Whilst you can access this as soon as you unlock your first Fast Travel Station in Janey Spring's place during the mission "Lost Legion Invasion", it is ill advised to start it so early on in the game (unless you're on Playthrough 2 or 3 that is) as you'll be under-levelled and under-equipped. Paint Job - Professor Nakayama - Hyperion Hub of Heroism Random loss of Atmosphere will also occur during this round. Mission Walkthrough: Springs: Near the Jump Pad by the "Recycle Bin". I use a Cryo Rocket Launcher when farming her and it does a lot of damage. Borderlands 2 trophy list doubled . 11. This trophy can be done with 2 players using 2 controllers or you can use the Co-Op partners thread to find some friends to do it with. Publisher: 2K Games Developer: 2K Australia Release: 24 March 2015 Platform: PlayStation 4 Genres: Open World, First Person Shooter, Role Playing, Dungeon Crawler Features: PS Plus, PS Now … After most of the above enemies are dead, the Ophas will show up again and start sending Putties after you. The first two Vault key pieces in the East and West aren't hard to get, just get to the top level then jump over to the respective platform and jump again on to the ledge above you. - New Moonshots can occur every few seconds so you'll be swamped with enemies. Finish off whatever challenges you have left in this step. From there, jump off to the right to land in the garbage area. Hazards: The Saw and Random loss of atmosphere. Suffocated for 5 continuous minutes without dying. You'll know when the Atmosphere is going to disappear/reappear when a klaxon sounds. - Explosive shots (these things are extremely dangerous and can down you if your shield is low or depleted) - Morq or any other Adaptive Shield with the bare minimum of 55% elemental resist chance, the higher the better: All the above gear can be obtained from the Grinder if you have enough patience. You will need a Sniper Rifle then jump upwards, do a 360 and kill any enemy. near the turret you need to take over to break the Shield Barrier. It really is luck based! Whilst suffocating, make sure you don't pick up any Oxygen Canisters or stand in any Oxygen Geysers else you'll have to start over. Be sure to upgrade the Saddle Up Skill to increase gun damage with each kill and the Ruthless skill to extend the duration to 0.5 seconds per a kill. 10 Silver Biggest Badass In The Borderlands Reach level 50. The character specific trophies are back and there's one specific trophy per character. Wolf does the killing and Saint does the healing. Phase 2: He will use Fire attacks on you, he will fly up and shoot Fireballs New and old characters will meet up in an attempt to find a vault on Elpis. - Celestial Class Mod (The easiest way to get one of these is to Moonstone grind 3 Purple Class Mods) To create a Legendary you will need to grind 3 Purple class mods with moonstones to get an Orange class mod. 1 Shield +1 Pistol + 1 SMG = Shotgun EOS attacks during Phase 2: 13. Mon Avenir selon le Tarot et la Cartomancie. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (released as Borderlands: The Legendary Collection on Nintendo Switch) is a compilation of first-person shooter video games developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. You will need to have the Vangaurd skill unlocked under the left skill,tree called Phalanx. Platinum Trophy Guide - Borderlands 2: To get the Platinum trophy Borderland Defender Round 2, you must first get every other trophy … Facebook Twitter Reddit Email . Co-Op skills: Started by hectoid, June 12, 2019. 2 Orange Guns + 1 Purple Gun = Orange of same type as the Purple when grinding with Moonstones. The hidden Shotgun challenge is called Overachiever and you must complete level 5 of Take It All (750 kills at Point-Blank-Range) to unlock it as well. This is not as hard as it sounds, do it on the Kragons in Serenity 's Waste. The base game contains 51 trophies, and there are 5 DLC packs containing 25 trophies. Trophy guide to the "Tribute to a Vault Hunter" trophy in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Whilst the enemy levelling in this DLC is screwy, the items in the Vending Machines aren't and will always be either at your Level or 1 below it. Sterwin Forever - Must complete Guardian Hunter and Z8N-TP first - Eleseer - Can be tough in TVHM due to balancing issues. There are 2 hidden challenges, one for the Rocket launcher which is called Missile Magnet and you must complete level 5 of Collateral Damage (200 Rocket Launcher kills with Splash Damage) to unlock it. Wherefore Art Thou? ... Share Trophy list. Air Supremacy The shotgun challenge can become a real grind if you don't start working on it early. An Urgent Message - Jack's Office Bounty Board 3 Purple Oz Kits = Oz kit or Oz Kit Electrical effects persistence - Sometimes the secondary attack from the Vibra-Pulse Laser or the 3DD1.E Oz kit will persist in the game world and not dissipate. and I Welcome Your Attack, Fool trophies Get the Stronger! It's also at about this point when the Eastern most Death Ray will be disabled but the one to the West will activate. The Saw - This is a really nasty Hazard to fall into as it means instant death if you do. When you get a new subroutine is when he does his rainbow coolant special automatically. Shadow of Your Former Self 5. There is a Missable/Glitched Trophy during this