i wanna a software to calculate heat loss from horizontal tank. you should give a try to Creo Parametric and solid works. catie good!!! but I am doing mechanical engineering which software will they recover for their work? The Aim of this App is to Motivate Engineering Students and Professionals across the World into Learning All Important Concepts of Engineering. so you may be able to analyze and then optimize your design. Right now i think you may have better exposure about those companies then me, what they are and where they are. Note: I don't mind electrical engineering. i have completed DME and It will be a great help for me. 4)solid workes Plz suggest me, which software i should learn? next pro-e 5.0, hai i am sathish a mechanical engineering student. hello sir,,,i m a mechanical engineer 2014 pass out,,almost 1 year now still i m unemployed,,,i m going to start catia v5 and ansys software for designing purpose,,,please suggest me if there are enough job opporunities after these courses and how can i get a entry level job after this,,,,i m really frustated now,,,. you should learn at least one of these software. Bear in mind also, Computer Science is not just "software engineering… and trying to find. you don’t have to learn any new software. I WANNA TO MAKE A COMPLITE OUTER STR. I have completed my graduation in 2012 from then to now I worked as Assistant Professor But Frankly I am not interested in that field & I am interested in Designing filed i learned CATIA , CREO PARAMETRIC , can you please suggest how to approach the companies & Also suggest me the Companies which are taking aeronautical students …… In past days engineers used to draw manually with the help of drafter and pencil on a drawing sheet. In all fairness, plenty of good and good paying job opportunities exist in both fields, but, IMO ME offers a broader road and more secure future. what do u say about doing a course on CFD . Computer Engineering: Electrical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering: Software Engineering: English, Language Arts (Sec. Please suggest me the easiest domain. Hello Sir, Ansys although much more mature in analysis but as it lacks in designing. plz suggest me some job oriented desiginig and simulation courses , Free interview details posted anonymously by Reddit interview candidates. Hii Sir,I m a 3rd year ME student n I done auto CAD n catia.and want to know,what designing software I have to do next which will help me in feature for jobs… you can also include meshing softwares like hyperworks/hypermesh, thank you Umesh I will include them and more software like them soon…. thank you for your suggestion. sir, Eventually I graduated, a rare mechanical engineer that enjoyed programming. Dear Opeyemi every thing is linked. 4)solidworks(little bit but I have confident) As in the title, I am looking at how I might go about getting into programming. Thanks. Will surely save me a lot of time searching for software solutions on google. i personally prefer creo/ solidworks over autocad. with solid works you will have more opportunities in industry of different foreign countries as compared to others. however you can use some software specialized for manufacturing just like ERP Manufacturing Software. I had done with catia, pro e, auto cad, solid works. Thanks PRABAHARAN G for your suggestions. My debate is now whether to switch to software engineering or to stick to electrical. Based on my experience and mistakes I can tell you what you should do to make it smooth transition. all you need is some advanced help in this regard. Mechanical engineering is a broad area in which engineers work on sensors, engines, tools and various types of machines. Hi! My college used to say "mechanical engineering is the liberal arts of engineering". However, every mechanical engineer should have at least a basic familiarity with most of the software on this list. actually i didn’t find it yet. Helo sir,am doing B.E 3rd year mechanical. Full Time job Frequency 3 posts / day Blog civilax.com Facebook fans 87.3K ⋅ Twitter followers 1K ⋅ Domain Authority 37 ⓘ ⋅ Alexa Rank 328.7K ⓘ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email … Creo (formally Pro engineer) is stronger than catia due to its ease in use. I am writing this answer at 5.00 am ,waiting for the night shift to get over & trying not to get sleepy. having experience of these software will increase your skills but higher education will increase your position. As to work CAD drawing? Reality is, once you get into the real world you can find yourself doing just about anything. Software Engineer for global Industrial IoT company supplying rail, construction, mining. or use combination CAD software + Analysis software. on A list of Mechanical Engineering Software, A list of Mechanical Engineering Software, *Simulia contain multi-physics and Abaqus as its module or you can purchase them, PTC Creo Elements/Pro old gear in new machine. Please how is web designing and C++ related to mechanical engineerin. You need to the requirements for specific software at its official site. In future which software i should learn for give my best in designing department. I have allrady completed autocard solid work . They are hard core people who programming course is designed with lot of programming languages. Free Mechanical Engineering Software – CAD/CAM, FEA and others. like salome, open-foam. I need a Nvidia gfx card ? 