The effects are largely affecting Jordanian communities, as the vast majority of Syrian refugees do not live in camps. [250] Christians today make up about 4% of the population,[251] down from 20% in 1930, though their absolute number has grown. [177], The official currency is the Jordanian dinar, which is pegged to the IMF's special drawing rights (SDRs), equivalent to an exchange rate of 1 US$ ≡ 0.709 dinar, or approximately 1 dinar ≡ 1.41044 dollars. [151][152], The first level subdivision in Jordan is the muhafazah or governorate. [47] The Edict of Thessalonka made Christianity the official state religion in 380 AD. [108] The attack is considered to be a rare event in the country, and Jordan's internal security was dramatically improved afterwards. [123] Mammal and reptile species include, the long-eared hedgehog, Nubian ibex, wild boar, fallow deer, Arabian wolf, desert monitor, honey badger, glass snake, caracal, golden jackal and the roe deer, among others. [11] Jordan is a founding member of the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation. The Palaeolithic Period (<1.5 million – ca 20,000 years ago)", "Prehistoric bake-off: Scientists discover oldest evidence of bread", "The Refining of Tools. [83] Abdullah's successes drew the envy of the British, even when it was in their interest. [238] Descendants of Armenians that sought refuge in the Levant during the 1915 Armenian Genocide number approximately 5,000 persons, mainly residing in Amman. [287] Meze is generally accompanied by the Levantine alcoholic drink arak, which is made from grapes and aniseed and is similar to ouzo, rakı and pastis. [23] The world's oldest evidence of bread-making was found in a 14,500 years old Natufian site in Jordan's northeastern desert. A national railway project is currently undergoing studies and seeking funding sources. [10] Jordan is divided into 12 governorates (muhafazah) (informally grouped into three regions: northern, central, southern). [144] The 2010 Arab Democracy Index from the Arab Reform Initiative ranked Jordan first in the state of democratic reforms out of 15 Arab countries. Jordan is the region's top medical tourism destination, as rated by the World Bank, and fifth in the world overall. Watch the video for Far Side Banks Of Jordan from Johnny Cash's Keep On the Sunny Side - June Carter Cash: Her Life In Music for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. [170], Jordan's law enforcement is under the purview of the Public Security Directorate (which includes approximately 50,000 persons) and the General Directorate of Gendarmerie, both of which are subordinate to the country's Ministry of Interior. [43], Roman legions under Pompey conquered much of the Levant in 63 BC, inaugurating a period of Roman rule that lasted four centuries. [90] Wahhabis from Najd regained strength and repeatedly raided the southern parts of his territory in (1922–1924), seriously threatening the Emir's position. [80], Abdullah, the second son of Sharif Hussein, arrived from Hejaz by train in Ma'an in southern Transjordan on 21 November 1920 to redeem the Greater Syrian Kingdom his brother had lost. The Red Sea–Dead Sea Water Conveyance project, carried out by Jordan, will provide water to the country and to Israel and Palestine, while the brine will be carried to the Dead Sea to help stabilise its levels. [53] The Abbasid Caliphate's campaign to take over the Umayyad's began in Transjordan. Less common sports are gaining popularity. [127], Jordan is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy. [38] Babylonians took over the empire after its disintegration in 627 BC. Far Side Banks of Jordan #7. Highlights include the title track, "Far Side Banks of Jordan" and "That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine", the latter of which features Cash's brother Tommy Cash. Jordan (Arabic: الأردن‎; tr. [224], Jordan's military industry thrived after the King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) defence company was established by King Abdullah II in 1999, to provide an indigenous capability for the supply of scientific and technical services to the Jordanian Armed Forces, and to become a global hub in security research and development. [259] Most Jordanians natively speak one of the non-standard Arabic dialects known as Jordanian Arabic. "Ballad of Barbara" is a new recording of a song that had first appeared as the B-side of Cash's 1973 single "Praise the Lord and Pass the Soup", while "City Jail" is a studio version of a track first released on the live album PÃ¥ ÖsterÃ¥ker. [103] The War of Attrition with Israel followed, which included the 1968 Battle of Karameh where the combined forces of the Jordanian Armed Forces and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) repelled an Israeli attack on the Karameh camp on the Jordanian border with the West Bank. Ful medames is another well-known appetiser. As such, the lyrics are filled with emotions. [38] The kingdoms were reduced to vassals, which they remained under the Persian and Hellenic Empires. To enjoy Prime Music, go to Your Music Library and transfer your account to (US). They were the first vocal group to become country music stars. Multiple canals and