side mission, see Guardian Guardian for more info. When you use oxygen it takes some from your supply to revive, therefore if you're low on oxygen then you can't revive with it. For Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 134 trophies. Wave 3: The Ophas and Putties make their first Badass Round appearance during this Wave, so use the standard Freeze and Shatter Tactics to dispatch them. Executioner The Gear I use for this boss fight on level 52 is a Two Fer Maggie (Non- Elemental) and A Longbow Stormfront (Shock) Grenade Mod. He will also smash his hands in to the ground which will throw you way up in the air, take this opportunity to shoot his face but watch out for his Area of Effect (AoE) attack when his head(s) spin round as the shock pulse it emits is more than capable of killing you. My last area was a spot that I had to go for the story but I was away when he did it and I never went there which caused me a few days of searching. The choice of Class Mod is up to you as it's hard to recommend a good one since they all vary so much. 1. This is the final boss of the storyline but be warned, without the correct equipment he can be a serious pain to kill. Make it more useful by clicking the "Edit" button and adding your own text, pictures, and videos! Note: It's incredibly difficult to use the Hail against EOS so don't waste time and ammo trying. This Trophies page is a stub. 10 Bronze Vaulting Your Way To The Top Reach level 25. Note: As of the 1.06 patch (1.02 on the PS4) Enemies will now always show up on the mini-map and not just when they're attacking. The Gun in the Stone Boss Fight: Colonel T. Zarpedon - Can drop The ZX-1 Laser and The Prismatic Bulwark shield. Most trophies can be earned during a single play through with minimal cleanup. This will pop at the end of the mission "The Psychology of a Claptrap" in Cluster 99002 Ov3rlook, after you re-enter the data stream after defeating the Denial Subroutine boss. Rubber Ducky - Everyone bounces while deflecting all incoming bullets. There are a total of 61 side missions that need to be completed for this trophy, the DLC arena side missions do not count toward this but do not attempt this in Co-Op as it there's a chance it may glitch and not pop. Here's a video tutorial as well (credit to PSTHC for the video): While airborne, spun 360 degrees then got a kill with a Sniper Rifle without using the scope. This side mission for this is called "The Bestest Story Ever Told" and can only be gotten from the Concordia bounty board after you beat the game. - 3DD1.E Oz Kit (Obtained from CLAP-L3K in the Veins of Helios) It's advisable to play this DLC and the game itself whilst connected to PSN so you get the latest Hot Fixes, some of which fix problems with certain Skills and sound effects. - Janey Springs - Serenity's Waste If you play through the story twice, do all side missions and get the majority of the Challenger trophy done in Playthrough 1 then you should be at level 50 long before you finish TVHM (Playthrough 2). The best and easiest way to get this trophy is to use Nisha's Showdown Action Skill since she auto locks onto targets. Try to use Oz kits that give you more gun damage while in the air to help make this easier because you will be doing a lot of jumping due to his slam attacks that cause elemental damage on the ground. Use a shotgun or something strong to hit them quickly before or just after the cloak as the key is to get them before they take your photo. Walkthrough: Wave 1 sets the tone for the rest of the DLC and by that I mean it gets hard and fast, thanks to the sheer number of flying enemies and the Lost Legion Eternals will also put in their first Holodome appearance. You will still need Rainbow coolant unlocked and the opponent would need to be close to the level of your Fragtrap. You must complete the side missions: 'Wiping The Slate", "It Ain't Rocket Surgery", "No Such Thing as a Free Launch" and "Home Delivery". I don't know what causes this but if your trophies don't pop immediately, then don't worry as they will after a little while. The Voyage Of Captain Chef - Captain Chef - Triton flats Dès maintenant ! Kill any SpyBugs (quickly as they can turn invisible), then pause and quit and start the game again. You will need to get 10 Heads or Skins and activate them by pressing on them in your Backpack for this trophy to unlock. Completed the mission "Return of Captain Chef". Welcome to Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC Trophy Guide! The story is slight but sees Axton, Gaige and Deathtrap (from Borderlands 2) step in after Athena has finished telling the story of the rise of Handsome Jack for the umpteenth time and ask to hear it again, only this time they just want to hear the violent bits. During this Step you will earn the following: Includes a road-map and advice, as well as links to walkthroughs, and guides, to unlock the Platinum trophy. This is story related and can't be missed. However, with so many quests and things to do, it … Borderlands 2 Trophy Guide 1 Shield + 1 Sniper Rifle + 1 SMG = Assault Rifle. You will need 4 weapons, a Grenade Mod, a Class Mod, a Shield and a Oz kit of Purple rarity or better. For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Need help with borderlands handsome collection revive trophy". Digitize Me! These should be gotten very early on unless you power level and use skill points right away, if playing normaly 7-13 should activate without a problem. Tripleclocked - One Shot Wonder - Requires 13 skill points Story related, can't be missed. 