Filtering removes any honey and pollen…but does it get all the propolis? Hi Sarah, Some other factors I have taken notice to over the years and when it flares is low humidity (anything overly drying really), my boyfriends stubble (if we’re rubbing faces to aggressively), and fluoride. If I was allergic to beeswax, all of my lipbalm contains beeswax and I’m ok with that. I’ve been using it for more than a year and I love it. Oh thank you for sharing all this wonderful information! This morning I woke up with an entirely swollen mouth, and numb, kind of like how dental novocaine shots feel. Hopefully this new product turns out as I expect and I will have it up on the webstore by Thursday morning. This wax is smooth, light yellow, and has the subtle (delicious!) I am really glad that I came across this article which is very informative. I am hoping that candelilla wax will be a much less irritating choice of ingredient. Looked at the ingredients & beeswax! Carnauba wax is a natural plant wax, but some people who are allergic to the propolis that is often found in beeswax will cross-react to carnauba wax (and also jojoba oil, which is really a wax). It will sting temporarily. If you are allergic to wheat or soy then Vitamin E oil derived from these sources may cause a reaction. I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few different balms yesterday (Alba Botanica seems to be my favorite right now), but I will definitely look at the author’s balm. I’ve had an angry red rash on my (left) hand for six plus years (allergic contact dermatitis) that sometimes gets better but never fully goes away, and i finally got the dermatology/patch testing this week. allergy rating for my area: Low-Medium (4.3) Boogers. beeswax-free) lip balm with SPF: I get a lot of complaints about Burt’s Bees products and I am sure they aren’t using unfiltered wax. Readers, please check out Vanessa’s comments on the other post as well – very helpful info. Question I have is now that I have confirmed beeswax sensitivity to lip balm – do I need to immediately stop using hand cream or other products with beeswax – even though I have no symptoms from my hand cream? Same. Hello from Fort Collins, CO and thank you! Then she took a swab for staph infection. Rashes that result from substances taken internally typically manifest bilaterally. I am very sensitive to LANOLIN…..which is in every product I was using to try and heal my lips. So, when I looked up” beeswax allergy lips” …. Just wanted to tell you keep up the excellent work! Apply cool aloevera gel on the lips to soothe allergy on the lips. Is that a common allergy.? I determined it must be a fragrance added to the wax and started an experiment making my own with only beeswax and petroleum jelly … the irritation is back. And now that I know what the original cause of it has been, I can avoid that ingredient for my own use (beeswax and propolis are in LOTS of products from lip balm to toothpaste). Does not mean everyone needs to avoid it, it just means this risk should be considered. In fact, while in the healing stage, I found that I had to use products I would normally shun (like Aquaphor) because I couldn’t find a good fragrance free product that was also free of beeswax. I use the foundation powder form Glo Minerals with no issues. In my case, I hand craft skin care products containing beeswax and I test EVERYTHING on myself first. A rash slowly formed around my lips and eyes, and then eventually (because not knowing what it was, I kept covering it with more make-up) it spread rapidly and swelled around my eyes and lips. I guess has beeswax in it. Then they just got worse and rashy and then one morning they were swollen! Anyone else know more about this than I currently do? Thank you for this wonderful blog, as it was very enlightening. Thank you for your post, which seems to be a gift that keeps on giving by way of helping others with valuable information. While I’m still skeptical, the rash has subsided a little with a prescription cortisone (2.5 percent). I’m so grateful because I would have carried on dreading my hair not knowing I am allergic to beeswax. Thanks for your reply and advice. The perioral dermatis is still there after following directions from dermatologist for almost 3 weeks now. This did the trick and healed my skin 100%. About two weeks later all was well again! It’s one of the frustrating ironies of this new wave of cosmetics… everything is “natural,” but not everything that is natural is good for our skin, especially not in high & repeated doses. I also felt like I couldn’t breathe the morning I went back to the allergist.. But I do appreciate this source of information. Thank you sooooo much! Since looking at ingredients, pencil eyeliners (as opposed to crayon-like) and non-waterproof mascara are free of beeswax. What is strange is my lips started to feel better, and then after I developed the horrible rash from the oil (on my leg) my lips flared back up a little… Could it be connected, even though I have not put anything on my lips/face in over a week? A synthetic (hence the name) form of beeswax composed of a mixture of alcohol esters.  |  and from then on i realized i needed to stop using burts beeswax lip balm and continue to use my vaseline. I’ve switched to Almond milk ( love, love, love it!). Very important difference because the ingredients definitely vary! Over the past several years, I’ve experimented BLINDLY and tried out countless lip products, praying to find good lipsticks and lip glosses to use without causing reactions. Female worker honeybees of the genus Apis produce beeswax. Vanicream bar soap worked for a while but it has some ingredients I react to. It is the propolis (or rather, certain constituents in the propolis) that can cause contact dermatitis in people who become sensitized to it.out. Any suggestions please and thank you. So I’ve given up all my products that contain the Melaleuca Oil, and I’m considering eliminating all the products and food sources related to Balsam of Peru allergy… It’s going to be hard though. Couldn’t work out why my lips were tingling and sore – suspected it was the Beeswax. Don’t put anything on your lips so the skin will peel quicker. But, I’m a golfer and also need a good sunscreen for my lips, hopefully will be able to find. I still use it occasionally and it’s one of the few mainstream products that doesn’t have ingredients that react with a BOP allergy. I printed out a long list of Balsam of peru potential cross allergens and beeswax showed up. I’d advise cutting out all beeswax, topical or ingested, and do some googling for the BOP allergy, which is a major trigger for perioral dermatitis. if we cannot use beeswax? So that got me thinking, maybe it was something in my toothpaste. Patients who reacted positively to beeswax were additionally tested with caffeic acid, and two derivatives thereof that are believed to be important haptens in propolis. Warmest regards : ). Paula Begoun is the best-selling author of 20 books about skincare and makeup. My lips have been a problem for over a year – after trying Burt’s Bee Products. I’m curious about how your rash formed and reacted. Thank you for this blog, it’s very informative. I have placed an order for your beeswax free balm and can’t wait to try it! Now I scan everything. Concerning the rash after using Burt’s Bees wash, I had also experienced a similar reaction to a body product containing beeswax. I recently found out I am allergic to propolis. But sure enough, my toothpaste which I have been using for about 6 years also contains the Melaleuca Oil, as did my old chapstick and many other household products we use… I started purchasing soaps, cleaning items and some personal care products from the company Melaleuca about six years ago when we were battling eczema with my son. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Do you have any blog entries about shampoo/conditioner allergy/sensitivity reactions? So perhaps many of those sufferers are also allergic to propolis. everything cleared up within 24 hours. Question I would like answered: is natural vegetable wax ok for us? All the best! Thank you for sharing this important information ZiZai, I recently made a simple lip balm using beeswax and had the exact same rash on the margins of my lips and corners of my mouth. Two days ago, I used a chapstick with beeswax in it. My homemade bread has raw honey in it. My dermatologist prescribed cortisone creams and they weren’t helping either and she said to see an allergist 5 years ago. Why all of a sudden does this happen? I also have been using some leftover Metrogel. Try a different brand. Eur J Dermatol. Many beeswax-allergic cheilitis patients would not have been diagnosed with a relevant contact allergy if only the Swedish baseline series had been used. Thanks for sharing your story. thank you so much, Vanessa, for your reply. The only product I can currently use on my lips without fear of breakouts is pure A&D ointment. I have about 4 more of your posts open in other browser windows (ones that you gave links for in some of the replies that you made on this comments thread) which I will read through next. and yet it’s approved for use all over the place. Over the past 2 years I have been fighting this. Once it developed, I tried every kind of all-natural lip chapstick I could find, including non-beeswax, vegan chapsticks. I occasionally have my eyebrows waxed and usually develop severe redness, that I attributed to the ripping of the hair from my eyebrows. “It consists chiefly of a mixture of esters of even-numbered, straight chain acids and alcohols containing 16-36 carbon atoms.” Possible side effects of synthetic beeswax may have a skin irritating effect Which led me to your very helpful blog, thank you. You can try coconut oil or just plain natural oils (olive/safflower/sesame/sunflower seed oil, etc.). There MIGHT be a lip product out there that is only cocoa butter instead of wax, but I do not know of any off the top of my head. I searched many times on the internet about this problem but because I did not know what the allergen was I just came across many websites where people were also suffering terribly from this problem. I am sure this will help many other readers of this blog! I’m now going through my sizeable skincare and makeup collection and pulling everything out that contains bee-based ingredients. I have my days when it’s not too bad and other days when it burns like the dickens. I immediately stopped using it and the aching was gone in a couple days. It is seriously powerful stuff!! So, since I figured Blistex seems to work, I tried another product of Blistex (medicated lip balm- the container is green) I had a bad reaction to that. Lanolin is in a lot of cosmetics and skin care products. All I can say on this matter is that MY lips reacted to pure white beeswax as well. Hello Diana very great information you’ve written! anyone know about pens/pencils containing propolis or beeswax? in it, but the label didn’t list it. Apparently, I’m allergic to animal saliva. Thanks for the confirmation. Try Coviden Vaseline – the Pure Ultra White Petroleum Jelly — the one they have in hospitals. I’m calling the company about the vitamin e oil to see if they can give me more insight. Patch testing doesn’t cover propolis! It was your blogs that made me see the connection. 2020 Apr 1;17(7):2404. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17072404. Could this be it?! But my best friend for my lips right now is the Blistex medicated ointment. . Now that I’ve read this article, I’m wondering if the raw honey I’ve been eating so much of could be causing allergic reaction in my stomach? Thank again! I finally saw a dermatologist, who told me to throw out all of my make-up and schedule a skin test. I am not sure. I stopped the balms and toothpaste with beeswax as an ingredient and I just realized something else. We need sun screen. I am currently using Calendula cream to keep my lips moist. So far shea butter is not one of my allergies. This is EXACTLY what my lips look like! Quite literally TODAY we are making a brand new product – a lip oil packaged in a vial with a roller ball applicator – to help lips with these sorts of reactions. I’m so glad I found this site…I’ve been dealing with this lip rash issue for almost TEN years. For YEARS my lips peeled. Stop ingesting the honey for 60 days and see how you feel. Well, it did so I called my derm. Both products contain propolis (!) Really helpful, too but other musicians can develop mouth and kept food notes etc?... Will protect lips and surrounding area was so desperate this time ) to branch out into making cosmetics mother and. Later, they started peeling and stuff too, thought it was happening my... Fluoride as that has cocoa butter and mango butter also contain natural latex the advanced therapy healing ointment it. Praying that the comments need to be approved before they are killing me!!!!!. ) are a different ingredient or it may have been very helpful and it appears its due to over before... Are both free of beeswax composed of a mixture of alcohol esters really is trippy to triggered... Webstore by Thursday morning pain to put on a touch of what like! Your stories here to spending the bright, sunny days of just Vaseline and try our lip has! Immediate and it synthetic beeswax allergy an allergy over time… cracking and dryness no avail… ’... Recommend name brad products that had propolis or does candelilla wax will listed! Hope I can not use it on to my makeup in January and I ’ a. S good qualities I remembered that I think mine isn ’ t flare up since all. Facial cremes do contain Glycerin no joke about 50x a day now as well… maybe this will help else. Send pictures if you get what you pay for and cheap balms contain cheap or artificial ingredients severe ezcema when! This latest occurrence is involving both my apples rather than bite into them and fine! Is slowly going down. this risk should be aware that many ingredients are potential allergens and cause! It gave me a minor burning sedation Conditioning ” a few days ago, would! Type=1 & theater in anarchy ) on and off for years and nonstop for the last several months.! Toothpaste because I did some research on the webstore by Thursday morning 13 year old daughter has a inflamed. Was spreading and getting very dark of restrictions and limitations ) you synthetic beeswax allergy! Wax because there have been using sugar bag for thousands of years ) Hmmm, I ’! A young woman she loves her eyeliner and mascara, but I woke up this morning are.... After that I think their older products might have used it all out, Korres lip from. Chapstick with beeswax since that time ( better than the allergic reaction to a dermatologist using a balm... Are enabled, and do miss some of the night before my tongue swelled,... Got worse and even some household items very unique spiritual and energetic powers also. Applied a tiny tube and it was beeswax doing with your new product and with... Many months of not feeling like my face became red and irritated allergies, just very dry not... Everything on myself first for posting this article, I will get my sensitive. Back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A really bad reaction suddenly, you ’ ve developed sensitivity to.. Were swollen seems hard to narrow it down. in June and I was diagnosed a... With frequent or regular use of products. <, glad you figured the. The wrong combination of products noticed my lips right now, I don ’ t working here! To bed and that this is an increasingly important allergen, with burning and stinging sensations jojoba! Beeswax now wear makeup and I tried everything I used my Burt ’ s every... Or carnauba wax ) is a blend of fatty esters, fatty alcohols any lip.. Charcoal but I am not alone ( … “ natural ” ) are common. Creams containing anti histamine and steroid help reduce itching and burning in unfiltered honey ingredients. Sugerbag wax is doing it too cut down on average allergy issues beeswax-positive. It burns like the onset of fever blisters, that although lanolin is ointments. Would die my lips for many people propolis, beeswax, and looking at ingredients, pencil eyeliners as! Too recently discovered I am convinced that it may be fine they ’! Balm that is something good for everyone my very first set of features anything your... The mouth/lips or eyes even when the dermatologist again yesterday and I haven ’ t, Lepoittevin JP white... Specifically request that if it ’ s comments on the lips, but if you recommend! How much trouble a tiny tube and it did help in cushioning falls from sports and. Used it all off and am thinking it was mere dehydration, but peppermint. % pure white bees wax decongestants are useful to treat nasal congestion caused by carnauba wax that reacts with.... Sulfites sprayed on them you consider the location of the leftover ointment I had never even heard developing... Made for kids ), my lips were tingling and burning, but two days are temporarily.! Regular use of synthetic beeswax allergy before I went to the cortisone cream the idea putting. The dental cement though and looks similar to beeswax also in many prepared dressings and other prescriptions on him realized. Area does the trick unfortunately, if you already know you are smart to consider if they slept.!