He showed it to Ludwig Beissner, the head of the Bonn Botanic Garden in Germany, and plants made from that original seedling were spread around the world. Apparently the plant was first raised by a nurseryman near Paris in about 1873. Cedrus atlantica is best used as a specimen tree. Mar 27, 2017 - Explore Sarah Adams's board "Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar" on Pinterest. You will receive email notifications along the way on the progress of your order, as well as tracking information to track your plants all the way to their new home! Silvery-blue-green needles are arranged in fascicles. While the industry-standard terminology is to call the sizes "Gallon Containers", that doesn't exactly translate to the traditional liquid "gallon" size we think of. Le cèdre bleu pleureur (Cedrus libani Glauca Pendula, Syn. Cedrus – atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula Serpentine’ (Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar) The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar has silver-blue foliage and is grafted on a standard. Cedrus atlantica‘Glauca Pendula’ Figure 1. A dazzling focal point specimen in the landscape, the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Tree, also known as the Cedar of Lebanon, is an evergreen conifer prized for its graceful limbs that … atlantica 'Glauca Pendula' . Years of careful attention create these stunning focal points for any well-manicured landscape. This tree is difficult to transplant, is the least cold hardy of the cedars, and should be more widely planted in the south. Une variété du cèdre bleu de l'Atlas, à croissance lente et au port pleureur particulièrement caractéristique. Vzgojna oblika: drevo zraste do 40 m višine, tvoreči široko piramidalno krošnjo.. Lubje: na začetku je sivkasto in gladko, kasneje globoko razpokano.. Eine langsam wachsende und besonders charakteristische Trauerform der blauen Atlaszeder. It … These creations take skill and time to create, but the hard part is over, and the fun is left for you. Cedrus atlantica 'glauca pendula'. It is often grafted onto a standard. Its dense limbs are thickly covered with clusters of short, steel-blue needles, adding charm to this picturesque tree. Morgan Hill Sunset zones: 3b - 10, 14 - 24 4 m. Ihre Nadeln haben eine schöne blaue Färbung. Category: Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula' This dramatic weeping evergreen makes a special addition to any landscape. Un style inégalable de part son port pleureur qui continue à courrir le long des charpentes tout au long de sa vie. We measure from the top of the soil to the top of the tree; the height of the container or the root system is never included in our measurements. Weeping habit of growth requires leader is be staked upright. Cedrus atlantica f. 'GLAUCA PENDULA' Cedrus atlantica f. ... Glauca Pendula je převislou formou atlaského cedru s nápadně modrostříbrnými jehlicemi, podobnými modřínu. Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula', commonly known as weeping blue atlas cedar, is a slow-growing conifer tree whose blue-needle-covered weeping branches makes it a stunning addition to any home landscape. As the trees mature, they have flatter tops with large supporting trunks and limbs. Its cascading branches makes it possible for it to be trained as a living screen or to take on a variety of interesting shapes. These cover the older stems. Multiple serpentine stems can cover a large surface – have fun and create your own unique living sculpture. Il se distingue à sa forme pyramidale large et élégante prenant une grande ampleur avec l'âge. Cedrus atlantica, Atlantski cedar. 'Serpentine' is trained with a single trunk that curves back and forth in a snake-like fashion. Great tree for color, texture and overall dramatics. Silvery-blue-green needles are arranged in fascicles. Clements It can be a free-standing specimen in a lawn or garden bed, or planted to grow up a sunny wall, a fence or trellis panels. If you have seen a large 'Glauca Pendula' you want one as a specimen in your garden, in front of your business, or in front your church. These look like small pinecones, 2 to 3 inches long, blue when young, turning light brown, and adding an attractive decorative element to the tree. Continue to train the flexible top stem up the stake, folding it back and forth as it grows. century was ending, a gardener at the Paillet Nursery, in Châtenay-sur-Seine, France, found a strange seedling among a batch of blue Atlas cedars. Weeping Atlas Cedar, Cedrus Atlantica, 'Glauca Pendula', Blue Atlas Cedar , lowered the branches to the water, near a small pond, surrounded by other 229,854,574 stock … You will soon have a large, mature specimen on display. Naturally grows slowly, taking on a sprawling and horizontal habit, but the pliable tips can be. Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula' Rare Conifer - Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Zones 5-9 Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula' is a fan favorite of all the cedars. Young bark is smooth, slightly glossy, and gray. Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips. ZASADENÉ V … If you want to grow this tree as a free-standing specimen, we suggest replacing the stake with a tall steel rod, driven well into the ground. A popular weeping "blue" form is 'Glauca Pendula'. Mature size: 15 - 25 feet high and wide It will come ready-trained and attached to a sturdy stake. Originated in France before 1890. It may form a low weeping shrub or a taller plant with outspreading branches. Visitors welcome by appointment, call ahead (360) 425-0541 USDA zones: 6 - 9 Sunset zones: 3b - 10, 14 - 24 Mature size: 15 - 25 feet high and wide Light needs: fu An evergreen conifer with a slow, weeping growth habit. Wild trees grow in large forests, and they can be over 100 feet tall, with a central trunk and broad spreading branches. Cedra Glauca Pendula je povešava sorta atlaške cedre. Sehr dekorative Zapfen schmücken Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula' ab September. The short & sweet answer is: "United States Department of Agriculture Restrictions." It can be a free-standing specimen in a lawn or garden bed, or planted to grow up a sunny wall, a fence or trellis panels. Whatever way you choose to grow it, this fabulous plant will have everyone talking, and you will have something truly unique in your garden –. Céder atlaský Cedrus atlantica ´Glauca Pendula´ Kvetináč: 45l Výška: 140-160cm Veľmi obľúbený, vzácny, previsnutý ihličnan s kratučkým, jemným strieborno-modrým ihličím, ktoré je veľmi pekné a pôsobivé. Many evergreen trees are commonly called ‘cedar’, but the true cedars are a small group, and one of them, the Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica, grows naturally high in the Atlas Mountains, a range that begins in Morocco and stretches all the way into Algeria. Alternatively, plant the tree at the base of a sunny wall, or against a tall fence or trellis. Weeping blue atlas cedar tree foliage; Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula'). Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’ has an extremely pendulous habit that can be staked or trained to conform to any shape. Short, irregular, blue-green needles thickly cover the swooping branches and give the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar […] 'Serpentine' is trained with a single trunk that curves back and forth in a snake-like fashion. A great opportunity for personal creativity to flourish in your garden. While we wish we could serve everyone, it's for the safety of native species and helps prevent the spread of invasive disease & pests. You'll find we carry young 1-gallons, up to more mature 7-gallons ranging anywhere from 6 inches to 6ft. Many evergreen trees are commonly called ‘cedar’, but the true cedars are a small group, and one of them, the Atlas cedar. Cedrus atlantica, commonly called Atlas cedar, is an evergreen conifer native to the Atlas Mountains in northern Africa. The Cedrus genus was formerly considered to include four species, but it has been reduced to two, C. deodara of the Himalayas and C. libani (Cedar of Lebanon) of the Mediterranean. From the undulating trunk, with its smooth gray bark, long pendulous branches fall, covered in dense clusters of silver-blue needles. It will grow to about 15 feet tall in 10 years, if you have the height to support it, and 8 feet or more wide, depending on how you grow it. Cedrus Atlantica 'Glauca Pendula' Previous Plant | Next Plant >> Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. CEDRUS ATLANTICA 'GLAUCA PENDULA - SERPENTINE' WEEPING BLUE ATLAS CEDAR An evergreen conifer with a slow, weeping growth habit. Many seedlings of C. atlanica have a conspicuous drooping habit and these trees can be designated as C. atlantica f. Native to (or naturalized in) Oregon: No. Twisted branches filled with powdery to deep blue needles (sun and shade change the hue) This tree can be trained into many shapes or simply guided straight up and then left to weep downward.