17th Jun, 2012. Some of the top industries hiring mechanical engineers today include engineering services, R&D and several sub-sectors of … Complete your entire engineering process with Autodesk Product Design Suite. these are gaints int the fields you mentioned. Software engineering is the application of engineering principles and practices to create the software-centric systems modern societies rely on. The only software he has work on is Catia 3,4, and 5. it is a safe bet that CATIA, Solid work and NX are the best software’s for you to start on when working it this field. Computer engineering is more a flavor of the day field and vulnerable to outsourcing. so please suggest me a most suitable and demanding software for I entered graduate school and I studied computational fluid dynamics (also mechanical engineering) and then found a job writing software after I finished. i have used both of them and both works fine but i find creo much more easy than solid-works. i use Creo + Ansys combination for my work. Your email address will not be published. Example topic for Master’s : Design and analysis of Turbo charger, Design and analysis of engine etcc.. Can you please suggest me which software would be regarded as the elite one, I will then accordingly select the topic for my research which uses that software.. Waalikumusalam Afzal Khan. Add in application, mobile, and game development and the list continues. 1)autocad Hi, thanks i like your site. V) or Français, langue d’enseignement (5e sec.) Sometimes it confuses me which domain to choose. now a days mostly CAD software contain special module for drafting. 6. softwares that I am teaching :- Mathematics Technical and Scientific option or Science option (Sec. at the end of each post on mechanical360, you can singup using signup-box under the heading “Share and Subscribe”. you can try Solidworks to perform CAD modeling and analysis. How to learn softwares like ansys or abaqus. I suggest this software to measure of the screw threads, useful and economical Get hired. Reddit. Also, there are multiple deviations of the computer engineering degree – software engineering, hardware engineering, and robotics engineering (related to mechanical of course) are all several. after this you should learn any analysis software to analyze and improve your design. by the B.TECH degree, i couldnt get any job. Below are 4 different ways of choosing the best CAD software to learn. if u got crack for that means please send me to ilovemech@gmail.com. Can you not able to suggest which book I have to follow? 6)stadd pro. 2)proe (sketch, part design, assembly, manufacturing(mold design), drafting) Required fields are marked *. material handling software means the information about material properties. Save. Especially I am messed up on my choice between Catia,NX CAD and Solidworks. Many engineering disciplines are becoming increasingly digital, which means relying on an increasing number of digital tools. being fresher only this way to get a job. for this purpose you can use Ansys, Multiphysics, Abaqus if you intend to use commercial software. You should go for ACad2D + Solid works as for now. you can use the combination of two or more softwares from above list. Thanks. That's when I started finding amazing opportunities. sir, i am fresher of mechanical engineering. Yes I am a instructor in btech college. well the best collage or country is that fit for you. Sir myself ajay ..i have done autocad,solidworks,catia,creo,ansys . And after getting the degree, mechanical engineers can choose either a job or entrepreneurship career in professional life. Hi dude analysis software’s like hypermesh, ansa and abaqus are missing above. Which of these are stronger? For design purpose you should go for Creo parametric and beside it i will recommend you to use either ansys or abaqus. We are producing safe, secure, reliable and scalable solutions needed to address societies’ challenges. start exploring details about country you wish to to go and explore to find university that suits you best. by govt CAD tutorial in chennai ? I am a cad/ cam instructor and ed drawing instructor also. Most recent answer. So I started taking some of the design principles I had never gotten a chance to apply to cars, and applying them to my personal software projects. sir, i like to join in ship companies. In this post i am sharing a list of Software, including CAD, Thermal analysis, FEMs and other services or tools that can be used in Mechanical Engineering. sir, first of you need to select the design software and then you may need to know some basics of CAM. Are you a beginner Software Engineer with a dream of both coding and browsing r/catsstandingup at work? Whether AMD Radeon / ATI Sunpro gfx cards supports all the