Wondrich attributed the drink's invention to a "Colonel" Joe Rickey (some articles call him a co-inventor along with bartender George A. Williamson) sometime between his arrival in Washington DC in 1883 and the recipe appearing in the newspapers in 1889 (the quotation marks to show that it was an honorary title). Though Colonel Joe remained faithful to his original concoction, in short order gin would eclipse the rye (and inspire a whole family of drinks called Rickeys). Rickey and his wife Sallie had at least three children: Alby Prather (named after the Civil War Colonel “Gus” Prather, a crony), Natalie Kyle and William Hyde (named after Civil War Colonel William Hyde) Rickey. Colonel Joe Rickey (1842-1903) I90. Today, we get all political in Washington, D.C. The Federal City has a lot going on, even without the governmental stuff. Here's what I think it says: Col. Rickey's Recipe for a "Rickey." Sometimes referred to simply as "a rickey" or "gin rickey," the drink was famously concocted at Shoomaker's bar in Washington D.C. in the 1880s. He his now farnous drink of limes and gin for some of his old political cronies. Our flamboyant cousin's legacy invention is the delightful libation, The Gin Rickey He made the eponymous drink his own by adding a lime to his “mornin’s morning,” a daily dose of Bourbon with lump ice and sparkling water. Among them was Marse Henry Wattcrson , Editor of the Louisville Courier Journal , who said: "Joe, am christening the most palatable Long glass - Ice Whiskey [illegible] - Lime Juice Carbonated Water Don't Drink too Many JK Rickey Anyone want to take a … The bartender, George Williamson, prepared it to the colonel’s instructions, and the first one was actually a rye Rickey made with Shoomaker’s own house-label whiskey. In later life, Rickey moved to New York City, where he lived at 24 West 25th Street. By grilling the lime half we bring to the forefront all of the citrus’ oils which results in a cocktail packed full of flavor. during thc Demo- cratlc Nationaf Convention of 1896. Rickey died on April 23, 1903. He … Washington, D.C. – Joe Rickey. Colonel Joe; For one of our signature Rickey cocktails, lime is most definitely the centerfold. His name was "Colonel Joe" Rickey, and he was known as "a gentleman of grace and charm who wore a black slouch hat above a drooping grey mustache." Col. Joe Rickey introduced the "GIN RICKEY" at the Planters Hotel in St. MO. Posted on December 6, 2020 by Daniel Wilson. “The Rickey” can be traced back to Colonel Joe Rickey, a lobbyist and a political “fixer” in Washington D.C., who never drank his whiskey straight. This technique also brings the aging process of the bourbon to the forefront of the drink. Rickey was a veteran of the Confederate army and was known to be a sporting fellow – he enjoyed horse racing, poker and cigar-smoking, as well as instructing bartenders on how to make the drink that bears his name. Via Derek Brown, David Wondrich has a handwritten recipe by Colonel Joe Rickey for the original Rickey. It was there that Missouri-born lobbyist Colonel Joe Rickey took to a mix of rye whiskey, fizzy Apollinaris water, and lemon juice on the rocks—not exactly the drink that came to take his name. Each week, the Sip Advisor will alphabetically travel the United States, discovering the best each state has to offer in a variety of subjects. The Rickey is named after “colonel” Joe Rickey, a Democratic lobbyist from Fulton, Missouri, who lived during the mid-1800s.