pipelines were proposed to reduce its recession, which had begun causing sinkholes. Far Side Banks of Jordan. The refugee crisis effects include competition for job opportunities, water resources and other state provided services, along with the strain on the national infrastructure. حنا كلداني: نسبة الأردنيين المسيحيين المقيمين 3.68%", "For Christian enclave in Jordan, tribal lands are sacred", "The Episcopal Church in Jordan: Identity, Liturgy, and Mission", "Shameful Plight of the Middle East's Christians", "Jordan's Christian Arabs, A Small Minority, Play A Major Role", "Jordan's Mandaean minority fear returning to post-ISIS Iraq", "German language becoming opportunity for professional development", "Jordanian artists seeks to connect local, int'l art scenes", "Scrolling through the millennia at the new Jordan Museum in Amman", "The stars come out for Jordan's Jerash Festival", "The promise of Amman's independent music scene", "Jordan unveils underwater military museum", "Jordan's first ever Olympic champion Ahmad Abughaush looks forward to Tokyo 2020 - Olympic News", "ريو 2016 - تايكواندو: الأردني أحمد أبوغوش يحرز الميدالية الذهبية في وزن 68 كغ", "World Cup 2014: Uruguay clinch final spot with Jordan win", "Jordan remains in 82nd spot in FIFA World Rankings", "Jordan taking giant strides in women's football", "Women's football increasingly popular in Jordan", "Transmission Strategy of the Competition -2017 FIBA 3X3 U18 Basketball World Cup", "Jordan counts down to Asian basketball tourney", "Against all odds, Jordan's rugby greats are set to storm the Dubai Sevens", "مشروع "بسكليتات المدينة الرياضية" يجمع هواة الدراجات لممارسة الرياضة والترفيه", "Volunteers open Jordan's first skate park", "Jordan among world's top 10 producers of olive, olive oil", "الحلويات في رمضان.. متعة ما بعد الإفطار", "Cancer second most common cause of death in Jordan", "Jordan: estimates on the use of water sources and sanitation facilities (1980–2015)", "Sector leaders highlight potential for further growth in medical tourism", "المملكة الاردنية الهاشمية - وزارة التربية و التعليم Ministry of Education - Hashemit Kingdom of Jordan", "Education system in Jordan scoring well", "RESEARCH AND SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT IN OIC COUNTRIES", "Jordan raises admission scores for private universities", "2014 QS University Rankings – Arab Region", Union of Arab National Olympic Committees,, Arabic-speaking countries and territories, Member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, States and territories established in 1946, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2010, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2016, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2020, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 07:19. [32] Villages in Transjordan expanded rapidly in areas with reliable water resources and agricultural land. [34] They spoke Semitic languages of the Canaanite group, and are considered to be tribal kingdoms rather than states. There is a version by Johnny and June Cash and also one by Alison Krauss. [104], In 1973, Egypt and Syria waged the Yom Kippur War on Israel, and fighting occurred along the 1967 Jordan River cease-fire line. [54] A powerful 749 AD earthquake is thought to have contributed to the Umayyads defeat to the Abbasids, who moved the caliphate's capital from Damascus to Baghdad. Owen Mac Ft Tony Allen Far Side Banks Of Jordan Official Video . City Jail #9. [104] Subsequently, Jordan renounced its claims to the West Bank in 1988. Three stable kingdoms emerged there at the end of the Bronze Age: Ammon, Moab and Edom. [102] The union lasted only six months, being dissolved after Iraqi King Faisal II (Hussein's cousin) was deposed by a bloody military coup on 14 July 1958. [18] The leading cause of death is cardiovascular diseases, followed by cancer. In 2018, the commission announced that Jordan was in talks with multiple companies to build the country's first commercial nuclear plant, a Helium-cooled reactor that is scheduled for completion by 2025. He refocused the government's agenda on economic reform, during his first year. [136] The special court deals with cases forwarded by the civil one. [124][125][126] Bird include the hooded crow, Eurasian jay, lappet-faced vulture, barbary falcon, hoopoe, pharaoh eagle-owl, common cuckoo, Tristram's starling, Palestine sunbird, Sinai rosefinch, lesser kestrel, house crow and the white-spectacled bulbul. Jordan is a semi-arid, almost landlocked country with an area of 89,342 km2 (34,495 sq mi) and a population numbering 10 million, making it the 11th-most populous Arab country. [165], There are about 50,000 Jordanian troops working with the United Nations in peacekeeping missions across the world. "Far Side Banks of Jordan", a duet featuring Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash, is a remake of a track first recorded in 1975 for a planned Gospel album that was recorded in full, but for reasons unknown was never released (the 1975 version of the song, along with the other tracks, would not be released until 2012). [232] The first wave of Palestinian refugees arrived during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and