softwares you said ? But if you are very much interested in software/IT field you can additionally study software subjects and prepare yourself to attend placement interviews conducted by software companies. pls suggest me,hereafter which software i should learn……? Thank You! I am a fresher of mechanical engineer. I personally did 2.5 years as a professional mechanical engineer right after college, then switched over to software … I am a fresher of mechanical engineer. This Mechanical Engineering App is the One Stop Solution for All Mechanical Engineering Needs,It Contains Various Important Mechanical Engineering Concepts. But i will update the list after finding the software that are specially build for drafting. Hello sir, I am a Mech Engineer of 2013 passout, and I am searching for a job. Auto cad is basic software for Mechanical engineers. some software are specialized in doing some task and some handle them generally. sir i am doing 3rd mechanical engineering i have completed autocad, creo/pro-e, solildworks, nx cad, nx cam, nx nastran, anysis, rhino, master cam , cnc fanuc programming, and abaqus software. However, when considering aerospace engineering vs. mechanical engineering, keep in mind that the former is a relatively narrow fiel , focusing on … soon i will be writting tutorials of ansys workbench. Thankyou. I know softwares Creo and SolidWorks. I have already done Autocad, Solidworks & PRO-E. try Ansys or Abaqus that will enhance your skills as a Design engineer. sir, 3)creo use any analysis software for this purpose. When any fault occurs in that drawing, they need to replace it by drawing it completely once again. this is one way mean you do something very good in relevant projects and companies may be interested in you. I have to go in desigining. 21 Reddit Software Engineer interview questions and 21 interview reviews. Last 3 and half year I have experienced in teaching line . Fantastic, just bookmarked this page for future use. OF AUTOMOBILE SO WHAT SOFTWEAR HELP ME IN THIS, i have completed my Mech engineering course . Find Reddit Software Engineer jobs on Glassdoor. Which other softwares would you recomend i learn that will help with my career options? Even Mechanical Engineering students are trained in CAD/CAM. go to selected design institute joined them, I hope they will provide u some opportunity. mechanical field. Cite. plz suggest me. 6)nx cam 2)catia already.which software is best for me to learn further for getting a job pls help me, . you should increase your skills in both software you have mentioned and try to become an expert.These two can serve completely. i always knew the importance of learning these parts like catia, auto-cad etc. this will boost your chance to get hired. Software doesn't have any type of enforcement like mechanical engineering, because most of the stuff we make won't kill anyone if it breaks. For what it's worth, I'm a Mechanical Engineer. after completing your manual engineering drawing course you can start with solid works, creo parametric, auto-cad etc. You are right this is the best way to learn and design the mechanical instruments like car etc but I’m poor family so I don’t able to study now I’m study mechanical engineering first year thank u, Hi im fresh mech eng i want to know the way for learning such as at first learn cad and cae and cam…i need a suggest abt arrangment of software tnx, bro iam doing my diplomo in mechanical engineering i have done a.cad what is the best software must do next which will boost my job opportunities. One thing i would like to mention that PTC has changed the name (actually it’s philosophy) of ProEngieener to Creo Parametric. Philippines About Blog Civilax.com is designed for Civil Engineering Professionals, Undergraduates to update them selves with latest versions of civil engineering software, E-books, software training videos & Manuals. plz can anyone state what r the necessary ones in mechanical engineering. Mechanical Engineer looking to change careers into computer programming / software development. so please suggest me a most suitable and demanding software for In CFD you can use C++ a lot. right now if you are working as Assistant Professor then you may have chance to approach different companies through your projects. I always recommend either Creo Parametric or Solid works. Sir i m ashutosh and pursuing btech mechanical engineering i want to learn some programs of the mechanical engineering but i dont know from where i should start can u plz guide me…i never learn any software so its is important for me.. start with cad 2014 drafting and annotation I’m a student of Mechanical engineering and i want to became a car designer in future so please provide me any softwere for car design, i am fresher just now completed my btech in mech …..please tell me which is the software in more demand. Physical Modeling and Simulation Software, Professional Shunt Calibration Calculator, Multi-disciplinary Design and Analysis Software. Mechanical engineering is a lucrative stream in engineering-related fields for the students. My brother has been in mechanical engineering for more the 20 years. Cullimore and Ring Technologies, Inc. – Thermal/Fluid Software and Consulting. Catia or pro/engineering…….. Ansys or Abacus? Love your job. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. i have finished my Btech Mechanical Engineering. You need to learn few basic areas and few advance. It is 100% do-able for you to switch in. Please if i want to learn softwares which one can i start with and can you give me the best lists of softwares to go with. 5)nx cad After all, there are more than 20 CAD software in the design market. Thank You. Issuing commands from from a plan drawing. I am a fresher of mechanical engineering 2015 passout batch. It was too time-consuming. please send name of any five drafting packages(software). Basic would need 1. I have just now completed AUTOCAD 2D + 3D 1 month back. Please guide me and help me as soon as possible. now you should move towards ansys or other analysis software. hello sir.I have completed my btech from mechanical branch and I have learned the software autocad and proE , now I have to move forward. 1) autocad ( mechanical , civil (plan , elevation, section, 3d building drawings) 17th Nov, 2012. I am working as an assistant engineer in maintenance department, would you please suggest me the software which will help me in the field of mechanical maintenance. I am really liking my programming class (JAVA). Respected sir i am adiploma engineer . i have already done AUTOCAD and PRO-E. i haven’t use abacus that’s why i can not compare ansys and abacus. The answer to this question can be different based on your requirements. Its good you have done a lot in modeling. Explore careers and gain 2 years of paid work experience through co-op. learn creo or solid works for modeling and then learn abaqus, ansys etc. I am from Aeronautical Department . Thanks. Best software for any 3D modelling is Solidworks , you can make machine components easily also easy to learn. creo parametric, solid works, catia, Hey, i will consider it soon. Hi Rahul, you can try either solidworks or Creo Parametric. i have used Ansys and it does good job. how to get addmission in your( mechanial 360) Mechanical Engineer looking to change careers into computer programming / software development As in the title, I am looking at how I might go about getting into programming. i haven’t done mechanism analysis in this software. Software Engineering is the study of how software systems are built, including topics such as project management, quality assurance, and software testing. hi dear all Hi! You will be able to handle it. I did my Autocad 2014 also. Hello , best software for electrical is Autocad , you can do circuit PCB design. kindly reply please. Sir I am pursuing BE and I have a little knowledge about design software so what software I prerefer for a good design and for a job in designing field. for your own learning purpose i suggest you to start with creo parametric. web designing is simply the part of learning some other field. Sir i am Anuj and i am is in GET in Sara Sae Pvt.ltd.I want to know that which software of design and analyses can give me good career in forein countries. A large part of an engineer’s education is more than facts, calculations and theories. Waiting for a reply. Greetings Sir, I am about to start my first year in Mechanical Engg. A lot of people don’t know that mechanical actual requires some … if u get any chance any where ,any software like proE, solidwork, Catia etc. https://actcad.com/blog/engineering-drawing-software/. Currently I am working as deputy manager in reputed automobile company. Although now a days Matlab is preferred. i want robatic training system in camptur .so I request to you in which software is learn to me. soon it will be included. Am gonna get a laptop . Bro plz guide me . Pls help. i found ease in doing design optimization based on required output in ansys. Good day sir, I am a computer system analyst, I would like u to help me with the software (s) that can automatically fix lightening points in a building. automobile field. Aerospace engineers and mechanical engineers both work on the development and construction of equipment and devices. Thank you Francis i have added your suggestion into list. hi sir….i m student of btech mech.3rd sem.i want to know that how we get job in designing sector …in automobile companies…which sofware is more important in Autocad .. hello everyone, for this purpose creo parametric will be better. Or thanking you sir.. it can be done in most of the CAD software. 5)revit architecture you have good skills about CAD software even verity of software. I don’t do much mechanical engineering these days, but I do enjoy the options it allows me to pursue. Respected sir please suggest me, what should i do further. Hi.sir But Once I Have the book (40 Pages) work book which was given Mechanical engineering is a broad field, offering jobs for mechanical engineers in almost every industry.

