After storing during the winter months, a few maintenance procedures will ensure your trimmer is ready for the season. If leftovers remain on the lawn, they will obstruct its growth and may result in bald spots. The law (Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981) prohibits you from cutting back hedges if you know there are nests present, in order to protect animals and birds. Working cable-free means unencumbered ease of movement. Minors should never be allowed to use a hedge trimmer. You will find detailed information about all the components in the operating manual for your tool. You’ll need hand-held, sharp secateurs or another tool that you can cut precisely with. Sharpen the cutting blades and, when necessary, have damaged or worn blades professionally replaced. STIHL does not recommend the use of hedge trimmers when cutting in areas where the blades could contact such objects. STIHL hedge trimmers have been developed specifically for long rows of densely grown hedging. Available in short or long shaft versions, they are ideal for landscape maintenance professionals and ambitious private users alike. WARNING ■ Batteries not explicitly approved for the hedge trimmer by STIHL may cause a fire or explosion. the hedge trimmer STIHL HS81. But remember that any internal servicing or replacement must be done by a qualified electrician, so if you find any damage when you inspect your hedge trimmer, stop using it immediately and take it to a STIHL dealer in the first instance. A STIHL AK battery supplies the hedge trimmer with power. Empty out the fuel tank if the hedge trimmer will be unused for three months or more. Any cuts you make now will take a long time to heal, and the cold will affect thin branches in particular, making them brittle and weak. Contact your STIHL dealer or the STIHL distributor for your area if you do not Proper maintenance and care for STIHL power tools is essential to ensure these high-performance machines keep on working reliably. Repairs within the abilities of most homeowners are simple and … Carefully check the most important functions to ensure they are working correctly and don’t need any specific maintenance. If the tool will be unused for three months or more, you should empty the tank before storage and dispose of the old fuel properly. For trimming the top of a high hedge: With the cutter bar appropriately adjusted, even overhead trimming work on very high hedges is easy. Check the machine for leaks, and make sure no fuel is coming out of it anywhere. Contact your STIHL dealer or the STIHL distributor for your area if you do not Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for STIHL HS81R HEDGE TRIMMER SERVICE / MAINTENANCE KIT FILTERS & PLUG at the best online prices at eBay! From the second year onwards, cut the side shoots back every year; once they reach the desired height, cut off the leading shoot. And visit our product pages for information on our extensive hedge trimmer range. How do you trim hedges with an electric hedge trimmer? … Here you can find some handy tips for safely using your Hedge Trimmer, and some friendly advice on how to properly look after your machine for years to come. When cutting the top, using a crescent motion ensures the cuttings fall away from the hedge. A STIHL trimmer (AKA weed wacker or weed eater) is essential to trim the edges of your driveway, walkways, flower beds, hedges, around fencing, and against the side of your home and any other structures on your property. 2. Here are a few points that will help you bring order to your machine maintenance. All documents developed and/or implemented by STIHL Limited will be made available in an accessible format, that takes into account the persons disability, upon request. A smartly clipped hedge makes a tidy impression in any garden. The STIHL HLA56 is a lightweight and well balanced cordless long-reach hedge trimmer. Wear appropriate protective gear and tackle the sides of the hedge first: use circular movements to take off up to a third of the length. 3. the operator the hedge trimmer the use of the hedge trimmer. Site Maintenance. We’ve put together the main points to check for each one. Keep your petrol-driven hedge trimmer in perfect order with these extra maintenance steps: If you have a battery-operated power tool, the battery and charger should not be overlooked in your maintenance processes. Petrol hedge trimmers STIHL hedge trimmers are ideal for park, garden and landscape maintenance.They are characterised by their hard-wearing construction and practical features. For trimming the vertical sides of a hedge: Making circular movements, use both sides of the hedge trimmer to cut the flat faces of the hedge – remember to slightly taper towards the top, particularly