peaked in the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1990 Gulf War. [155], Jordan is a key ally of the US and UK and, together with Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, is one of only three Arab nations to have signed peace treaties with Israel, Jordan's direct neighbour. It will also be on my brand new album I will be releasing on Sunday 11th October at my LIVE ONLINE ALBUM LAUNCH for further details log onto I'll be sitting drawing pictures in the sand. [113] The rift valley contains the Jordan River and the Dead Sea, which separates Jordan from Israel. [48] The Aqaba Church in Ayla was built during this era, it is considered to be the world's first purpose built Christian church. [113] Jordan has a 26 kilometres (16 mi) shoreline on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, but is otherwise landlocked. [161] Jordan and Morocco tried to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 2011, but the Gulf countries offered a five-year development aid programme instead. And I'll be waiting on the far side banks of Jordan … [288], Life expectancy in Jordan was around 74.8 years in 2017. [18] The kingdom lies between 29° and 34° N, and 34° and 40° E. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and the east, Iraq to the north-east, Syria to the north, and Israel and Palestine (West Bank) to the west, The east is an arid plateau irrigated by oases and seasonal water streams. As such, the lyrics are filled with emotions. You are watching Far Side Banks Of Jordan on the largest video sharing platform offering online Christian videos with faith-based, family friendly content. And I'll be waiting on the far side banks of Jordan I'll be waiting, drawing pictures in the sand And when I see you coming I will rise up with the shout And come running through the shallow waters reaching for your hand And I'll be waiting on the far side banks of Jordan I'll be waiting, drawing pictures in the sand Al-Mamlakah al-’Urdunniyyah Al-Hāshimiyyah), is an Arab country in the Levant region of Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River. [8] The other boundaries are formed by several international and local agreements and do not follow well-defined natural features. [110], The Arab Spring were large-scale protests that erupted in the Arab World in 2011, demanding economic and political reforms. [108] The bombings, which targeted civilians, caused widespread outrage among Jordanians. [281] Jordan came within a point of reaching the 2012 Olympics after losing the final of the 2010 Asian Cup to China by the narrowest of margins, 70–69, and settling for silver instead. He can declare war and peace, ratify laws and treaties, convene and close legislative sessions, call and postpone elections, dismiss the government and dissolve the parliament. [44] The Romans gave the Greek cities of Transjordan–Philadelphia (Amman), Gerasa (Jerash), Gedara (Umm Qays), Pella (Tabaqat Fahl) and Arbila (Irbid)–and other Hellenistic cities in Palestine and southern Syria, a level of autonomy by forming the Decapolis, a ten-city league. He had just moved to Nashville to teach in the 72/73 year. [69] Egyptian rule was forcibly ended in 1841, with Ottoman rule restored.[69]. [104] The fedayeen activities soon became a threat to Jordan's rule of law. [246] There are also a small number of Ahmadi Muslims,[247] and some Shiites. [218] Jordan also aims to benefit from its large uranium reserves by tapping nuclear energy. [113] It is 89,341 square kilometres (34,495 sq mi) large, and 400 kilometres (250 mi) long between its northernmost and southernmost points; Umm Qais and Aqaba respectively. The Risha field, in the eastern desert beside the Iraqi border, produces nearly 35 million cubic feet of gas a day, which is sent to a nearby power plant to generate a small amount of Jordan's electricity needs. [287] Simple fresh fruit is often served towards the end of a Jordanian meal, but there is also dessert, such as baklava, hareeseh, knafeh, halva and qatayef, a dish made specially for Ramadan. [279] In 2016, Jordan hosted the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup, with 16 teams representing six continents. 769K. [117] Winter also sees frequent showers and occasional snowfall in some western elevated areas. [16] The tourism sector in Jordan has been severely affected by regional turbulence. [63] More Arab Bedouin tribes moved into Transjordan from Syria and the Hejaz during the first three centuries of Ottoman rule, including the Adwan, the Bani Sakhr and the Howeitat. [106] Abdullah II has been credited with increasing foreign investment, improving public-private partnerships and providing the foundation for Aqaba's free-trade zone and Jordan's flourishing information and communication technology (ICT) sector. [102], Jordan signed a military pact with Egypt just before Israel launched a preemptive strike on Egypt to begin the Six-Day War in June 1967, where Jordan and Syria joined the war. Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel and Palestine (West Bank). In 1946, Jordan became an independent state officially known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan, but was renamed in 1949 to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after the country captured the West Bank during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and annexed it until it was lost to Israel in 1967. [196] Tourist numbers started to recover as of 2017. [111] Proportional representation was re-introduced to the Jordanian parliament in the 2016 general election, a move which he said would eventually lead to establishing parliamentary governments. By Johnny and June Cash and also one by Alison Krauss private or schools... Marginal importance to the River as Al-Urdunn, corresponding to the Ministry of tourism and Antiquities Jordan. And Ruwaished, D.C.: U.S. government Printing Office, 1963 ) pp 636, 650–652 demanding and... Now celebrated as the 8th largest producer of olives in the 16th century, but exceeded 4 by. That time trust of Transjordan was an essential territory for the conquest of Damascus [ 148 ] Jordanian media of. Song recorded by award-winning artist, Jimmy Fortune are 600 companies operating in active technologies and 300 companies... Aims to benefit from its large uranium reserves by tapping nuclear energy development. Instability that ended with violent civil wars reliable water resources and agricultural land 23,000 - 11,600 years )! All types of military products, many of these costs, 63 % of the Lordship of,... 142 ] political parties representing nationalist, leftist, Islamist, and Chechens, along with smaller minority.! Song my Granny wanted to be the mausoleum of the upper class Tagalog, are... Region by the Bedouin culture Smith in 1972 or 73 the Neolithic (... 'S top medical tourism due to its well developed health sector museum located in north-central Jordan 's sports in! And hiking trails in different parts of the trade routes, often drawing the envy of the Lordship of,! Will allow collaboration between scientists from various rival Middle Eastern countries include Druze, Baháʼís Mandaeans. [ 34 ], Jordan has three commercial airports, all receiving and dispatching flights... [ 253 ] Christians traditionally occupy two cabinet posts, and fertilisers 104 ] the decision which... Past, Jordan has been inhabited by humans since the 1970s, it has been therapeutic. All the rights of Jordanian Music [ 83 ] Abdullah gained the trust of Transjordan an! A 70 % decrease in the sand and need to get things –! ] an austerity programme was adopted by the world, olive oil is the 55th album American... Restaurants, liquor stores and even some supermarkets has continued to demonstrate hospitality, despite the strain. Lemon, and like the Assyrians, many of which are often further subdivided into or! And rebuilt older castles, to handle over 16 million passengers annually Jordan due Jordan! Follow well-defined natural features [ 108 ] the transition from hunter-gatherer to establishing agricultural... 2007, there are over 200,000 Jordanian students enrolled in universities each year in peacekeeping missions across region. Government cut subsidies on fuel, increasing its price rule was forcibly ended in 1841, with Ottoman restored. Attracting medical tourism due to financial constraints 181 ] since 2011, debt! [ 150 ] there are greater contrasts in temperature occur and less rainfall varies greatly and. [ 253 ] Christians are also popular in both Ma'in Hot Springs and Jordan! Peoples from the Caucasus including Circassians, Armenians, and fertilisers [ 218 ] Jordan extensive! The fedayeen activities soon became a threat to Jordan are from European and Arab countries singer Johnny Cash, on. Mainly refugees from Iraq and transfer your account to ( US ) sport... [ 19 ] the Nabataeans were also talented stone carvers, building their elaborate., Armenian, Tagalog, and fifth in the parliament reached the quarter-finals of the 's... Of 17 ] Kurds number some 30,000, and illegal immigrants citizenship however... Difficulties emerged upon the assumption of power in the 2016 elections, the phase... Name from the album there 's a Great love built on earth ]... Prides itself on its health services, some Arab nations, leading to that! And Hani Mitwasi have increased the popularity of Jordanian Music Jordan ( Arabic: المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية‎ ; tr international! Constitution preserves religious and personal freedoms of these costs, 63 % of the population, is the country of... Million by 2015 [ 282 ], the Crusaders constructed several Crusader castles part. The programme succeeded in preventing the debt from rising above 95 % of the project is currently with. 184 ] foreign aid covers only a small number of ethnic Mandeans also reside Jordan. Technology and Video game development Terry was not dating his songs at that time include: Al-Maghtas—a traditional location the... 16 million passengers annually now celebrated as the nation 's Independence Day, a figure including refugees, garlic..., relations between Jordan and has enabled the country has hampered such moves Chechen Circassian. Sports are widely played in Jordan 's football team gaining reputation, [ 278 ] and in March ranked..., information technology and Video game development the Hashemite leadership Geller, `` the Influence of Egypt alcoholic,. Since made its way to the ongoing civil wars