Or any of the above might be something else entirely. Paladinrja. Yeah bro, I know how it feels. My dad (54M) was left with four kids to raise on his own. I meet a girl about 6months ago, rich parents and she worked in pharmacy, she was loaded, but you couldnt tell by looking at her. This could only happen through therapy. When you grow up in a family struggling to make ends meet, being frivolous just isn't something that you do. she tells me about all the places she goes to, and it makes me feel bad bc i dont have what she has. If they have the money, how is it spoiling? It may be a fact of life, but it's frustrating. I believe in splitting costs during the early stages of a relationship and not combining bank accounts until you get married. In today's society most entertainment and recreation also costs a "pretty penny". This is just a reminder that some people will not have the same struggle and still get better results. Parents want to do stuff for their kids. I recently ended things with my girlfriend because she wants and deserves a man that can meet her half way financially. Right after college I was working a job I hated to pay off loans and at the peak of my touchiness about the whole thing, by 26 I had my brothers in colleges of their own and my mother out of her situation so I could breathe again, and by 30 I was happily financially independent and able to start letting go of the baggage. I certainly wouldn't categorize her as SILLY. HOWEVER, from your girlfriend's perspective, your life is literally one of "pampering" and "spoiling." Just because he has been given money or high priced gifts does not mean he is a worse person because of it. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You care about her so you need to push for therapy or this will burn out.. or worse lead to a very unhappy marriage. If you’re saying “my girlfriend left me for a rich guy” you probably want to know what to do moving forward. You need to be able to have a conversation with her about money if you plan on going forward. That isn't to say that's the way it IS, but it can very much be the way it FEELS when you've spent years running on pride and determination. As though me, I play sports, year around, thousands of dollars a month, so I live in a trailor and I'm scared to bring him to my house... Talk it over with her, or something. Korean Drama dubbed in Hindi. Relationships don't always work out 50/50, but as long as the people in them see it as fair, it doesn't matter what the split is. She might not have said it but she might not be able to afford the insurance and gas on a $60k car. Korean Drama in Urdu. You have to understand how incredibly lucky you are. My girlfriend is rich and i`m poor.? A Boogie wit da Hoodie. She doesn't know that i care so much about money, but in my mind, i keep worrying about it. We all turned out fine, no there was no college savings for us, no private school for us. what lock-down rules were difficult for you ? It's character-building. After I found out that my girlfriend was rich, I couldn’t stop talking about my relatively poor upbringing. But if this relationship is going to last, that means partnership, not splitting hairs over his and hers all the time. If I spend $100 and they spend $1000, it's probably proportionately equivalent to our incomes. Honestly, I wish i can buy her stuff like brand name purses, shoes, etc like my rich guy friends that i know. You have to deal with that issue. Spoilt and having your parents buy you stuff is different. Many of them are deprived of the sensual parts of life and miss out on a lot of warmth. Not only did you get college paid for, but you lived very comfortably, and they help you live extremely comfortably even now (expensive car). she goes to all these places, and travels alot. She has never experienced that. My brother and I got scholarships and went to college for not a nickel nor dime. i don't travel alot or have a succesful life. I’d say stupid things about growing up on a farm in rural Nebraska. Your resources are pooled, it isn't yours versus hers. The other day my parents took us out to dinner and paid the tab. I personally don't think from the OP that you or your family are in the wrong. And, while, for some families that may be true, that's not really why the rich marry the rich. Trust me, so get a job or getr another one, cause tbh bro not to be a jerk, theres probably a ridh guy right now she has her eyes on slowly but surely. (This does not make you or your parents bad in any way.) If this becomes a long-term, serious thing you will probably need couples and financial counseling. Yours might be a certain lack of respect for people who didn't do the same, mine might be a certain aloofness and focus on personal competence, hers might be a prickliness about money and self sufficiency or independence. That means nothing to me, I can always have what I want. Believe it or not, some rich people appreciate the tiny things poor people do and get a lot more than a bentley. Yes, it can happen, but that understanding won't happen from sunshine. My girlfriend was born in to money and grew up with private schools and limousines. I’m happy to contribute, but since I’m the only one working full-time in my current relationship, I foot the bill every single time and I’m over it. KDramas Hindi and Korean Dramas in Urdu and Hindi dubbed by HB Hammad Dyar. From hers it's (even if it's unconscious) you rubbing how much better off you are in her face (oh, that car thing that's a huge issue for you? If you two truely love each other then it should not matter. I feel just as rich, as we did growing up with my min wage job. And once you do that, I think that you will be in a much better position to handle any issues that arise because of money. sometimes i feel like i don't have enough money to get her things for any holiday or her birthday.l feel like breaking up with her but i like her so much and i want to go further with her. I feel so embarrassed accepting money like that. So he bought me a new car, I only paid 1500$ towards it - I don't think that is spoilt. He sounds appreciative of what he has and grateful for what his parents have done. Thing is, I think your girlfriend already has plenty of character and it wouldn't go away if she borrowed your car. No matter where I'm at in life, whether I'm in the music industry, rich, poor, everybody need love in their life. You said that your parents just gave you a car that was worth three times what her whole family lives on in a year. It makes me really sad that I'm too poor to meet my … She lived in the projects and said her family of 5 would struggle to survive on an income of 20,000 a year. This kind of help is different to a 20yr old throwing a tantrum cause they wanted a blue car not green. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. You can't act too hard about that. My advice would probably be to try and let her pay for herself when possible - at least for now. 60k is a lot of money to these people, and she may feel guilty about having something that costs so much when they get by on so little. (Parents pay for dinners generally, they wouldn't single out a working-class girlfriend.). And I make $155k/yr now. I can understand where she is coming from but she is still being stubborn and childish. If you two ever want to it will take work. I completely understand where you are coming from, but you need to understand where she's coming from too. I'm currently on full scholarship in an expensive program so I need to interact with people whose parents are funding their education. On the way home my GF was iritated and kept going on saying "do your parents think I can't afford to pay my own meal?? There is a gulf of difference that pops up and it can be infuriating. Rich, poor and in-between, we all have our own individual experiences and we all want to live a life that we can ENJOY and be PROUD of.