Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical III lens has a complex design that incorporates the know-how that comes from decades of producing optics for some of the best lens manufacturers in the world. Wideangle lenses for rangefinder cameras often do not improve in this aspect when stopped down. Sony A7s | Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 5.6/12 | f/11 | CA 100% crop before/after. Price. Still, it is possible that the sensor design has a negative influence here as well. Review: Sigma 50mm 1.4 EX – Still worth getting in 2020? Click to enlarge. Anybody tried this combination of the new M mount version of the Voigtlander 15mm lens with or without the 52mm UV/IR filter on the M8? Back in the day I was using a Lee holder and if I remember correctly not even with a thick 105mm Sigma polarizer there was any vignetting. But just as you mentioned, Philip, would not like to use these huge filters… Sony Cameras; Canon Cameras; Nikon Cameras; Pentax Cameras; Fujifilm Cameras; Olympus Cameras; … 第一次把它當成 12mm 超廣角來用..... by 深白色 (Arys Chien) Modern Hadid and Isozaki towers... by clodio61 1. © 2020 red dot cameras. An affordable, high quality lens, popular among the Leica M9 users, which yield an approximate 16mm focal length with 1.33x sensor crop factor with the M8. I use it with the Sony a7ii and was wondering how this lens performs with the a7ii. If size or price can be overcome the new version should be quite a bit more fun. Please complete this form. The Leica SL’s manual focus magnification feature, available all over the frame at a click of the joystick, makes achieving perfect focus a breeze. It can focus at a macro distance (30cm) to all the way up to infinity. Bastion/Philip are you able to comment on whether there are any appreciable differences in image quality between the VM 12mm Heliar III and its E-mount equivalent on A7 system cameras? At 12mm focal length, a Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical III lens can be the lens for all your landscape of urban photography needs. New Arrival; News; Product … No I can’t. CA and color vignetting are easy to be corrected by Capture One, which I highly recommend over PS/LR. Ah, if the new E-mount (or M-mount) also require you to change to the aperture on the ring … the older version is probably better! Personally, I did not feel that not much is needed to achieve great results with Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical III lens, a simple, lens distortion correction, a click on the chromatic aberration, you will have a very pleasing photograph. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > carbon_dragon . TTL metering works great, if your camera has it. I didn’t talk about coma performance (which really isn’t great) here because the lens is so slow in the first place and I would totally not recommend it for shooting the milky way. Mint-Voigtlander 12mm Bright Line V/finder D (1.5X) - Equivalent to 18mm quantity. FedEx *BOX SET* Voigtlander ULTRA WIDE HELIAR 12MM F5.6 ASPHERICAL Ⅱ FOR LEICA M. $499.90. The current model of the Voigtlander NOKTON … The only problem, like you mentioned, is the use of filters and since I’m in a landscape mode I’m using them a lot, LEE stoppers & grads. What about another alternative samyang 14 f2.8 which exist in e mount and doesn’t cost much? I would rate the corners “ok to good”, but because of the perspective distortion they can be quite hard to evaluate sometimes. Voigtlander 12mm f5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar on Leica M-Mount The 12/5.6 Aspherical Ultra Wide Heliar is a quite remarkable lens, and is the widest full frame rectilinear lens ever made for a 35mm rangefinder camera. with Adobe Lightroom) as I will show in the before/after example below. From what I see it is gem, and offers wonderful color when used on the M10, wonderful sharpness and wonderful DOF and Bokeh quality. The Voigtländer 12mm 5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar is actually one of the lenses I bought a camera from the A7 series for in the first place. I don’t understand the part where you mentioned about coma performance and that lens is so slow. In reality, what we are attaining with an ultra-wide angle lens like the Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical III lens is a 121 degree of view in a photograph. I also think that with its size and weight it can be taken as a second lens on travels or assignments. An affordable, high quality lens, popular among the Leica M9 users, which yield an approximate 16mm focal length with 1.33x sensor crop factor with the M8. I … Manufacturer: Voigtlander 0 review(s) Tweet. For example, Leica S (Typ 007) Medium Format DSLR Camera with a Leica Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH lens delivers results that are astounding by any standards. For those landscape photography enthusiasts, Leica camera manufacture a lens that is wider than 16mm focal length. Ask a new question . In this article, I have also used my Leica M246 camera to capture some of the images as a reference; some photographs are in color while others are in black and white to reflect how an ultra wide angle lens will behave when used for monochrome photography. I have set up a flickr album which contains many shots taken with the 12mm 5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar and I will add more pictures to that in the future. New Voigtlander SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F4.5 Aspherical III VM Mount Lens . all new goods (except books) are inclusive of 20% vat. The former 2 which can be mostly corrected in Lightroom and the latter from cropping slightly, Would you still recommend this over the released V3 as price and size is a major factor for me. The new version is sharper with less vignetting and no color cast. Your email address. The M39 version reviewed here can mostly be found on the used market starting at around 450€/500$ while the M-Mount version will set you back roughly 700€/600$ (new). Today, a full frame digital camera like the Leica M10 have approximately the same size image sensor as a 35mm cellulose film. Additional information (translated): “A lens optimized for a full-size M-mount sensor, based on the Sony E-mount dedicated lens that was launched on the market as the highest-performance standard lens in the … CONTENT: One of the first lenses released in that new partnership between Cosina and Voigtlander was the 15mm Ultra-Wide lens. At the closest distance, the lens has a way of distorting object that it feels like the photographs from a film scene in “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.” The distant objects in the frame are pushed so far back that in an instant you can capture a photograph that you might have thought to be impossible to compose in a single frame. This problem may not occur in every situation and/or with every filter, but keep in mind I used a Hoya Zeta polarizer here, which is known to be one of the best around. At a fraction of the cost of a Leica lens, this ultra wide angle lens matches a Leica M10 camera or a Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) camera seamlessly. I have a Lee holder plus a cheapo copy. The example above shows the worst I could produce. I also was wondering that, but I tried to find how to disassemble that, and it looks like there is no adapter and it is real mount plate. The ability to use filters makes this a great landscape lens but the huge field of view makes if very suitable for architectural work as well. Typically Voigtlander lens have brass helicoid parts and lots of interesting … From a manufacturing point of view, a higher degree of engineering and technical know-how is needed to produce an accurate, sharp wide angle lens. I hope you have enjoyed this article. 5. infrared with Leica M Monochrom... by Dierk. With a sony adapter of course. is the 15mm more general usefull or is the 12mm fine and not too wide and too specialized ? Hey Bastian, Great thanks for that. there is no vat to reclaim on pre-owned goods. And some other examples, here showing the only potential negative point of the lens. Thanks in advance. I also used this lens with a center filter as well (generic Soligor) but unfortunately by giving up 2 stops in the center I only “gained” 0.3 in the corners, which I think is not worth the hassle. Something will work. Link to post Share on other sites. Add to basket. Captcha. So, are there reasonably priced choices for wide-angle lenses for Leica M cameras like the Leica M10 or the Leica M240? What you will immediately notice is that these lenses are huge and heavy in comparison and in case of the Canon also really expensive, but therefore you won’t notice any color shading, the vignetting will be less severe and the corner resolution ought to be better as well. Lens/optics companies even the newly established Chinese optics manufacturers are putting enormous efforts to produce lenses that not only deliver sharpness but have lens distortion and chromatic aberration. All fields are required. About the Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 - Leica M. The Voigtlander VGTBA329A 15mm f4.5 VM III Super Wide Heliar Lens is the third incarnation of the 15mm 4.5 Super Wide Heliar lens. It is quite strange, that I spent probably an hour on internet to find Leica-M with removable hood and didn’t find any information on that! But thanks again for this review of the 12mm. Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical III lens gives such unusual angle of view, everything that passes through the optical arrangement of this lens’ design seems to be enchanted with a degree of magic that would be hard to describe without actually seeing the photographs. Now, it has become one of my favorite ultra wide angle lenses. Key features include: Ultra-wide 121° angle of view. Hello thanks for the article. Ultra-Wide Angle. Voigtlander Heliar Ultra Wide-Angle 12mm f/5.6 lens. Ad posted 23 days ago Save this ad 2 images; Voigtlander 12mm UltraWide Heliar M mount Folkestone, Kent Lens needs no introduction, if … Model Best New UK Price; 10mm f5.6 VM Hyper Wide Heliar Lens (Leica M Mount) £737.50 : 12mm f5.6 VM III Ultra Wide Heliar Lens (Leica M Mount) £764.47 : 15mm f4.5 VM III Super Wide Heliar Lens (Leica M Mount) £549.00 : 21mm f1.8 VM Ultron Lens (Leica M Mount) £799.00 : 21mm f4 VM Color Skopar Lens (Leica M Mount) £428.50 : … It has rangefinder-coupled focus to … I think BSI gives a boost on that. User coupon code Leica30 at checkout to save 30% on your order with leica-review.com. It is performance stellar, even by today’s standards it offers better performance than just about all the lenses in the market. by pho-Tony. Background: I’m trying to avoid E-mount lenses where possible in case, one day, I want to switch to a different camera manufacturer, but I don’t want to hugely sacrifice IQ. As you look at these photographs, you can observe the way objects at infinity appear to have three dimensionalities. Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 ASPH. Subscribe to Get Exclusive Deals on The use of grads however can be overcome by using the new grad-app (play memories) but still seems a little difficult to use for me. Distortions as well as lateral CAs are very well controlled for a lens in this class. I should know better and not trust B&H or Adorama specs for lenses. $876.99. I love shooting with wide angle lenses. Product ID : Voigtlander Leica M Push On. I invite you to look at other photos shot with other wide-angle lenses, you will immediately begin to notice how a 12mm focal length creates such a unique photograph. If you wish to make the most out of this lens use the daylight to your advantage. I am not an expert on street photography so I don’t know if a maximum aperture of 5.6 will suffice, The manual-focus Voigtlander 10mm F5.6 Hyper Wide Heliar offers a 130-degree angle of view, 10 aperture blades, fantastic build quality, and an aperture ring that can be easily de-clicked for video use. The company is keen on keeping their prices very low, and when we look at the pricing strategy of lens companies, their prices are not so far off from the median price of lenses in its segment. One of the interesting features that you would see it dials to f/22, comparably, most Leica lenses dial-up to f/16.