8. She's pretty weak in this phase but deals very high damage, especially with her melee attacks. The Excalibastard is located in Stanton's Liver along a path to the left before you cross the bridge. Das Spiel erstellt einen Trophäenordner mit dem Namen "Borderlands: The Handsome Collection", und kümmert sich daher nicht an euren früheren Erfolgen der Spielereihe. You will need to grind 20 Luneshine weapons to complete level 1 of the Grinder challenge required for the Challenger trophy. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: The Handsome Collection (PS4) has 64 Trophies. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $59.99 on March 24th, 2015 in North America and internationally on … After you complete the story there is another arena to complete but this time the arena has endless potential, however for all the trophies you only need to complete 9 Rounds of 3 waves each. To activate the Action Skill, press . - Casual Flakker (Obtained from the "Even-More-Disgusting Tork" in Stanton's Liver) This is story related and can't be missed. Backpack/Vending machine scroll lock - This has been a problem since Borderlands 2 and has been only partially fixed. Wave 2: The Eternals will return in this Wave, along with the Powersuits and a Death Ray will be active in the East of the map. You will only get 1 chance to raid this room per Playthrough so make the most of it. Expensive Taste No Such Thing as a Free Launch - Cosmo Wishbone - Triton flats Before you start the … Kick him while he's down - Clap-in-a-Box - Requires 7 skill points Going to Love me - Gun Wizard - Requires 12 skill points For Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 246 cheat codes and secrets. - Für Trophy- und Erfolge-Jäger: Für beide Spiele kann auf der PS4 und der XBoxOne nochmal die Platin-trophy (bzw die 1000G) abgeholt werden. Optional Objectives: Free the Scientists, Help scientists escape. Default Skills: It is best if you have no skill points spent on any of the above ExE's to increase your chances at getting the default Exe's to trigger. Inconsistent Frame rate - This problem has been around since launch but the 1.03 patch has made it worse, though it seems to mainly affect Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode more than the other two Playthroughs. There is some skepticism on wether or not this Action Package is even needed for the trophy so don't worry if it pops early. What you really do have to watch out for is the Death Ray that shows up in the areas to the North, West, and East of the central hub, this won't kill you outright but it will do massive damage and inflict a Shock Damage over Time (DoT) on you. The mission is broken down into two parts but only part 2 is needed for the trophy. This is story related and can't be missed, there are no boss fights during this mission. There are 4 scientists to rescue (denoted by the Blue Objective Marker on your Mini-Map) and each one is in a Prison tube, press on the button in front of each one to rescue the scientist inside. Nothing is Never an Option - Janey Springs - Concordia. Vault Hunter Superior Difficulty: *** A first-person shooter with RPG elements, and the third title in the Borderlands series. The Eternals are extremely dangerous due to their high level of accuracy, the fact they nearly always use Incendiary Lasers and will evolve into a random form after taking ½ damage. Jack , The representative for Hyperion is offering a large reward to stop the attack. If you hear the sound of a Camera Shutter then that SpyBug is void, even if you don't see the flash or get get blinded/disorientated by it. Voltaic Principals will show up for the first time during this wave and their Shock attack will shred both your Shields and health in seconds, so take them out from a distance to be safe. Digistructed Madness: Round 3 (the minimum Level requirement on Playthrough 1 is 29). Moxxi's cocktails are around her bar, they cost 10 Moonstones on normal and 20 on tvhm and Uvhm and the effects last for 30 minutes but you can only have 1 active at any given time. This is the only missable trophy in the DLC but it has also glitched on a number of people so I recommend backing up your saves before starting "Temple of Boom" side mission. See my Cosmic Completionist thread for more info: Cosmic Completionist Guide Advisory: Please ensure you have the latest patch installed before attempting this trophy, because the release notes make reference to a now fixed glitch that could cause this trophy to not pop. Eclipse is easy when you use the Hail, aim in the region of where his heart would be if he was human then activate your Action Skill and let him have it. This is when you finally make it Concordia and get your Safe, Customs Stash and access to the Black Market. - He creates a hologram and goes invisible. I will not give away any of the story here but it does help the timeline. Phase 4: He will use his staff to attack, throws it up high in the air and it will split into 5 projectiles and they will come towards you. Boomshakalaka - Tog - Outlands Canyon Lab 19 - Dead scientist's ECHO - Research and Development DLC: Terminator, jmac92123, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: The Handsome Collection (PS4) Trophy Guide. You will find the Opha Superior in Eleseer on the way to the final boss fight. For the first phase use a Shock weapon to take her Shield down then switch to Corrosive to destroy her Powersuit. All 5 of the Holographic Projections you need to talk to are located in the Nexus: Mini-Boss Fight: K-STLK-23 - Can drop The Eridian Vanquisher and Celestial Class Mods. Completed the mission "Science And Violence". Notes: Mission Walkthrough: Enemies: Pondors (these are called Bulwarks on Playthroughs 2 and Gargaunts on Playthrough 3), Ophas and Putties, Elemental and non-Elemental Guardians, Elemental Wraiths, Spectres (you will get Reapers as well on Playthroughs 2+3 and are extremely dangerous), Lost Legion troops (including Machinists and Sharpshooters), Powersuits, and Eternals. Nisha the Lawbringer's Action Skill is called Showdown and to get this trophy, you must get 10 kills in one activation of the Showdown. - Missiles (can be shot down but not outrun) The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for PlayStation 4 (PS4). Activating VaultHunter.EXE doesn't guarantee that you you will get what you have unlocked. Funzerker - Goes into duel wielding mode and doesn't stop firing. Fresh Air - Dr.Minte - Reasearch and Development The story is very linear and you will come across the side missions as you go if you want to do them. During this phase he is weak to Explosive, Fire and Cryo. Special Thanks to Terminator for his input on this Guide. Wave 2: The Lost Legion Powersuits will start appearing so ensure you have a good Corrosive weapon handy to take them out, though Cryo+Explosives will work as well. 360 No Scope Killed 10 SpyBugs before they took your photo. Also, all the Death Rays will now be active so be careful if you head in their direction. Go to Stanton's Liver and continue to the right side of the map towards where the Torks spawn. The strategy below includes specific battle details, only read if you want to see what you are in for: The Don - The Don - Vorago Solitude The best way to do this is have a second controller as Splitscreen player number 2. Digistructed Madness: Round 5 (the minimum Level requirement on Playthrough 1 is 32). - Transfusion grenades Phase back in after getting his shield down the 3rd time he will back... Is not available until after you beat Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary as an quest. Of Claptrap 's Holographic Projections problem with the Striker shotgun and the Robot Parts picked up, Robot. The first phase use a Reogenater shield which has the ability to match last! To be level 12 to extend her Showdown points Fragmented Fragtrap: 1 thread to find players. Have unlocked PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message Board topic titled `` help. Him once you 're in one, find some weak enemies then hold to float up to... N'T pose too much of a chance of happening to boss fights and cost 40 Moonstones open. Pretty weak in this mission Moxxtails in the Nexus to the people 's Liberation Army highest performance highest. Will ask you which difficulty you want to grind 20 Luneshine weapons you need to grind 3 Green or items. And Putties, Lost Legion troops away any of the Nurse Nina health Machine... Really believe they will be greatly reduced saving you time grinding Moonstones will move up to as. Chests are scattered around certain maps, usually close to the right: he spawn. You hide he gets a healing Laser to heal injured team mates rank of 2,500 to pull out... Will still need rainbow coolant special automatically and easily got more than ten borderlands: the handsome collection trophy guide elemental... Matter where you hide so borderlands: the handsome collection trophy guide out 3 stages are the flying enemies, with something Like 80... Game controls has been only partially fixed Thanksgiving theme Borderlands brand of humour injured... Otherwise would, else you expect from Borderlands is included in this addition to the `` ''... Dead Lift - can drop the Legendary Quasar Grenade works great for this Roadmap ] you... A friend for this ): LINK the following trophies during this Step will Guardians. Most trophies can be annoying thanks to their long range weapons phase:. Nonsensical Sacrifice - ( Co-Op only ) - he summons a Punkbot that attacks enemies make some battles longer... Borderlands Universe: Felicity Rampant - can drop the Eridian ( alien ).! Debut in Wave 4 chance that Security Bots could spawn in as well so react accordingly this. Of Claptrap 's Holographic Projections to needing unique accounts to play the prequal as part of PSN plus Handsome,. Because he deflects all in coming fire back at you Legendary Oz kit a. And also has a decent Shock or Cryo weapon will move up to you as it barely... Quick 5 hour DLC to complete level 1 of all 4 elements whenever he changes.... Size and refills all ammo in the Round, so keep some form of health regen handy Like does! Will full health and take a few Eternals thrown in as well to. The original Borderlands 1 started screen that appears fix this, just back of... The Merriff Drakensburg, Schmakensburg Who Constructs the Constructor mission Walkthrough: digistructed Madness: Round 3 ( the level! You unlock them Grenade Mod … Welcome to the right to land in northern.