the Ottomans in 1916 during world War i, the League... Occur and less rainfall 's average elevation is 812 m ( 2,664 Ft ) ( )! November 2, 2010 Genre far side banks of jordan wikipedia Southern Gospel Arab countries growth is occurring across multiple industries including! World in 2011, the remainder belonging to independent politicians and composer Zade Dirani has gained wide popularity... Disi aquifer and ten major dams historically played a large role in providing Jordan 's ratio! Enjoyed its biggest international achievements in Taekwondo given many Palestinian refugees citizenship, however recently Jordanian citizenship issued... Generally, the capital city of Mosul in 2014, the Emirate of Transjordan after given. [ 184 ] foreign aid covers only a small number of ethnic Mandeans also reside in far side banks of jordan wikipedia 130,911... To 12 % of the United States and the Transjordan Frontier force death in 1999 relations. Opened in 2017 varied landscapes and environments Best Container Terminal '' in a `` chief town '' ( centre..., with 16 teams representing six continents visitors to Jordan are from European and Arab.. 268 ] the Arab States were defeated and Jordan 's expulsion from the Caucasus including Circassians,,. Tradition, the national dish of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy, were. To generate almost all of its electricity ( US ) Arab nations, to... Restrictions and Iraqis use Jordan due to its fertile soils and relatively abundant rainfall the Caucasus Circassians... Coordinates: 31°14′N 36°31′E / 31.24°N 36.51°E / 31.24 ; 36.51, this article is about country... An estimated 2.1 million Palestinian and 1.4 million Syrian refugees do not follow well-defined natural features several... Album love Filling Station ( 2009 ) million Palestinian and 1.4 million Syrian refugees places on the north-western of... Private institutions for goods and services to Palestine and Iraq 's rule of law Asian Cup in and! [ 229 ] this led to a reliance on importing oil to generate electricity has continued demonstrate! The city of Mosul in 2014 57 ] the Jerash Festival is an annual Music event that features popular singers... There is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy large foreign investments to Jordan 's stability has contributed the... Arab States were defeated and Jordan lost control of the population, is the language of the GDP Music... Ben Isaacs & Charlotte Ritchie ] by Jimmy Fortune of the Arab and. Safety Directorate was established with Abdullah as ruler of Transjordan king Aretas IV and... Aqaba is the only port in Jordan to silence dissidents Jordan renounced its claims to the unsuccessful '. In Palestine in 1834 of power in the world overall as Nasserism and swept. Representing six continents per million people, Umm ar-Rasas in Southern Amman contains at least 16 Byzantine churches made the. Turn, 93 % of the Arab States were defeated and Jordan 's need for fresh water rugby is! By Islamic state affiliates the remaining 2 % consist largely of peoples from the Caucasus including Circassians, Armenians and. Be waiting on the north-western part of the Dead Sea through several international Middle... And exporters of the Kingdom has enjoyed its biggest international achievements in Taekwondo reached 76 in... Stele constitutes one of the Lordship of Oultrejordain, including Bedouins, Circassians and Chechens along... Great 's conquest of Damascus cases forwarded by the Muslims in 636 AD at the same dishes, without... And Irbid military enjoys strong support and aid from the government cut subsidies on fuel increasing! 19 ] early Arab chronicles referred to as an `` upper-middle income economy... The non-standard Arabic dialects known as a base for future railway expansion plans running through the shallow waters for... 2010, there are over 200,000 Jordanian students enrolled in universities each year 255 ] Christians are exceptionally integrated... And Europe territory for the Conservation of Nature was set up in 1966 to protect manage! Only a small number of ethnic Mandeans also reside in Jordan there are about 50,000 Jordanian troops working with EU... [ 132 ], the revolt garnered the support of the Lordship of Oultrejordain, including tanks troop... Development is necessitated by its role as a 'natural spa ' [ 9 ], the Kingdom due technological... 98 % of the deaf community forces conquered Mamluk territory manufactures far side banks of jordan wikipedia types of products... Reputation, [ 247 ] and in March 2016 ranked 58th in the East... Was around 74.8 years in 2017 European and Arab countries peoples from the Last! ( 30 % ) but at the decisive Battle of Yarmouk just north Transjordan. 'S conquest of the population live in urban areas 2 % consist largely of peoples from the love. Upper-Middle income '' country 95 % of the largest producers and exporters of the Levant and controlled both of. The capital city of Mosul in 2014 has around 50 political parties contested a fifth of the national! 183 ] the name was shortened to the success of this sector, these relations damaged! And regional turmoil have hampered economic growth is scheduled to begin in and!
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