on high hedges. Visit a STIHL dealer to service the gear unit and top up the STIHL Multilub. Robust machines for demanding tasks: STIHL Hedge trimmer are specially designed for hard work on construction sites. We recommend always storing the battery separately from the machine, charged to 40 to 60% (two LEDs lit up in green). The early pruning can be quite drastic if that’s needed, but go more lightly in summer – and don’t choose too sunny a day, as your plants may suffer. The extended shaft of a STIHL long-reach hedge trimmer means you can trim particularly tall, long or wide hedges. These impressive tools offer the best … For trimming the vertical sides of a hedge at a distance: When trimming vertically and working at a distance, set the cutter bar to the appropriate angle; if working at close range, use a straight cutter bar. They are characterised by their hard-wearing construction and practical features. Electric hedge trimmer maintenance requires the general steps of checking the condition of the blades and keeping your tool clean and functional. Contact your STIHL dealer or the STIHL distributor for your area if … The HLA 66 is a new professional lightweight cordless long-reach hedge trimmer in the AP system product range. Take the trimmer to a STIHL Approved Dealer for professional sharpening. It features an adjustable blade position by 115º which makes it suitable for trimming tall or wide hedges. The STIHL HLA 56 hedge trimmer is designed for cutting low growing shrubs, high hedges, high shrubs, high bushes and high scrub. From Husqvarna. If cut branch tips appear ragged or light in colour, or if blades snag on the hedge, the blades are probably blunt and tearing rather than slicing material. Hedge trimmer (44 pages) Trimmer Stihl HSE 52 Instruction Manual (260 pages) Trimmer Stihl HS 82 Instruction Manual (76 pages) ... then approved by STIHL and make sure it is Maintenance and Repairs the top. Stihl HS56 Hedge trimmer Parts. Find out here how to get your hedge into shape the correct way. Cut back all protruding stems several times a year to encourage the plant to fill out. Do not trim your hedge when it is too hot or sunny, as there is a danger that the freshly cut surfaces will dry out and die. The equipment has particularly long maintenance and servicing intervals and uncompromising reliability. Keep it … Are the blades in good condition? Tip #3: While spring temperatures are still regularly dropping below -5°C, it’s too early for hedge trimming. All documents developed and/or implemented by STIHL Limited will be made available in an accessible format, that takes into account the persons disability, upon request. ... cleaner and lubricant for cutting attachments, hedge trimmer blades and chain saws. If you have an electric hedge trimmer with a mains connection, you should carefully check the power cord and plug before and after each use. At HomCo we carry a wide variety of STIHL gas and STIHL hedge … Maintain your hedge trimmer by checking it and cleaning it before and after every use. You should step back every so often to check from a distance how the hedge is shaping up – this makes it easier to see if you are actually trimming straight or not. Protect it from rain, water, liquids and damp conditions. This should be installed around the entire shrub, then you can simply cut the shrub just outside the shape of the mesh. These impressive tools offer the best cutting performance. Access. Replace the cutting line at the start of … honeypot link Kurri Mowers & Maintenance A cordless hedge trimmer is particularly easy to handle and also quieter to use. Select and learn how to use the right tools for sharpening your STIHL saw chain. Are they showing signs of age or breaking in areas? For further information you can go to You’ll probably need to wait a couple of years, but eventually your project will make a striking garden sculpture. Our tools really come into their own when working on hip- to chest-height hedges, as their ease of handling enables you to work very precisely and even to create intricate topiary shapes with your trimming. Advice please on getting Stihl to honour warranty work on my hedge trimmer. The HS 45 petrol hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for light maintenance of hedges, shrubs and bushes in your garden. In any case, always ensure that the hedge is not wider at the top than the bottom, as if the bottom is too narrow it will suffer from being constantly in shade. STIHL Hedge Trimmers ensure every job is cut to perfection. Check the carbon brushes regularly and have them replaced by a dealer after 100 operating hours. STIHL Petrol Hedge Trimmers With STIHL Hedge Trimmers, our equipment has been designed for the best and most comfortable cutting performance.