August 2011 Receive email notices about upcoming shows/events, and/or the online school. I'm still at the 6' and 8' table-only setup and trying to figure out how to add height to my table display and your setup is very enlightening in that respect! I designed mine to unfold flat for packing, then fold into a triangle-shaped tube for use. Forgot account? My current display is too heavy and hard to load and unload. Thank you for all the clear, practical info! June 2018 This Blog Has Moved! Handmade functional pottery by Maryland artist Mea Rhee. With the halogen bulbs, I felt like I was in an easy-bake oven. SPONSORED. Page Transparency See More. upcoming shows. Shannon, I got the shelf brackets from The Container Store. (Note: the one on the right is already sold). It's some kind of synthetic fabric that doesn't wrinkle easily, and is fire retardant. Good Elephant Pottery is handmade by Mea Rhee (mee-uh ree) in Silver Spring, Maryland. You have a few extra cross bars, the black ones. All Classes In The Studio Running A Business Shows The Art Festival Plan The Hourly Earnings Project. DIY and Crafts. However, because I do so many shows, I work with the averages. From shop SArtCreations . or. It's been really quick to set up and take down the tables and shelves, but the inventory is really time consuming to pack and unpack. I'm hoping to sell them for $95 or $100 in the new year. I, too, can sew a straight line and would like to make something from a synthetic, preferebly opaque . January 2020 join the herd. Pottery Studio. Handmade functional pottery by Maryland artist Mea Rhee. December 2016 April 2018 Indelible March 1 - April 12, 2014 An exhibition of sgraffitto, mishima, and other techniques which … Hand Made Hand Glazed Art Pottery Elephant Figurine~Jade Green~Trunk Up~Boho. I started feeling mildly ill on Sunday, the last day. It's very lightweight, but when you fold it into a tube-shape, it is incredible strong and will hold 100s of pounds. Forward>> author. February 2013 When I woke up on Monday, there was no doubt. Elaine, I do lots of outdoor shows where electricity is not available. I have just found your website, and am very grateful for the info. Hello, November 2010 March 2011 Do you have any tips for making inventory management a little quicker and easier? Friday, May 28, 2010. This entire post and all of the comments have been incredibly helpful. March 2016 April 2015 1,342 people like this. The Art Festival Plan July 2013 August 2016 But in 1994 I started taking pottery classes at a local community center, and this quickly became my life's obsession. Good Elephant Pottery's Sixth Annual Holiday Open House Saturday, December 8, noon - 5pm Sunday, December 9, noon - 4pm . Cathy, I got the Good Elephant logo curtain printed at January 2018 1,319 people like this. It's time to reveal what I'm really working on. I promise that if you have enough conscience and self-awareness to apologize for that, I was not talking about you! And you can read all the raw material that went into the project on my. Thanks so much! Create New Account. Receive email notices about upcoming shows/events, and/or the online school. As you may know, I was a pottery teacher for seven years. January 2011 Create New Account. August 2015 October 2020 August 2020 April 2020 February 2020 January 2020 … December 2019 TBD. Same for all of my other items. I know you've had a lot of shelf related questions, but I was wondering what the material that is holding the shelves up on the table is. May 2014 I want to be able to easily scale up to a 10 x 10 space since it seems like that is more common. I use compact fluorescent bulbs. Artist. Feb 23, 2012 - Since 1985, Hoadley Gallery has been offering its visitors an exciting and inspired collection of functional and decorative objects. Maybe that is why my visitor stats go nuts whenever I write one of these blog posts. Love these posts! Not Now. For almost a dozen years, Mea Rhee has been bringing her unique style of pottery to Artscape as part of the Artist's Market. Aug 5, 2014 - I've made a few hints already that I am learning how to shoot and edit videos. My work has a minimal and rustic style, meant to appeal to those who appreciate the natural world, even if they live modern or urban lifestyles. 2200°F). Thank you for posting this! I like the brand names "Glue Dots" and "Zots" and I buy them at art supply stores or Amazon. Handmade functional pottery by Maryland artist Mea Rhee. April 2017 Thanks so much!! or. Then, to achieve that goal I calculate 3 times that amount as the amount of work to bring to the show. @Patty 2 Comments <