This breadth of opportunity makes careers in mechanical engineering appealing to new engineering graduates and young professional engineers. Software Engineer Catches Intelligent Bot Posting on Reddit (kmeme.com) 122 Posted by EditorDavid on Sunday October 11, 2020 @01:34PM from the uncanny-valleys dept. now you should learn doing analysis. I suggest you to increase your skills in manufacturing. I am currently studying Electrical Engineering at McGill University, however, I needed to take a computer class and because of that I now realize that I am really starting to enjoy programming. And I need to contact u for research help…philnvin{[@]}gmail.com. I belong to this category and have gone through this shift 15 years ago. but Higher education always matters. this will boost your skills…. i am mechanical gradute automobile desining is my passion ,wil u suggest me I am sure you will find them very useful. i am sure that will initiate the creativeness in reader. Software Engineer Listed eight days ago 8d ago at akin.com. cnc I have an Honours Mechanical Engineering degree (first class), and am currently working as a project engineer. As i am using Creo Parametric right now so there is module for manufacturing in creo parametric there you can get results for your desired problem. so , for go to better high position what should I do, so that it will good for my carrier. Plz suggest me, which software i should learn? Bearing in mind that I've read the faq's for crossing over, I guess I'd like some advice on making the change. learn any analysis software that suits you better. i have updated the post accordingly to remove any doubt about ProE and added your suggestion too. plz rly. The Galactic Reddit Academy (aka Reddit’s internship program) is ready for liftoff, and we need Software Engineering Interns to join our crew! I need a software assistance In designing vehicle n it’s components,machine designs, I know AutoCad well. Profession: Software engineers shall advance the integrity and reputation of … this combination will help you a lot. Solid works also include CFD module while creo parametric has structural analysis module only. Applicants for this program need to have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited university with at GPA of at least 3.25 -4.0. http://filetm.en.softonic.com Curriculum. You're in the right place! Programming for engineers seems to easy when it comes to computer science or IT people as only an engineer can understand engineer language. Thanks for the suggest. My major is mechanical and i want to know if a mac will be good for running the softwares mentioned above and more, Majority of above software support mac. Hi Adhishankar you should contact your department’s administration for this kind of information. i m currently doing my 3rd year mech engg. i done autocad. pro-e can you please suggest me next software which is best for getting job. But for beginner who doesn’t know the basics of CAD i will suggest to use Auto CAD and after that shift to earlier stated software. There are lots of softwares and I am totally confused between what to do. Prospective students who searched for Mechanical Engineer vs. Software Engineer found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. Mathcad is possibly the one piece of software that is useful to every mechanical engineer, regardless of job function. Am from nigeria…ME student. you should start learning any CAD software like solid works, creo, catia wtc and then learn about analysis software like ansys or abaqus. sir how can i build work piece and cutting tool model in software(in which software it will be easy)..and how can i analyse the model by varying cutting parameters like temperature, feed, speed , and other factors like nose radius, rake angles etc..i am waiting for your reply sir.. I need to select a topic for my Master’s program which will help me to acquire a job profile of Design Engineer. A strong engineering education should prepare young engineers to enter the professional world with all of the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. it is mostly the knowledge. above all noted software is good for me 8)hypermesh and I wish I could get some help or assistance from you. You can find C++ more useful when you are trying to formulate or automate some of your process. Hi Jayavel, as you are in first year of mechanical engineering you probably don’t have to learn any of these software. after that you will be able to your own work with confidence and higher efficiency. creo parametric is very powerful PLM software but solid works has its own benefits. In addition, going back to college for a degree isn't an option financially for me at the moment. . I am in last year of BE mechanical.. Earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of Canada's top engineering schools. solid work is much easy software …………….but proE provide complete manufacturing package so if u wanna doing modeling then use solidworks, hi sir i am adhishankar i just doing mechanical second year in chennai i want to study master computer course in my department i havee one question howmuch amount it will take……………….?
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