieves a rich creamy sauce by using Alpro Soya Milk and Sainsbury’s … 4. Yes, sure! 2 Peel … So here is my ‘Creamy’ Mushroom & Potato Bake which is vegan friendly. . Replace the foil and bake … She CAN eat peanuts, but I’m not sure if that would be an acceptable substitution. Bake for 1 … Let cool, lay plastic wrap over that but tap it down so that it touches the top of the casserole, then cover with foil then slip in a freezer bag. Drizzle over. I made this the other day and it was the best dinner for holiday evening. I just made this over the weekend. sea salt, russet potato, yellow onion, ground flax seeds, paprika and 2 more. (, Bake the potato bake for about 50 minutes or until the potatoes are fork-tender and soft. Optionally, sprinkle vegan cheese over a few minutes before done and continue baking until melted, about 5-10 minutes. The only thing is each time I make it the sauce turns chunky after it’s cooked. (Zucchini should be sliced a bit thicker than … TO BAKE: Defrost overnight in the fridge and then remove the foil and plastic wrap. Nutrition is calculated automatically and should be used as estimate. Or you can use just coconut cream (380ml) instead of the cashews + non-dairy milk, then just stir in the broth. Cook in a moderate oven (180C) for 40 minutes. This vegan potato gratin (aka potato dauphinoise) has French roots. In case you‘re still looking for some healthy and delicious side dishes that make a great accompaniment to this Vegan Potato Bake you could check out my Mushroom Wellington, Vegan Meatballs, Falafel, Eggplant Fritters, Crispy Cauliflower Nuggets, Lentil Couscous Patties or Sweetpotato Falafel. Did you use raw cashews for this recipe? Or you could try to cover the baking dish. This hearty vegan potato bake (potatoes au gratin) with pumpkin and lentils is a great fall recipe for those cosy nights spent inside watching horror films on Netflix by ElaVegan 26th October 2019 28th September 2020. Vegan mushroom and potato bake. Absolutely love this recipe and I’ve only made it twice now.